March 04, 2010

My Bad Day

Don't waste time reading this. This is just for me to release my stress since there's no mountains around here to yell~

Everything went wrong terribly today...

I was suppose to wake up early today to attend a very important meeting. I set two alarm clocks the night before just in case I refuse to get out of bed. This morning I woke up, not because of the alarm clocks, but because I had a tummy ache! WTH! There's so many days in a year and Mr. Tummy Ache decides to visit me this early in the morning on such an important day!?!?!? *sigh* That's strike one.

I go from the bathroom to my bedroom to change only to find out that while I was in the bathroom fighting Mr. Tummy Ache, my mom decided to wash the clothes that I specially prepared for this important meeting!!! Strike two!

Needless to say, I got out of my house really late! By the time I got out of the train station, I was already 20 minutes late! I checked up the place I was suppose to be at on googlemaps and remembered seeing a bus line somewhere by the train station. I walked one street, saw the bus, ran for it but it left. I was only a few feet away... Strike three!

So the meeting went okay, I didn't get yelled out for being late, thank you! But still feel a bit guilty. Oh wells.

Feeling a bit hungry now, I decided to stop by this Chinese fast food restaurant and wanted to order a small chicken rice soup. The lady told me they didn't only sell that in large. WTH! How is that possible! Ah~ whatever, it's the only thing I can have at this point (I had my tooth extracted so I can only eat soft food). It was the most expensive chicken rice soup I've ever had...$6! Strike four! I should have just went to Chinatown to get congee but I'm so sick of that! I've been eating congee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 5 days...

After this expensive soup, I went to the library to do homework and study for math. When it was time to go to class, I suddenly notice a bunch of firemen and firetrucks outside my school! My friend told me that someone had pulled the fire alarm several times! OMG! I was in the library and didn't hear a thing! What happens if there really was a fire!!!

*sigh* finally lived through this bad day...


  1. Oh goodness!
    That is really a bad day!
    Well.. that just give us a reason - to give thanks!
    ~ thanks for the good (cos it is good) and thanks for the bad (cos' we dun take the good for granted)
    There is always good reason to give thanks..

    oh.. i am going to miss Autumn's Concerto. I am also visiting your page for it's rating. Thanks for the update. ^_^

    God bless you!

  2. I applaud you for your strength in being able to eat nothing but congee for five days in a row! Hopefully today was much much better :)

  3. hahaha, thanks anonymouses!

    i like your positive attitude, anonymous 1! im going to miss autumn's concerto too. =( and thanks for visiting =) have a good day.

    hehehe, anonymous 2, it is dreadful to watch other ppl eat real food while you can only plain ole congee but i guess just gotta deal with it. maybe next time, i throw in a jello or something...