March 08, 2010

Love Buffet gets Black and White’s “hamburger girl” Reen Yu (Yu Hong Yuan) to take up the baton

Source: UDN
Translated by: nastyhobbit and MDBG @

Love Buffet, the idol drama adaption of the best-selling manga, had to suspend filming for half a year due to the 8/8 disaster. They will soon resume filming; however scheduling conflicts presented by the original lead actress, Joanne Zeng, caused Comic Productions to find a replacement. They finally decided on Black and White’s “hamburger girl” Reen Yu to take up the role.

Joanne Zeng and the male leads Calvin Chen and Arron Yan have already shot approximately 1/3 of of their scenes together. As a result, all their completed scenes are unusable. Comic Productions general manager Wang Xin Gui roughly estimated, “On top of that, the losses due to suspension of filming for half a year is almost NT$ 10 million.”

If I remember correctly, this was the same company that was responsible for Momo Love and history is repeating itself. They film a part of the series then there is a break because something happened and then the leads change. Let's hope this drama doesn't follow the path of Momo Love in terms of storyline and ratings...

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