March 09, 2010

Lisa & Xu Kai

I teared a bit, after watching this.

This series is called Love Multiplication, Raymond's first Taiwan drama, I think. I didn't his character in here. I didn't like the storyline. I didn't like the female lead. And...I definitely did not like watching Alex Fong. He is so boring.

I tried to watch this drama...four times and not once did I finish this. The farthest I got was the part where Raymond told Ady that he only harbor sister-brother feelings for her and then I gave up. Totally did not like how Xu Kai(Raymond) was cheating on Lisa(Ady) with Tammy...

I guess I don't need to finish the show anymore, I just need to watch this MV... because these two are all I care about in this show...

1 comment:

  1. it's a nice music video, but i haven't watched this series either. why is caring so much about her, even he said that he just treats her like his sister? just family-love? what happens at the end? ady's image/style in this drama is nice :)