April 02, 2010

Draggin Myself Out of Depression

For every beginning, there exists an ending. And nothing can stop that ending from coming.

"What must come will come, what must end will end"
- Autumn's Concerto Director Chen Hui Ling

Something unimaginable happened after Autumn's Concerto ended. I, a drama addict, lost interest in watching dramas *GASP* and fell into a hole of depression. (<- hahaha, kiwi~) Because of a drama, I lost interested in watching dramas. Because of a drama, I fell into depression. And now to pick myself out of depression, I must use poison against poison.

The first drama to push me to the road of recovery is Pasta, a lighthearted comedy/food drama recommended by Arrow. The best part of this drama is watching Chef walking with charisma, especially in the kitchen! The way he walks is so different from how regular people walk. And I loved the scene where he fired the general manager, gosh, the way he walked down the stairssss, soo coool! Chef knows how to walk~

P.S. I learned what vongole is~ hehe

The second drama is a classic, Duke of Mount Deer 2000 version with Dicky Cheung! I could watch this over and over again and it'll never get old. The setting is ancient, the language is modern. I love to hear Xiao Bao recite his famous rap poem! The only thing is the ending...it was sad. I always wondered what happened to the other wives...did they commit suicide or did they all just decided to leave him...

Treatment is going ok. I've gone from the back of the bus to the front of the bus. One day, I will walk out of this bus, turn around, and wave goodbye to Autumn's Concerto.


  1. I am also having Autumn Concerto withdrawal :(

  2. LOL Cels hahahahahahahahaha you are hilarious :)

    Ever heard the saying "once an addict, always an addict"? Yeahhh, dont worry, this seemingly lack of interest in dramas is only temporary. I'm sure when you get back to watching and chasing dramas, you'll reminisce of the days in which you were free from the poison and curse of dramas, and miss the days when life was simple and addiction-free ~

  3. I feel the exact. Same. Way. I tried to watch "P.S. Man" and "Down With Love," but I keep going back and watching Autumn's Concerto instead. It's just so amazing.