March 11, 2010

A Day in Hong Kong with Van Ness from Britain

HAHAHA! Good stuff, Meh! Thanks for the video recommendation! This is soo funny, I guarantee you'll laugh at least twice! His British accent...very nice~ hahahaha!

Van Ness (to shop lady): Where's my photo?
Shop Lady: ... who are you?

EPIC PWN! She actually asked him, "Who are you?" OMG! She opens a fan shop but doesn't recognize him!!! IRONYYYY!!!

He's so happy when he finds his photo keychain and that it's selling for 3HKD. Too bad happiness is shortlived cuz he finds out that Siwon's photo keychain is selling for 10HKD! Hahahaha~ the expression on his face...priceless!!!

The shop lady looks pissed off at the end...

Van Ness + MTR = Van Ness Split Personality!!! He stole a barbie...and it had blond hair! HAHAHAHAAA! That's so random!

Van Ness and F4
- I miss Jerry...I miss him!!!
- oh~ and I miss Vic~
- I miss Ken too!!! but he thinks i'm a little bit crazy...
- well, four boys, long hair, prettier than girls, that was the topic, i didn't think it'll be so hard without the other three

HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Good laugh, good laughhh! He's crazy!!!


  1. ;D I love how he's perfectly fine with making fun of himself. :)

  2. I love Van Ness for that reason too! He can make fun of himself and take everything lightly!

    Plus, his british accent is good! (I'm from London) the way he said "tough" was totally british! haha

    That scene in the shop literally made me LOL

    KL =D