March 20, 2010

A Comical Side of Autumn's Concerto
Some hilarious comics made in this post by
小狐v幸福! I've decided to translate a few of them. Hope you laugh till your stomach hurts! Hahahaha!

Comic 1

Stomach in lots of painnn

oh my god, your water broke

Heard that Guang Xi is giving birth today

Guang Xi is finally giving birth

Comic 2

I am astonished!!!

ah~ you scared me!

don't know how to face this...

you're face is too funny looking!

Comic 3

Why are you in pajamas? Guang Xi!

The person wearing pajamas is funny!

Everyone is laughing at me

Guang Xi: I was only wearing pajamas, don't need to break up because of that!
Mu Cheng: Let go of me, don't let others see, so embarrassing!

Comic 4

Guang Xi: Finally home from work, let's eat beef
over rice today!

Mu Cheng: Today there's no beef, only carrots. Honey, where's your salary this month?


Xiao Le: Mommy, where's Daddy?
Mu Cheng: It's too hot, your daddy stripped and went to sleep on the road.

Comic 5

Guang Xi: Ms! You've violated the law. Get out!

Mu Cheng: But I am sitting in a bus...

Guang Xi: Quit whining and follow me

Mu Cheng: Mr. Police, what kind of punishment is this?

Comic 6

Let's go, I want to bring you somewhere

I want to leave behind a beautiful memory with you


Mu Cheng: You didn't bring money?
Guang Xi: yea...

Comic 7

Mu Cheng: Guang Xi, promise me one thing.

Guang Xi: What is it?

Mu Cheng: Use the razor that I picked up yesterday.

Mu Cheng: Heard this razor has magical powers.
Guang Xi: What magical powers? Will it make me handsome?

Mu Cheng: Weird...can't seem to wash it off
Guang Xi: feel so horrible, how am I going to face other people now

If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have picked this up...

Comic 8

Guang Xi: Xiao Le, I love you, let's get married.

Mu Cheng: How can this be! I've waited for sooo long for you!

Fang De Rong: This is Guang Xi and Xiao Le's wedding invitation, please accept it.
Yi Qian: Did not expect Guang Xi to have this hobby, no wonder I couldn't catch his heart.

Xiao Le: This is the place where Guang Xi and me are getting married at, please drive me there.
Driver: Isn't that my house?
Xiao Le: we've been discovered...


  1. LOLL, this is so wrong... hahahahaha

  2. this is funny...
    like all of them. LOL

  3. Totally love them.... Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  4. this is crazy, always makes my day.

  5. genius.hilarious to the max!