March 16, 2010

Celsius' Drama Philiosophy 101

"Drama draws inspiration from life; life draws conclusions from drama" - Celsius

When we watch dramas, we get into drama mode, focusing at least 90% of our attention on the drama. As a result, when watching dramas during dinner time, we forget to eat, our eyes are glued to the TV, and minutes later we'll feel a whack on our head from our moms. Parents often say that homework and TV do not go together. Trying to prove our parents wrong, we attempt to multitask between homework and drama, but we end up forgetting about homework until the drama finishes its run. One could argue that all this could only happen if the drama is a good drama.

What is the difference between a good drama and a bad drama? The easy answer is a good drama keeps you interested, a bad drama doesn't. Well, guess what! There's more than meets the eye.

A good drama changes YOU, the viewer, whether it be your views on some topic or taste in food...*cough*AC and carrots*cough*

Have you ever been called a shallow person? I had a conversation with a friend a few months ago; we were talking about *cough* someone. I said I didn't like the person because of his ugly hair in the drama, and then my friend called me shallow. I felt so sad I cried for 3 days and 3 nights *sniff sniff* just kidding~ hahaha. Anyway, the point I'm trying to get across is that everyone is a shallow person when it comes to drama whether you want to admit or not. But that can change depending on the drama; a good drama turns a shallow person into a profound person.

Put the lifespan of a drama on a time line. At the beginning of the drama, don't we all look at the characters first? Within the first 5 seconds of just seeing the character, we're already making judgments based on the person's appearance and such, thus we're shallow. Now here is where the distinction between a good drama and a bad drama comes in. A good drama shifts our attention from outside appearance to inside appearance, from the facades of characters to the storyline and locks our attention to the storyline. So that by the end of this time line, we have turned from shallow people to insightful people or not so shallow people. On the other hand, a bad drama has almost no effect on us, we're shallow from beginning to end. Remember all those times you say, "I watch this drama because so and so is in it." If that statement doesn't change when the drama ends, I guess the storyline wasn't strong enough to catch and retain your attention.

Good dramas end too fast; bad dramas never seem to end. Don't you think? When you're watching a drama that's really enticing, you watch episode after episode after episode. And by the time, you're reach the last episode, you can hardly believe your eyes. You're at the last episode alreadyyy!!! You see, good dramas are good food. The first bite tempts you to take the second bite, the second bite lures you to take a third bite, and by the time you know it, you've finished eating. (<- I drew this from a Korean drama called Pasta, recommended by Arrow! You should all watch it! ) On the other hand, bad dramas only tempt for the first bite. After that, you can put it aside. I admit that sometimes the first episode of dramas aren't exactly enticing, so what I do, is continue for another few episodes and if it's still not good, I stop and wait for the last episode. I've always been told that if you start something, you must also have an end to it. A head cannot be without its tail.

Well that's it for Celsius' Drama Philosophy 101!

Celsius' Drama Philosophy 102, anyone? =)

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  1. "As a result, when watching dramas during dinner time, we forget to eat, our eyes are glued to the TV, and minutes later we'll feel a whack on our head from our moms." Hahahahahaha

    I totally agree with your drama philosophy. What originally attracted us to the drama in the first place must be the actors or actresses that are in it (least likely the storyline because dramas, for the most part, are quite predictable and have similar storylines). A good drama definitely will change your outlook on life, usually for the better haha.

    You should do a post on what makes a drama *exceptionally* good, like MLS ;D