March 19, 2010

Aaron Yan spends NT$35K in shopping spree, strips naked in Japanese hot spring

Source: Apple Daily
Credit: Pauli@CpopAccess

Last week, Aaron Yan of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit fame went to Tokyo to do some shopping, bringing along 3 pieces of luggage but only 2 sets of clothes. On his return trip to Taiwan, not only did Aaron fill his suitcases to the max, but he also came back with 4 sacks of clothes. The result of his economic stimulus for the Japanese economy? A shopping spree grand total of NT$35K (approx. US$1,100). Aaron later remarked, “I just bought 10 pairs of shoes, and also bought clothes and presents for my mom.” He also took an opportunity to strip off his clothes at a spa in front of other Japanese people without fear of being photographed.

While Aaron had eight days of freedom, Japan at that time had an average temperature of 4°C (39°F). Fortunately it was snowing during his time there, so he treated himself to some bathing fun at a hot spring. Since Aaron rarely had the chance to linger around aimlessly in Taiwan, when he arrived at a hot springs museum in Japan, he came across an ancient Edo-era building which had different kinds of spas such as mud and foot hot springs to immerse himself in.

Could it be that he wasn’t afraid of getting photographed? Aaron laughed, “As soon as I get nervous, I’ll grab a towel. But it’s very misty inside, and everyone’s Japanese, so it’s common to be naked.”

Pressed by talent scouts while on the train

Aaron spent his time in Tokyo’s suburbs by taking the train around the parts. Starting from the high-class Daikanyama of Shibuya, Aaron wandered around the trendy and youthful Harajuku, and after getting tired from strolling around, he settled down with some dessert and afternoon tea to replenish his strength. While the Fahrenheit member didn’t meet a beautiful girl, when he was out on the streets, he came across some Japanese talent scouts pressing him with business cards on the train, asking to photograph him for a magazine dedicated to street fashion. It wasn’t until Aaron made it clear to them that he was a Taiwanese celebrity that they gave up their efforts as they responded, “No wonder you’re so handsome!”

There was also a slight mishap during his journey, as Aaron took the wrong train car back in his attempt to head back to his accommodations in Shinagawa. When he discovered that he transferred to the wrong train car, there was only one more train car left on the platform. He and his friends had to then make a mad dash back to the platform to catch that last train car. “Fortunately, we were able to keep up,” he said. “There were also many people running with me to catch up to the train. It was incredibly fun.”

Long time no see, Arron!!! And you're still handsome as ever!!! =)

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