February 05, 2010

Xiao Xiao Bin cannot bear to part Daddy VanNess Wu and Mummy Ady An

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
AF News

Idol Drama “Autumn’s Concerto” ratings is once again rising and in the latest episode 18 had reached average rating of 8.23, it is also the 18th week at the top. The genius child star who rise to fame due to this drama, Xiao Xiao Bing though had ever appeared in other dramas before, expressed that the people he cannot bear to part Daddy VanNess Wu and Mummy Ady An and that he had the most feelings with everything revolving this drama.

Started from 4th October 2009, “Autumn’s Concerto” has been facing competition from “Momo Love”, “Hi, My Sweetheart” and “Down with Love”, still they are leading the ratings chart steadily. Regardless of average or highest ratings at time slot, “Autumn’s Concerto” is still the ratings Champion.

“Autumn’s Concerto”current average ratings of 8.23 had also broken “Meteor’s Garden”, “Prince Turned to Frog” and “My Queen”ratings record and is the 2nd highest rank just behind “Fated to Love You”.

In Xiao Xiao Bing dad’s blog, was written “having such a handsome and kind alien father VanNess Wu and a beautiful and Virtuous Mummy Ady An, I really cannot bear to leave them! I really hope the drama can continue forever and we do not have to part”. There are even personal pictures posted of Xiao Xiao Bing with VanNess Wu and Ady An to share with others online.

Awwww, how sweeeeetttt! I wished this drama can continue forever too! Look~ Ady and Van Ness are both posing with the "V" for Van ness victory sign. Xiao Le's a slowpokeee~ didn't raise his "V" in time! Hehehee!


  1. is that his brother with Ady An?

  2. i love them all....just wishing too that Vanness would mary ady an, then adopt xioa xiao bin...hahaha what a perfect and happy family they can be...but sad to say, we need to accept the reality, Ren Guang Xi and Liang Mucheng doesn't exist in our real world....hayyyyy...they're just the fruit of the clever mind of Autumns Concerto's writer/... 2 thumbs up for you.. I really Love Ren Guiang Xi family...

  3. I'm looking forward for the comeback of Vanness, Xiao Xiao Bin, and Ady An on screen together...hope their talent managers grant our wishes, hehehe... Automn Concerto is the Best.....What if there's a part 2? and the story will focus on ren xiao le and his (that little girl called tang tang???) love interest? aaahh so cute....