February 18, 2010

When Jing goes on a date, she just wants to make out!

original source: Mint.com and UDN
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net and @ http://jingcastle.forumotion.net

As Jing came a little early to attend the MY Astro Awards, Mint got the chance to interview her. On the eve before Valentine’s Day, we got the chance to let fans get to know handsome Jing a bit more. Actually, when she goes out on a date, she just keeps on making out? Absolutely, there is something more Jing has that makes people “cold till no end”. My goodness, how does she love to tell cold jokes so much? During the entire interview, the laughter was unending. Perhaps we were too happy? We can’t wait for Jing to come again!

Use a phrase to describe yourself.
Jing: ‘“Ready to go beyond’ Zhang Yun Jing, I think I’m always waiting to re-present myself at any given time, another side to myself.”

What you most love to do in private
Jing: “Cut my nails. I don’t like to keep long fingernails. I always feel that long fingernails aren’t very convenient, besides picking your nose! Haha…I mean that you need long nails to pick your nostrils. Haha.”

Most important thing for your “significant other” to have
Jing: “You need a kind heart, not one who hurts others.”

The one thing you HAVE to do during a date
Jing: “With friends or lover? (Interviewer: Lover.) Then you most definitely have to make out! (Entire room bursts into laughter.) When you’re with your lover, you must must make out, otherwise what’s the date for?”

Most important carry-on item
Jing: “Mp3 player, that’s a definite. Otherwise if I can’t listen to music, I would feel…didn’t Confucius say ‘If you are not diligent in your studies, you will remain ignorant, and nobody will be attracted to you’; I think it’s ‘If you don’t listen to your music, you will remain ignorant and nobody will be attracted to you.”’

If you weren’t a singer, what would you do?
Jing: “I want to sell fried chicken patties because I really like to eat, keep on eating!”

Your favorite food (Interviewer: Besides fried chicken…)
Jing: “Italian noodles. Actually I have a lot of favorite foods – spaghetti, fishball soup, minced meat rice…”

Then what do you not like to eat?
Jing: “Eh? I can’t really think of anything. I don’t like spicy things like Malaysian food is a bit more spicy. (Her manager kept on saying: “You even think Bak kut teh is spicy?”) But Bak kut teh is really spicy!”

Then what other Malaysian food do you want to try?
Jing: “Bak kut teh. I keep on saying – ‘Bring me to eat Bak kut teh!’”

The song you’ve recently liked.
Jing: “Eason Chan’s [Exaggerated]. Actually since this is a Cantonese song, I don’t really understand it. But I feel that the lyrics are about something really cool. I prefer lyrics that tell a unique story. (Interviewer: So you don’t understand this song?) Not entirely, but I know what he’s singing. I like things that intertwine the truth about society and people’s hearts. Oh my goodness, I’m old. My personality is too much like that of old people.”

The person you want to work with the most!
Jing: “Actually I’ve always hoped to work with someone of great contrast. For example, Small Peach Jie Jie. (Interviewer: Why?) Because if I sing with her, it would be super cool! A rock song for children and then all the kids go ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!”’

The most frequent praise/criticism
Jing: “Criticisms? Then it would be ‘Not male, not female’. (Manager: “Don’t a lot of people ask if you lipsync? How come your live singing is the same as the CD?”) haha, don’t mention that kind of stuff. Haha, okay that can also be counted as a compliment.”

What are you most afraid of?
Jing: “Haha, there’s something more peculiar. When I first came to Malaysia’s hotel and then I laid down on the bed. Suddenly I saw something similar to a mirror. But in reality, it was actually the thing Muslims pray towards. In Taiwan, there’s nothing like this so I was a bit frightened. They scared me in saying that something would come out from the thing, haha. I’m really scared to live alone in a hotel.”

The place where you most want to travel to?
Jing interpreted this (from similar pronunciation): Where do you want to get rid of your oil the most?

Jing: “The forehead and nose bridge. (Interviewer: That’s really cold!) Well, I like to go to the top of the mountains. You can breathe fresh air and see the forests. But then, I would want to ride a car up there because I don’t want to walk and I’m too lazy. But I really like to look into the distance on top of the mountain.”

Favorite clothing brand
Jing: “I’m actually okay with that because all my clothes are from street vendors!”

Favorite dress style
Jing: “Just relaxed. I definitely will wear a t-shirt, jeans. Then maybe a jacket and a cap, just really simple. But not all of them have to be big-sized since I’m not a rapper. I should say I like the British Rocker style.”

Hahahaa! Must have been a hilarious interview session!

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