February 26, 2010

A Preview That Will Cause You to "Drop Dead" According to Anonymous =D

Thanks xingandxx and Anonymous and Star18 and KL!

You guys made me experienced that most heartwarming morning ever! Hahahaha~!

Mu Cheng: 6 years ago...I truly love you

Mu Cheng: This is what I had hidden from you for 6 years...an unspoken promise

Mu Cheng: If I told you, I love you, can you, for this reason, stay?

Guang Xi: I will leave...if you ever let go of my hand again

OMG! Mu Cheng, you finally man up! Go Mu Cheng!!! Hahahaa! Look at Guang Xi's smug look when Mu Cheng puts on his ring!!! WAAHHHHH!!! OMGOSHHHH~ this is too much for me to handleeeee!!! *faintssss AGAIN*


  1. I love this drama. I've been waiting to see these two to embrace. I really hope this final episode will be longer than 30 mins or else it will be like someone said...it'll feel too rushed.

  2. what! omg! i understand chinese and i think xiao le said 6th march for the last stop! =(

  3. oh that's another channel. there's too two channels that air this because they made this drama together: SETTV and TTV. I think one shows on Sunday, the other shows on Saturday. So this march 6 is showing episode 21 on saturday~