February 28, 2010

Post Surgery Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I went to the dentist yesterday and had one of my wisdom tooth extracted. That was a big mistake. The process of taking the tooth out was painless and pretty fast. However, things started to go downhill after the penicillin started to wear off. It was an awful feeling; biting down hurts, opening mouth hurts, swallowing hurts....*sigh* I think the worst pain in this world comes from the tooth: toothache, post-surgery extractions...My face is now swollen...and it'll take at least a week to heal...owwwww

And regarding the last episode of Autumn's Concerto...I'm going to delay the ending for myself. I'm going to wait until after I take my first math test to watch it~ going to study 200% for this test (influenced by Guang Xi)~

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