February 21, 2010

Oops, They Did It Again

Oh my goodness! Not this again! That's three times already!

Episode 18 Preview: Mysterious text message
Episode 20 Preview: Mysterious document in envelope
Episode 21 Preview: Mysterious phone call

They must really want my brain to explode! Gosh! Every time they do that, I can't help but play detective.

Could that phone call be connected to Xiao Le's "disappearance"?
Whose the caller? Is it Lawyer Xiao Lin or Grandma Fang?
Did Xiao Le really get kidnapped or is this all a plan?

Do you see it? It says Final Preview. =(

Do you see the words next to that? It says, "你就是我的命運" or "You are my destiny".


Mu Cheng X Guang Xi scenes are going to blast the roof off next week!!!

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