February 22, 2010

Introducing Autumn's Concerto

English Name: Autumn's Concerto

Also known as: Next Stop, Happiness

Chinese Name: 下一站幸福

Favorite Color: All colors
I couldn't really decide on this one. What color is
幸福? Red? Pink? Blue? Green? Who knows.

Favorite Dish: Beef over Rice
This is definitely the dish to describe Autumn's Concerto! You see in almost every episode! Yummy! Mu Cheng should consider opening up a store specializing in making this dish! I would swim to Taiwan if I have to! Hahahahaa! (But don't put too much carrots!)

Favorite Flower: Daisy
Still remember the flower meaning of Daisy? Silently protecting another. Hua Zhi Xin to Tuo Ye. Tuo Ye to Mu Cheng and then to Zhi Xin. Mu Cheng to Guang Xi. Guang Xi to Mu Cheng. Xiao Le to Tang Tang. I, Celsius, to you, Autumn's Concerto. Us, Viewers, to you, Autumn's Concerto, righttt???? Of Course.

Favorite Quote: Miss you! Miss you!
Probably the most famous and easy to remember quote from this drama. Although, it's Xiao Le who screams this out, it is really Mu Cheng thinking of Guang Xi. Mu Cheng to Guang Xi through Xiao Le: 迷修! 迷修!

Favorite Cartoon: Spongebob
Who could forget Xiao Le and his adorable Spongebob bag?!?!?! His room also has a Spongebob cuddly toy! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Square Pants! Wooo!

Favorite Music: Air on G String
This is self explanatory. This music bought them together. Still remember the story Mu Cheng told Guang Xi on the ice rink? It was the story of this music, and this music is the story of her life. Despite all the sour lemons life throws at her, she continues to make the sweetest lemonade ice tea.

Favorite Singer: Ding Dang
A good majority of the songs are sung by Ding Dang! She has a very powerful voice (I shall prove that in the future, just wait and listen) Did you know that her MV for "Why Did You Lie" was filmed in NYC??? There's a scene where she's on the Brooklyn Bridge. I pass by that bridge every time I go to school (5X a week). That's another link to Autumn's Concerto~!

Favorite Place: Hua Tian Village
If I ever land in Taiwan, this is the one place I'm definitely going to set my foot on! The mountainous views, Mu Cheng's home, the flower fields, random people with 花 as their surname!

Favorite Activities: Ice skating, rollerblading, riding the bus
I remember seeing Mu Cheng and Guang Xi exchanging electric sparks while ice skating. Think Anson and Da Jie from Fated to Love You (their insane electric stares)! HAHAHAHAA! Rollerblading, a memory from Guang Xi's dad to Guang Xi, a skill passed onto Xiao Le from Guang Xi. Bus rides, a motif, a special thing that evokes many AC memories. I'm on the Autumn's Concerto Bus, riding towards the 21st stop.

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