February 12, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Comic 1

A funny comic I found at TTV! All rights goes to TTV and the appropriate users who made them.

Credit: TTV
Creator: Huai Ying
Translated: Celsius


Xiao Le: Dad, do you love Mu Cheng?
Guang Xi: Before I did because her skin was like yours, white and smooth, but now...


Xiao Le: Mu Cheng, you need to do a facial beautification, your skin caused Dad to not
love you anymore...
Mu Cheng: What? Really? What am I going to


Mu Cheng: (Is my skin really that bad?) Guang Xi, do you still love me?
Guang Xi: How do I say...


Guang Xi: Go to the beauty salon first and
fix up your skin and then we can talk
Mu Cheng: (wants to cryyy)

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