February 22, 2010

Autumn's Concerto The Final Preview

梁慕橙: 任何決定要的就不要放手包括在乎的人

如果我告訴你我愛你, 你可不可以為了這個理由留下來

任曉樂: 台視二月二八號晚上十點幸福最終點

Liang Mu Cheng: If there is anything that you want, then don't give up including those that you care about. If I told you I love you, could you for this reason stay?

Ren Xiao Le: Tai Shi February 28 evening 10 o'clock Happiness The Last Stop...

For this last preview, if you notice, it is Xiao Le who's announcing the date and time of the next episode, previously it always Mu Cheng.

Do you see Mu Cheng's pleading eyes? I feel it.
Can you feel her wish for him to stay? I see it.
Ady's acting! 10000 points!


  1. WOW. This preview was... i don't even know how to describe it in words. unbelievable. i can feel the emotions though their expressions, so amazing. so glad to see MC taking initiative in getting back together, saying she loves him :) and even better, using GX's tactics (the memorable lines, the hand). i really can't wait to see them back together :D

    it's the final preview, it feels so different since XL says the date/time/name at the end, when MC says it, it really gives the AC feel. i don't want to wait another week :( nor do i want it to end, but i want to see it! =]

  2. Wow, Ady's such an awesome actor. :] I love the way she expresses her feelings with her eyes.

    Yay~ It's the church scene. :)
    Can't wait for it.
    Hearing Xiao Le announcing the ending makes it feel so final and absolute.
    Can't believe it's ending already... But I can't wait to see Guang Xi and Mu Cheng finally, finally reach their happiness. :D

  3. it's amazing how she can electrify us in a 22 second video.

  4. yes, a short, but incredible preview. i wonder if that picture of MC and GX in the church from the photobook will be in the actual series. i want to see that scene because MC asks GX if he know what she said at the church 6 years ago, and she actually said "i do" 6 years ago already.

    Can't wait till sunday!! 5 days!! i really hope ep21 can be longer than 30 minutes...

  5. turtle88: same here! feels like there are two forces acting on us AC addicts: To watch (and it will end) force and not to watch (so technically won't end for you)force!

    Meh: ^_^ I second that!

    Anonymous: ^_^ I second that too!

    I remember that church picture! I want hear him ask that question too! Oh~ such sweet moments! What are we going to do when this show is really over?!?!?!

    I'm going to go into a really deep depression...

  6. i hope there is a part two next stop, happiness lor, hope the director will make Part two one.