February 07, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 Thoughts

No matter how difficult life is, we can always finish the most touching symphony.

Life is pretty difficult for everyone at this point. Guang Xi's career is falling apart. Mu Cheng is worried about Guang Xi. Xiao Le encounters trouble at school. Hua Tuo Ye fell out of love. Hua Zhi Xin is in Fang Ge's hands. Wu Li Hua is emotionally unstable. But like Mu Cheng says from day one, "
No matter how difficult life is, we can always finish the most touching symphony".

Xiao Le right after he takes a shower~

Episode 17 opens with a troubled Xiao Le who seems to have encountered more bullying at school but hides this from Mu Cheng and instead tells her that he's just having trouble with homework. His excuse is so convincing, I don't want it to call it a lie because it's probably not. Hehe~Mu Cheng is also highly skilled at making convincing excuses/arguments, he must have inherited this skill from her.

He sighs as he looks at the phone~

Talking about inheriting skills, Xiao Le has also learned a tactic from Guang Xi called masking. What is masking? Masking is when you use something as a tool to divert one's attention from the real motive. Guang Xi used Xiao Le as an excuse to get married with Mu Cheng. Xiao Le uses Tang Tang as an excuse to get Mu Cheng's phone so he can make a phone call to Tuo Ye. But of course, he does not want Mu Cheng to know so he cutely kicks her out of his room~ HAHAHAHAA! Such a cute kiddd~ his expression after he closed the door is evidence of Xiao Xiao Bin's acting skills! Very deep and emotional!

Hua Tuo Ye is missing Xiao Le and Liang Mu Cheng too!

衣冠禽獸. So this is why Xiao Le called Tuo Ye, to find out what that phrase means. Hahaha, Welcome to Hua Tuo Ye's Chinese Class! Mr.Tuo Ye's answer, "It's not a bad word, it's a Chinese proverbial idiom.
衣 means clothes, is the hats that we wear, and 禽獸, it means like men will grow up to be strong, stronger than beasts. So men wear clothes and put on hat means that we look very creditable." HAHAHAHAAAAAA! You are good, Mr. Tuo Ye! I would love to be in your chinese class!

ohhh~ isn't he so cute?

Awwwww, Xiao Le, Tuo Ye, Mu Cheng = 3Fs (Family Friends Forever~) I miss you too, Tuo Ye~ And thank you Xiao Le! Your phone call revived our hero who doesn't seem as heartbroken as before~ AND OMG! HUA ZHI XINNN!!! Tuo Ye, it's time to get over your heartbreak and do what you're good at, saving people!

She feels his pain.

Guang Xi using an mp3 as a studying tool.

And while Xiao Le secretly talks to Tuo Ye to find out the meaning of
衣冠禽獸, Mu Cheng enters Guang Xi's study room to learn more about the "Guang Xi" that she once lost. Now this was truly a very inspiring scene where we see a post-surgery Guang Xi studying his butt off for the lawyer test. To become more familiar with the laws, he copied them over and over again. To memorize the laws, he used an mp3 player and recited the laws over and over again. These look like really effective studying habits, worth implementing in my studying plans and yours too!

Mu Cheng, Wu Li Hua, and Hua Zhi Xin are three women with nearly identical fate. The one thing connecting all three is that they're all victims of sexual abuse. But being a victim doesn't mean the world has come to an end.
The way we see this world is made by our own decisions.

It must hurt to tell the story of her past.

At the hospital,
Mu Cheng shares her past with Wu Li Hua, "I can understand you. What you want is someone willingly to be on heart to heart level with you, someone who understands your pain. Because in your heart, the scar that is left behind, whether it will get better depends on your own decision. This is definitely something that others won't understand. I once met someone who faced the same situation as you. A family member living under the same roof turned into the most horrifying monster. Every night whether it was showering or sleeping, she would always check the doors and windows a few times. She even put up three locks on her bedroom door because she's afraid. She's afraid that at any time any place, someone would come out and hurt her. That fear turned every minute and second into phobia." I think this is the first time where we hear Mu Cheng's feelings towards her unfortunate incident, all the other times, it was Guang Xi speaking for Mu Cheng.

Liang Mu Cheng and Ren Guang Xi from 6 years ago~

She continues her story, "When that girl was about to pass out, she met someone who accompanied her, encouraged her, and let her know that all this cannot be tolerated any further." Doesn't this dialogue sound a little familiar? Ren Guang Xi, 6 years ago, at court said, "Because I met Mu Cheng, her kindness, her seriousness towards life, revived my dead soul that has been alive for 25 years. For the first time, I had hope in this world. For the first time, I want to treasure someone. For the first time, I want to change myself into a better person for her." He saved her life, she saved his soul.

"Can I believe everything you just told me?"

Mu Cheng from 6 years ago is back! Guang Xi comes home with a black face, obviously troubled by Li Wang Cai's case. He must make a decision between exposing the CD(with evidence of Li Wong Cai's wrongdoing) or burn it to save his career as a lawyer. Seeing him so tired out, Mu Cheng attempts to console him and leaves yet another golden quote in the history of Autumn's Concerto.

"Of Course"

"When everyone in the world is criticizing you, you must remember that your family won't leave you. If someone used this issue to bully Xiao Le, Xiao Le would strike back, strike back for his dad. Because we all believe that you think before you do and will choose to make the right decision" she tells him. He askes her, "Can I believe everything that you just said?"
"Of course," she gently assures him. That is the most powerful two words in this episode. The best 'Of course' I've ever heard! It was soft and simple but extremely powerful! *melt*

A worried Guang Xi looks after an injured Mu Cheng.

Unfortunately, their heartfelt conversation must end when a phone call rings in informing Mu Cheng of the disappearance of Wu Li Hua. Mu Cheng guessed that she went after Li Wong Cai and together with Guang Xi, they flee to the guy's house just in time to stop Wu Li Hua from stabbing the guy. However, this lady is mad and goes berserk when she sees Guang Xi and tries to stab him but ends up stabbing Mu Cheng! Here I must quote my friend, Kiwi who said, "
So you know that scene where Mu Cheng gets stabbed? Yeah... it wasn't as epic as I thought it'd be :( in fact, they played it down quite a bit and made it seem like she got a paper cut, not an actual STAB wound. I was disappointed to say the least, definitely does not match Guang Xi getting stabbed." Exactly what I thought too! I have to say, they're really good at cutting previews. The preview made me think the emphasis on this "epic" stab scene, but it was actually putting the emphasis on the physical and emotional pain felt by the two ladies. The pain on the emotional level exceeds that on the physical level.

One of the few person who thinks with his head and acts with his heart.

Ren Guang Xi makes his final decision and calls Lawyer Lin to get the CD from his desk and use it against Li Wang Cai, thus risking his career. Upon the thought of destroying this guy's career, Wu Li Hua is concerned but Guang Xi assures her, "So what, I might be fired tomorrow, it's alright, I'm rich anyways. Not having a job for a year or two is fine." HAHAHAA! This is why every idol drama must have a rich character!

History repeats itself.

To thank Mu Cheng for taking the stab, Guang Xi asks Mu Cheng what present she would like to have. Being the humble person she is, she asks him to walk with her. It was definitely a walk to remember. 6 years ago, she saved a bird(also called Xiao Le) at Sheng De Tang, 6 years later, she saved a bird again(probably Xiao Le's(the bird) children...or I'm thinking too much) at the park where she was walking with Guang Xi.

How about turning around and smiling with her~

Mu Cheng goes on attack mode and tells Guang Xi, "After I became a mother, I think 6 years could change a lot of things but when I was just looking at you, I discover that many things actually did not change. Six years later, I'm still as nosy as ever but at least you're still here by my side. Whether it was the girl or the bird, it's the same as six years ago, haven't changed." Guang Xi gives a semi cold reply, turns around, and cracks a smile!!!! HAHAHAAA! *sigh* these two, why do they always have to hide their smile from each other~

Daisy: My promise to silently watch over you.

A daisy in everyone's heart.

Meanwhile, Tuo Ye is also taking a walk down memory lane, a lane that belongs to him and Hua Zhi Xin. Tuo Ye has a very interesting past, whether it's with Mu Cheng or Zhi Xin. He looks inside a small lucky bag that Zhi Xin made for him and finds a daisy. The flower meaning of daisy is to "silently protect" or "silently watch over" someone. Has Tuo Ye finally come to realize that the one who has always been silently watching over him is Zhi Xin? Actually, everyone has a daisy in their heart. Every person in this show is secretly watching over another.

A helpless Zhi Xin locked away.

When he finally reaches his hand out for her...

For the first time, a helpless Tuo Ye.


Tuo Ye and and Bin Jai meet up with Fang Ge to save Zhi Xin. It was disturbing to see a helpless Zhi Xin locked up in a trashy bathroom. Then it got even more disturbing when Tuo Ye got his hand stabbed. And then a helpless Tuo Ye crawls towards a helpless Zhi Xin...they reach for each other hands, but their fingers never touch because the one eye pirate intervenes. *sniff sniff*



  1. I just finished watching AC ep 19...and it was such a GREAT episode. It was heart wrenching and I didn't want it to end. I don't want the series to end at all! No, I can't believe there's only 1 episode left. I know this drama is not real...it's only made up but it's a really good made up drama! How do we encourage the producers to continue the drama when it's this WONDERFUL?!

  2. Wow you can really make a good recap. I enjoy reading your thoughts about AC a lot. AC is definitely one of the best drama I have ever watched. Every episode is so exciting and the characters seem so real. I am sad that the drama is almost over. I wonder what is the next drama that will make me feel like this like what AC and FTLY did to me.

  3. Anonymous 1: Glad to hear! I haven't watch it yet, but will totally prepare another case of tissue. EP 19 is definitely going to be one bitter and sour episode, because only then will we be able to appreciate even more the sweetness in EP 20~ And unfortunately, all good things must come to end. =(

    Anonymous 2: Thankksss! Glad you enjoy reading it! Totally agree with you~ AC best show ever!!! Long Live AC!