February 22, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 14

I thought I saw this last week! Oh wells, no harm in watching it again! Hehehee! You can imagine how cold it is while they were filming this part...Van Ness is wearing like 4 layers...and everyone gave Ady their scarves!

HAHAHAHAA@Ady's "退下"!!! She gets to leave early while the two male leads stay behind and sufferrrr! Hahahaa! I have to applaud the director and the crew and the cast for their ever so happy mood on the set! Perhaps the reason why Autumn's Concerto is so warm is because it absorbed the warm atmosphere of the crew! 下一站幸福,萬歲萬歲萬萬歲!


  1. The court scene behind the scene was fun to watch. Haha, Ady gets to leave first and the rest is dependent on the two male leads. she says a bunch of lines, but there are not useful in the case lol.
    it's funny how they state that van ness and chris are competing to be the NG king haha. especially when the director said that they could have done the filming in three months if it wasn't for van ness and chris lol :P

  2. Hahahahaa! Yea! And the director pretended to flare up and yelled, "That's right, we're not on good terms!" HAHAHAHAAA!