February 12, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 13

HAHAHAHAAA! Van Ness and his dancing for her hand move!

In the beginning, Ady leaned over Van Ness to look at what he wrote to her but it looked more like she leaned over to give him a kiss! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! He wrote, "This is my first time working so happily with a guy". If you notice, he wrote this as Ady's bubble thought but Ady misunderstood him. She thought he was calling her a guy~ HAHAHAHAAAA! And 任律輸! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Nice!

**Thanks Meh for the heads up, otherwise, I would have missed this great BTS!

1 comment:

  1. xD No problem. :)

    BTW. Someone pointed this out to me. In part 1, at 1:50 Ady's wearing Vanness's jacket... xD
    Part2: Ady's thought bubble: This is the first time that working with a guy has made me so happy... Vanness, I love you!
    Vanness's thought bubble: I do too, Ady An~ :D 安以軒我也是~

    I'm waay too into this drama. xD