February 01, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 19 New Preview

Thanks MinSquare91~

*GASP* What would Mu Cheng do?
A. Stay with Guang Xi
B. Check on Tuo Ye

Definitely B, because that's our Mu Cheng. Someone who always care about others before thinking about herself. Also, Tuo Ye has taken care of Mu Cheng and Xiao Le for SIX years! SIX YEARS! He was there when Guang Xi was not. Hopefully, Guang Xi can think through this and really trust Mu Cheng.


  1. this new preview is so intense :D it's definitely B from the clips of the sunday trailer... MC can't just not care about TY after so much he's done for her and he's her really good friend.

    I really want to see a happy ending... so hoping that it won't be rush and that we can see more sweet moments between MC and GX.

  2. hehe~ this new preview is heartbreaking! why don't she tell him and why he don't trust her?

    i hope it's not rushed either...ive decided not to watch the last two episodes...because i dun want this show to end~ i probably wont even be able to last one day of not watching AC knowing that it's available at the tips of my finger. I really hope Ady n Van Nes have another collaboration sooon.

  3. I hope they never have another collaboration >_> better to quit while ahead so they dont ruin their onscreen chemistry if the new drama is not that good. But omg... ep 19 sounds like it's going to be epic. Tuo Ye killed Fang Ge..... In the other preview, it showed Zhi Xin contemplating taking the fall for Tuo Ye