February 16, 2010

An Attempt To Analyze the Last Previews

My Prediction of the sequence of this last stop...

1) Grandma Fang will visit Mu Cheng and Xiao Le and give Mu Cheng encouragement and acknowledgment.

2) Tuo Ye reveals to Guang Xi the reason why Mu Cheng left him 6 years ago. This either takes place during a break or before the court case begins.

3) Anyhows, everyone is at court listening to the trial, doesn't this remind you of 6 years ago, that mock trial at the university...except this time, the victim is Tuo Ye and Hua Zhi Xin.

4) Tuo Ye gives Zhi Xin a button...perhaps the second button from his suit? Or maybe this button is from the past? I remember a letter that Zhi Xin wrote to Tuo Ye back when they were in school asking him why he gave his button to another girl. Maybe Tuo Ye never gave his button away, just that Zhi Xin saw wrong...

6) Obviously, Guang Xi won the case because we see Tuo Ye at Mu Cheng's house. Tuo Ye asks Mu Cheng if she ever told Guang Xi how much she actually cares for him. Oh Tuo Ye~ you're such a good buddy!!!!

5) Auntie Hua and Mu Cheng are busy cooking...
I guess they are celebrating Tuo Ye's release and also waiting for Guang Xi and Gary to join them but instead of both, only Gary shows up.

6) Gary gives Mu Cheng the yellow envelope, which I heavily suspect is divorce papers.

7) Guang Xi cries and President Fang embraces her son. He's crying...because he's...
mad at himself for not believing her?
mad at himself for even thinking about plotting revenge against her?
mad at himself for threatening to take Xiao Le from her?
mad at himself for forgetting her for 6 years?
sad because he let go of her?

sad because he doesn't know how to face her anymore...


  1. That's a good analysis. It pretty much resembles my thoughts too. For some reason point 7) seems to be out of place... I think GX might also be crying because he found out the truth about his mom and dad and what happened twenty years. I also hope that it will be his regret towards MC as well.

    Episode 20 is too far away :( It seems like that it will be the finale. Don't want it to end, but want to know what happens!!

  2. aahh I can't wait anymore T_T
    didn't it supposed to be updated yesterday? :O
    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa getting crazy ><
    yep it will be soo sad when AC ends TT__TT

  3. you've got pretty wide imagination...
    pretty much line in my mind..
    everybody's hoping not to end the series but that's life..
    im silently praying that the couple would end up with each other (in real life)....

  4. Hi, I agree with turtle88. I think GX cried and hugged his mother because he found out that his mother was trying to protect from the truth of what his father had done (cheated). He's sorry to his mother for blaming her the whole time!

  5. hmmm, that's possible too! GX crying cuz he found out the truth behind his father's suicide...I did not think of that~ nice catch turtle88!