February 18, 2010

A 10-year long romance, Blackie's marriage proposal is a success

Source: Liberty Times, CTS
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

The romantic relationship between artists Chen Jian Zhou (Blackie) and Christine Fan (Fan Fan) has been going on for 10 years and yesterday, Blackie finally found the courage, in front of a crowd of strangers at an NBA match, to ask girlfriend Fan Fan to marry him. The place was filled with thunderous applause and when Fan Fan saw Blackie kneel down to give her the Tiffany & Co. diamond ring, she was touched to tears, accepting the marriage proposal.

Recently, there were rumours that Blackie had taken Fan Fan to America to celebrate the Chinese New Year and that they would have a "private wedding" there. No-one expected that Blackie wasn't going to have a secret wedding after all, but he had gone to America for a secret marriage proposal! Yesterday, the couple went to New Jersey to support their good friend NBA basketball player Yi Jianlian. It was obvious that Blackie was very nervous, he kept rambling on about all sorts of things with Fan Fan, not getting to the main point. When he realised that the half-time break of the basketball match was almost over, he knew he couldn't put it off any longer! Fan Fan didn't expect Blackie to suddenly ask her how long they have been dating for. A bit lost, she replied, 10 years and then Blackie took out the ring and knelt down to propose to her. This caused spectators to applaud loudly and shout continuously "Say yes!" and then Fan Fan, surprised but happy, covered her mouth, nodded and exclaimed emotionally, "Okay, okay, okay!" This black and white pair will finally be getting married.

Blackie also left a message on his Facebook page saying he was super nervous. These few years, he had always wanted to ask her for her hand in marriage but he just hadn't found the right time and place. Finally, he chose to propose to his beloved who he's dated for 10 years, at his most loved basketball court. "From today, my only and only is my fiancée Fan Fan! 2010.2.17 Let God record this date for us! Thank you God!" Within a day of posting the news online, the couple received the blessings of over 5000 people. As to when the wedding will be, Blackie said that this will all be left up to Fan Fan, immediately showing the image of a gentleman who loves his wife.

WOWOWOW!!! Congratssss to them!!! 10 years and beyond! 他們的下一站是幸福. Their next stop is happiness! Hahaha~ the guy in the jersey in the back JUMPED from his seat when he Blackie take out the ring! HAHAHAAAAA!

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