January 21, 2010

William Feng and Roy Chiu fights over Chen Qiao En in <>

Source: QQ
Translated by meosles @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Recently, idol drama <> is filming in Hangzhou. Good friends William Feng and Roy Qiu fights over Chen Qiao En in the drama. Their love triangle is the highlight of the drama.

That day they were filming a scene where the two male leads fought over Chen Qiao En. In order to achieve a more realistic effect for the cameras and yet not hurt each other, William Feng and Roy Chiu rehearses before filming start. When the camera starts rolling, Roy Chiu beats up William Feng. Chen Qiao En immediately shields him and looks at Roy Chiu angrily. The director is demanding and in order to achieve realism, he calls out NG whenever there is any part that does not match his standards. Because of this, William Feng has to be knocked down to the ground many times and ended up with bruises on his elbow.

In year 2010, <> starring William Feng and Chen Qiao En will rely on their idol star power to break the "idol drama restricted zone" and brings a bold attempt at filming a different type of Chinese idol dramas. In recent years, William Feng is heavily promoted by Hua Yi with no lack of drama offers. Under Hua Yi's guidence, he has a chance to become an A-list star.

Wah~ my first non AC related post this week!!!

Ah~ WILLIAMM FENGGGG! Oh yeaaaaa~ can't wait to watch this drama! I wonder when it will come out~ wooo~ QE!

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