January 15, 2010

Vanness Wu Elle magazine's Interview

ELLE January 2010 issue - special interview with idol drama "Autumn's Concerto" leading actor, VanNess Wu
Translated by Whalesg@VIFC

VanNess used is an artiste with an attractive look and non-stop romance rumours but eversince VanNess Wu believed in GOD, he claimed he is no longer being linked to the girls around him and even having said that to the media numberous times, the media is still so much interest. But VanNess do not feel angry about it, he said 'I will pray for those who do not believe me'

Stopped Love Games / Finding True Love and Forming A Family

When VanNess announced that he is stopping love games, his romance rumours did not stop there so he claimed 'I felt it is so ridculous, I said it so loud but still no one hears it. But I will tell myself not to get upset by all these' He reminded himself that the more he negative he feel, the more he needed to pray for those who misunderstood him. When he see a beautiful girl, he will pretend he did not see her but he will in return praise about her beauty. But just like that, he will not make any further move or intentions. VanNess is very clear that, his next aim is to find a girl who will form a family with him.

Believing in GOD / Turned Over A New Leaf / Next Stop, Happiness

Being a popular idol who used to go clubbing almost every night and getting drunk, when he was in very lowdown times, he finally found out where he really belong...a religion, became a changed man, decided to be a responsible and matured person to face his own life. VanNess not only quit drinking and lust but also his bad attitude of a used-to-be arrogant youngster, returning with a completely new look and image. Taking on a role of a romanic man in the idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto', had made impressed alot of people and enable others to like VanNess Wu all over again..

I Know What I Am Doing is Right

Accepting GOD for almost 2 years now, VanNess is still having all kinds of doubts. On this, he can handle the queries easily now, he says 'believing in GOD enable me to feel safe, letting me who am I, knowing how to keep my own beliefs, learning how to be thankful, giving me huge strengths, allowing me to "reborn", geting peace and hope, so, i will not take it too hard of how others say about me, as I know what Iam ding is right'
Even VanNess brother, Geoffrey commented that 'in the past when VanNess is angry, he will punch the wall to vent his anger, but now, he will just quietly walk back to his room. Now, he will not be able to have a drink with me, so it is getting boring'

In The Past, I Thought As Long As I Am The One Giving More In A Relationship, That Is LOVE To Me

On the topic of love relationship, in the past, VanNess was the one who will give the most out of it without doubt, he like to always be by her side, wanted to be together all the time, requesting her to do things together, he even used to think that whoever give the most in the relationship is meaning that will be one who love the other one more, that is a reaction of LOVE. Then slowly, VanNess realized that,'if we kept comparing who is giving more love in a relationship, that is just a tug-of-war, that is not real love.'
When being asked about love relationship, VanNess paused for a while, after a few seconds he replied 'you cannot change a person and no rights to do so to anyone, for example, if i felt mixing ice cream and rice is tasty, but I cannot force the other party to eat it, because, she may think it is nice to eat it this way. Loving someone is not to try to change her but to think, how to make both parties to enjoy the process of doing things together, no matter it is sad or happy , good or bad'
From liking a person to buildng up a close relationship, VanNess felt that the best way is to 'first understand the person character, put yourself in her shoes and do the things that meant to be the best for her' In the past, VanNess used to feel that as long as he likes someone, he will confess his love to her, he now thinks this is not the right attitude. Now all VanNess is looking forward is to form a family of his own, to get down to do a good job in his career, treasure everyone around him. VanNess further emphasised that, his other half must have the same religion as him so that having the same beliefs, both can grow and work hard for their future together.

Let The Past Go / There Is No Need To Start All Over Again

Thinking back on his past, VanNess admitted that he did things that he should not have done but he will not want to think what if he can start all over again. In fact, he wanted to face it positively saying that 'Why not face it in the current stage rather then to wish to start all over again? When facing the exact same situations, learn how to overcome it with a more mature and sensible attitude. Only starting from where you had fallen, you will get the chance to start afresh.' VanNess wish that more people will get to know what he had gone through and about his changes. He had ever had setbacks such as feeling 'lost', had lots of unwanted anger, thinking that he had no future, etc. Now, VanNess strongly believed that, as long as you give it all you can, you will get fruitful returns.

Mature Van Ness + Awesome Ady = Autumn's Concerto
Mature Van Ness + Awesome Ady + little Xiao Le = Next Stop, Happiness

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