January 08, 2010

Top 10 stylish men, Ethan Ruan takes the top spot

Godfrey Tsao (Left), Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao, Huang Jian Wei, Eddie Peng, Liang Zheng Qun, Joseph Chang, Wang Bo Jie, Mok Tze Yee and Chien-Chou Chen (Charles) made it onto the top ten list of VOGUE's most stylish men.

Source Liberty Times
Translated Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fashion magazine VOGUE used 3 days to find 10 individuals with extreme charisma and style to become the cover of January's issue, ignoring the ranking and also the unusual one day shoot, the front cover only revealed Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhou and Godfrey Tsao in a descending order.

Charles (from Blackie) most charitable

In VOGUE's top ten stylish men, Ethan Ruan who got first place was dressed up the most glamorous, wearing a Ferragamo fur coat, but at his lowest point in his life he also went through a period of time when he had nothing, he said life can at anytime start a new beginning ,this can lead to experience of success or suffering but it won't become a burden as you advance.

Charles from "Blackie" is probably the most unusual celebrity to make it on the list, but he is the most active at charity work, he said charity is not something to compare or to pressurize, "to share, doesn't necessarily have to be money, sometimes just listening, listening to what people around you have to say is actually one form of charity."

OMG! Godfrey!!! So tall and so handsome! Ooo, I'm surprised Show Luo did not make it on this list~

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