January 04, 2010

Tic Tac Toe

Sunday is the best day out of the whole week because there are three dramas that come out: Autumn's Concerto, Hi My Sweetheart, and Momo Love. I always watch Autumn's Concerto first because the wait kills me. Hi My Sweetheart is next because this show is so funny it helps me get into a more relaxed mood after watching those intense and moving scenes in Autumn's Concerto. And Momo Love, I'm surprised I'm still watching this drama.

Three different dramas with three different feels. Never did I imagine a day when all three would make me tear.

Watched Autumn's Concerto episode 14 and *cries* one box of tissue down. Watching Guang Xi sob uncontrollably when he saw the pictures on the memory card, I sobbed with him. Six years ago, when Mu Cheng left him, his world came crumbling down and the remains were locked away along with his memory. In the following six years, his world was rebuilt on lies and deception fed to him by his mom and Yi Qian. Six years later, those memories comes back, the lies are exposed and he realizes he's been fooled for six years.

Watched Hi My Sweetheart episode 10 and *cries* another box of tissue down. This whole episode made me cry. Three years ago, a misunderstanding causes Lin Da Lang to disappear from this world. Three years later, Lin Da Lang makes his comeback, only to disappear again and this time it's forever.

Watched Momo Love episode 12, it wasn't until the preview for next episode that yet another box of tissue gone. Tao Hua and Shi Lang better not be siblings or else that's just messed up.

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