January 13, 2010

Taiwan Idol Drama Ratings Standings

1. Fated to Love You with highest at 10.91
2. Autumn's Concerto with highest at 7.76
3. My Queen with highest at 7.35
4. Woody Sambo with highest at 7.25
5. Prince Turn Into Frog with highest at 6.99
6. Meteor Garden with highest at 6.43
7. Magicians of Love with highest at 5.44
8. Hana Kimi with highest at 5.09
9. It Started With a Kiss with highest at 4.92
10. Smile Pasta with highest at 4.89
11. My Lucky Star with highest at 4.67

My Lucky Star should have been way up on this chart. My list is different from this chart.

Celsius' Chart:
1. Autumn's Concerto
2. Fated to Love You
3. My Lucky Star

What's your chart like?


  1. Fated to Love You
    It Started With a Kiss
    Smile Pasta
    Prince Turn Into Frog
    Meteor Garden

    this is my rating ^^
    Hana Kimi > I like the japanese version more
    Meteor Garden > was good, but I like the korean version more ^^
    the other ones I still didn't watch =/ no time T_T


  2. Woody Sambo made to fourth place only because of the small continuation of Fated to Love You in the first episode, so it shouldn't really be there... in my opinion. Also, I really want to see Autumn's Concerto beat FTLY and get first place, I really think Autumn's Concerto is a way better series than FTLY...

    My Chart:
    1. Prince Who Turns Into A Frog
    2. Autumn's Concerto
    3. Ying Ye 3+1 / Magicians of Love

  3. Myo: I like your list bc FTLY is 1st. joking~ hahaha. I never got to sit down and fully watch ISWAK, only saw the first few episodes, a couple of episodes from the middle, and the last episode, it's kinda too slow for me, the storyline. hehehe~ i watched jap version of hana kimi too~ it was hilariousss! absolutely love the cheerleading led by the guys! Hahahaa!

    turtle88: hahahaa~ the only only reason I watched the the first two episode of Woody Sambo was for FTLY! OMG! PTIF beat AC in your list! *cries* just kiddinggg! hahaha! ooo there's this one scene that I super like in PTIF, it's the scene in the last episode where mingdao stands at the edge of the pool and spreads his arms, getting ready to fall backwards into the cold pool water~ i see ying ye 3+1~ ARUBAAAA! Ka Cha! I never knew that such a game existed until I watched Ying Ye. Hahahaa!

  4. My top Taiwanese dramas are...

    1. Autumn's Concerto
    2. Why Why Love

    (Unfortunately, I haven't seen that many T-dramas but even if I did these would still be my fave two!)

  5. oooh it is the battle of the taiwanese dramas i see! how exciting!
    i dont think i would be able to choose a top 3...can i do 4 instead? haha

    my top 4:
    prince turned into frog
    ying ye 3+1
    fated to love you
    autumn's concerto

    these aren't in any particular order...mostly because i dont think i can bring myself to truly choose which ones are better than which! based on my list, i think it should be pretty easy for anyone to guess who my favorite taiwanese actress is, right?
    to be honest, i never thought another drama not starring joe chen would be able to make it into my top 3, but autumn's concerto has far exceeded my expectations! i didn't like vanness wu beforre this, and i didn't love ady an before this, but now it has all changed!

    cant wait for episode 16!! it looks like guangxi is gonna try and do some "stuff" to mucheng! =D (which, by the way, would be totally horrible in real life, but since this is a drama and we know they are meant to be, it is totally ok with me =p)

  6. Anonymous: yay! AC tops your list too! hahaha~ ooo why why love~ haven't seen mike in a while now.

    s: yo! high five! Another QE fan! Wooo! happy that AC made the list even tho qe is not in it! hahaha! i think everyone became a van ness and ady fan after watching AC! it's also bc of AC that I started to chase all of ady's old shows, including the china ones!

    hehehe. i dun think (at least I hope not) GX will do anything to MC even tho it looks like it. ooo~ xiao le, use your powerssss to help your parents get back together for realzzz!

  7. @Celsius: The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog was my first and favourite Taiwan Idol Drama that I watched. And I just love Ming Dao :) It will always be at the top of my list (or at least very close :P ). I love that last episode scene too... I actually love a lot of the scenes in the drama :D
    Ying Ye 3+1 had a messy story line, but the chemistry between Ming Dao and Qiao En was amazing and some parts of it was quite good.

    I really can't wait until the next episode of Autumn's Concerto!! Episode 16/Sunday come faster!! I really hope things will start to pick up again and that GX and MC will understand each other's feelings ASAP and get rid of the misunderstandings... Even though I think it will be after some more mean situations before it happens... I hope for a happy ending :)

  8. I watched FTLY and AC. So far I love Van ness Wu and Ady An from Autumn. The story is really touching and I love Van ness acting. My first on my list would be Autumn Concerto.

  9. .....didn't AC reach 8.23??? Im confuzled....blu.

  10. yes it did. but this chart came out before that it reached 8.23.

  11. I just finished atumn's concerto a day ago (took me 2 days) and loved it!! I love tw drama when the acting is serious and not exaggerated, enhanced with a great plot and character depth.
    I've watch so many so on top of my head my list would be:
    1. autumn's concerto
    2. Summer's desire
    3. black and white
    4. silence
    5. fated to love you/ prince turn into frog/ ying ye 3+1

    I've watch so many I can't think of all of them, I might try Joe Cheng's new drama, any comments or reccomendations?

  12. Autumn concerto
    Black and white
    Fated to love you
    My lucky star
    It started with a kiss

    I can't rank them because they are all awesome! :) But in my opinion, my lucky star is story plot is similar to autumn concerto, and my lucky star is slightly nicer! :D

  13. Fated to love you=)
    Autumn concerto