January 15, 2010

Ren Family Rules Translated

I found a really funny and sweet post at AC's Tieba at Baidu. I'll translate it here or at least attempt my best (corrections are always welcome as the saying goes we learn from our mistakes~). Enjoyyy~

The Ren Family Rules Version 5.0 by 帘中青瓷如幽梦
Original here
Translated by Celsius

**Seems like there is some confusion with this post. This is just a FANMADE CREATIVE POST found on baidu, not the real set of rules. Sorry to disappoint but you WON'T see this in the drama!

1. Mu Cheng can not have intimate contact with other men (Guang Xi)

2. Mu Cheng can not have eye contact or body contact with other men (Guang Xi)

3. Xiao Le must give Daddy and Mommy a kiss before going to sleep and before going to school (Mu Cheng and Guang Xi)

4. Mu Cheng and Guang Xi can not have verbal fight (Xiao Le)

5. Guang Xi can not work over time too late (Mu Cheng)

6. Everyday, Mu Cheng can not do more than 10 of the above house chores (Guang Xi)

7. If Xiao Le has any questions about boy-girl relationships, he can ask Daddy (Guang Xi)
Interruption 3
Mu Cheng: Guang Xi! (so mad she's speechless)
Xiao Le: Daddy! So can I ask Mommy?
Guang Xi (thinks for a long time): Nope! Only Daddy can ask Mommy those questions!

8. Guang Xi can not pull Mu Cheng in for a kiss in public (Mu Cheng)
Interruption 4
Guang Xi: Why?
Mu Cheng: ...
Xiao Le: Because Mu Cheng will be shy!

9. When Guang Xi is fighting a case in court, Mu Cheng must be present to observe
(Guang Xi)
Interruption 5
Mu Cheng: What's there to observe in a court case?
Guang Xi: Seeing other people fight court cases is indeed not very interesting, but seeing your husband, I, handsomely fight court cases will surely mesmerize a bunch of girls.
Mu Cheng: B-- S---

10. Guang Xi must share responsibility of house chores (Mu Cheng)
Interruption 6
Guang Xi (wrapping his arms around her waist, evil laugh): There are many types of house chores...
Mu Cheng (face turns red): Xiao Le is there...
Xiao Le (covers his eyes and runs away): I'm not there.

11. Xiao Le can not be watching TV or use the computer for more than 5 hours a day (Mu Cheng)

12. Guang Xi can not make his laptop his second wife (Mu Cheng)

13. When Mu Cheng goes out, she can not dress in a way that raises other people's attention (Guang Xi)

14. Xiao Le must flush toilet after using it (Guang Xi)
Interruption 7
Mu Cheng (a despising face): You don't flush toilet yourself...
Guang Xi (evil laugh): I have you to flush for me...

15. Ren Family strictly restricts Pineapple with bitter melon chicken (Guang Xi)
Interruption 8
Mu Cheng: Why?
Guang Xi (a look of disdain): Because I dislike pineapple with bitter melon chicken and the person who loves pineapple with bitter melon chicken.

16. Ren Family strictly restricts staring at white vans (Guang Xi)
Interruption 9
Mu Cheng: W-- (interrupted by Guang Xi)
Guang Xi: Because SOMEONE drives a white van!

17. Guang Xi's reserve fund can not have more than 100,000 (NTD which is about 20,000 RMB) Mu Cheng
Interruption 10
Guang Xi (secretly thinking): So controlling, if I knew earlier, I wouldn't have married...ah? How does she know I have a reserve fund? (In a confused state of being)

18. Xiao Le needs to be a gentlemen (Mu Cheng)

19. Xiao Le needs to be a "gentlemen" like Daddy (Guang Xi)

20. Guang Xi can not on fast driving sprees as he pleases (Mu Cheng)



  1. hi,ToNight ware so bohring because i cannot see AT # 16, I found your lovely "Ren Family Rules Translated":SO ORIGINAL .THANKS fYOUR NEWSFAN from Germanyor your fantastic CELSIUSTHOUGHTS

  2. thanks! just want to make it clear that i did NOT write that, i merely translated, real kudos goes to a baidu fella over at AC's Baidu forum.

  3. which episode is this ren family rules played??...i cant wait to watch it!!! :))

  4. This set of Ren Family Rules is fanmade! You definitely won't see this in the drama~

  5. arghh!! too bad we cant see it in the drama.. it wud be so sweet to watch 'em discussing about their family rules..