January 28, 2010

Next Stop, School

School oh school~ how i miss you! NOT! OK, maybe a little. I officially start school today, after a month long winter break! It was a very nice long break because I have Autumn's Concerto accompanying me every Sunday. Hahahaha! I have been deeply poisoned by this drama.

Before watching this drama, I HATED carrots just like Xiao Le and Guang Xi. However, the other night, I saw some carrot dices and had a suddenly urge to put one in my mouth and I did. I ATE carrotsss! It must be the power of Mu Cheng's infamous dish! I now declare I am Carrot-Hate Free~

Hehehee~ this post was suppose to be about going back to school but ended up being about AC! Haha~ Anyhows, I did see something from AC that has driven up my determination to be a very studious student! It's that scene in episode 17 where Mu Cheng goes into the study room to recollect the memories of a Guang Xi that she once lost. Seeing him copying the laws over and over again, using an MP3 player to memorize information...makes me want to work even harder than before! YAYAYAAYAYYY! Thank you, Guang Xi!

Going back to school now with AC backing me up! Let's march forward! Spring 2010! Next stop, Schooool~


  1. kinda like me :D
    always day-dreaming..thinking about scenes from dramas ><
    recently also watching AC :D
    wanna have a kiddo like XiaoLe ><

  2. Hahahaa~ u've been poisioned too~