January 12, 2010

The Myth Drama Version Intro

I just finished watching the 50 episode drama version of "The Myth" starring Hu Ge. This is my third Hu Ge drama and it's very beautiful...and very long too. Think movie version plus more background information and mythical objects.

The excavation site where a coffin is recovered

Xiao Chuan showing off his tiger crest to Gao Lan
The drama begins at an excavation site somewhere in China where archaeologists have uncovered an ancient grave and are getting ready to open the lid of the coffin found in the grave. And to their delight, the corpse is found in pristine condition. They also uncover a mysterious looking bronze box from the coffin. Meanwhile, in another unknown location, a young man by the name of Yi Xiao Chuan accidentally stumbles upon an ancient tiger crest. When he touches the crest, a bright light emerges and the crest leaves its mark on Xiao Chuan's chest. Xiao Chuan later goes to his girlfriend, Gao Lan's shop to fix his car and to show off his newfound treasure. Unfortunately for this Prince of Flirting, his other "girlfriends" happen to stop by the same shop and recognized him, thus causing him to run from his girlfriend who chases him in her two seater motorcycle.

OMG! Xiao Chuan's very very handsome brother, Da Chuan~

The treasure box that everyone is after

An ancient version of a time machine?
Hiding in the dark somewhere, are those evil people you find in every drama, and they want that tiger crest. The chase leads everyone(girlfriend + evil people) to the excavation site where Xiao Chuan's father and brother work at. Unfortunately for the archaeologists, the evil people noticed the ancient bronze box and stole it leading to another chase. Xiao Chuan, who had successfully escape from his girlfriend meets the girlfriend's brother, Gao Yao, and another argument ensures before Xiao Chuan notices the robbers leaving with the stolen relic. He jumps into his jeep to give chase but the girlfriend's brother refuses to leave him alone and tags along on the top of his jeep. Xiao Chuan catches up with the robbers, beats the stuffing out of them, and grabs the relic. A familiar shape on the top of the bronze box catches his eye. He takes out the tiger crest and fits it into the top of the box. Suddenly, another white light flashes. Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao disappeared into the box. When they wake up, they find themselves transported 2000 years back to the Qin dynasty. And the story starts from there as well as the history of ancient China.


  1. The opening of the story was not like what you have written :D You have some of the sequence mixed up regarding Xiao Chuan..

  2. WHAT!!! REALLLYYY??? Which part? Which part? Which part is out of order?

  3. oh nvm, i see what you're talking about. the story actually starts off with xiao chuan driving his jeep through the steep canyon and finding the tiger crest. but the two things: the excavation and xiao chuan finding the tiger crest were happening at the same time~ so i guess doesn't matter? hahahahaa~

  4. Where do you watch this drama? I'm missing a lot ep >.>

  5. hahahha! where are YOU watching it at?

    You should be able to find the whole show at tudou