January 14, 2010

“My Lucky Star” Sequel to Film with Confirmed Lead Actress Sun Yu Chen

“My Lucky Star” Sequel to Film with Confirmed Lead Actress Sun Yu Chen?
Source: cqnews, Sina, Southcn
Translated by: Pauli @ CpopAccess
Credit: XiaoPauli@AF News

Note: The following translated news article has been reported by several major mainland Chinese news outlets, but has not been picked up or confirmed by the corresponding Taiwanese media. As it stands, the contents of this article is classified as an unconfirmed rumor.

Taiwanese hit idol drama My Lucky Star (MLS) created a huge sensation when it aired back in 2007, and the show would rise to number one in viewership during its rebroadcasts. Considered the ratings champion of the 2007 Taiwanese idol drama season, the sequel to the successful idol drama began shooting several days ago.

Following the huge success of MLS, the previous lead actress Yoo Hana was unable to participate in further Taiwanese drama activities due to her Korean management company’s lack of cooperation with SETTV, the original Taiwan broadcast station that helped launch Hana’s acting career. Therefore, the sequel will star newcomer actress Sun Yu Chen to take on the lead role of the rebellious Xia Zhi Xing. Yu Chen’s management company expressed that the actress is relaxed and confident on taking on the role once held by Hana, because Yu Chen has collaborated with many Taiwanese artists in the past, and has also shot quite a number of MVs as well.

Since Yu Chen is working in a Taiwanese culture and with Taiwanese artists, communications between the cast and crew of MLS and the lead actress is much faster (compared with Yoo Hana). Yu Chen’s only small worry was regarding the language, and expressed, “I can’t speak with a Taiwanese accent. I don’t talk whiny enough, so I’m not sure if it’s okay or not?” For this part, she was having some misgivings. But on the bright side, many of friends were willing to help her privately.

Talking about being able to play the main female role of Xia Zhi Xing in MLS, Yu Chen expressed that the people she should offer her greatest thanks to is Dong Ge (a famous variety show host that had a supporting role in MLS), as well as MLS’ leading actor idol Jimmy Lin. Yu Chen had a chance to meet Dong Ge a few years ago while recording for a program, and also became acquainted with Jimmy Lin after that, so Yu Chen is already quite familiar with both entertainers. The rookie actress believes that because of her personal relationship with them that they will especially have an amazing performance in the drama.

I hope this news stays as a rumor and nothing more than just a rumor because I certainly do not anticipate or look forward to a sequel to My Lucky Star without the original cast. I have faith in Sanlih, but I don't have faith in a sequel with Yoo Hana's Ah Xing. I simply can not imagine another girl playing Xia Zhi Xing, no matter how great of an actress she is, because Yoo Hana's Xia Zhi Xing is irreplacable. Her flaws and strengths, her goofiness off screen and on screen, and her out-of-this-world facial expressions are deeply imprinted. NO ONE SHALL GET RID OF YOO HANA'S AH XING! Even if the girl is Chen Qiao En or Ady An. I rather they film a different drama instead of a sequel.


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