January 15, 2010

Memerising Ady comes back to A listers with "Autumn Concerto"

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translated by little bee and minivicky @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ady, came to fame with "The Outsiders", 6 years later, she once again created a ratings miracle with a new Idol drama "Autumn Concerto" as her come back to Taiwan A listers. When she got interviewed by Ming Pao, she opened her heart and agreed to make a deep analysis of her views on Love, the confusion due to aging, and her hopes for the future.

Ady An as a"scaredy cat" when in love
"The men who want to woo me need to be pro-active"

Just a vacationning picture with Zhang Bu Jin, a former assistant to a legislator was enough to enroll Ady into a gossip storm ; "For me, that was only a vacation with some friends, if there really was more intimate actions, like holding hands, his hand on my waist, that would really be considered as being together, I only do those with the ones I'm intimate with, if there are no pictures of holding hands or other intimate things then the relationship is only good friends"

Ady's words were to clarify all the rumos and gossip she had in the past, and there was no more room for guessing, no matter if it was when she started acting in "The Ousiders" and got rumored with Dylan Kuo or the newest rumors with this former congress assistant, no holding hands or hugging or such intimate acts were witnessed, the very clear limits that she's putting between friends and boyfriends.

"Before, when there were rumors, I'd feel really bad, but now I thought over it, I think to complety cast them away is impossible, because I understand that that's how it is to be an artist, that's how the showbiz is now, showbusiness is there to entertain people." voicing out her helplessness as an artist.

Ady, who stresses that she's still single, has many rumors to make up for her empty love life, but the busy her also understands to have a romance is a very difficult thing, adding to that her insistance on prefering someone not in the showbusiness, her love life has understandably been empty for a very long time.

"I don't have too many particular views about relationships, when love comes, there's no way to stop it, so I don't have any restrictions. I'm looking forward for it to come, if you really need to talk about conditions, then it'd be better if the other one wass someone mature, like a male version of Ady An, and because of my work, I often need to fly here and there, so that's the reason I don't want to have a relationship with a fellow artist. "

From Ady's views on love, you an see that her future partner won't be from the showbiz, so the possibility of the rumors she had with fellow actors like Huang Xiao Ming, Hu Ge, Dylan Kuo, Vanness being true from what she said, are next to zero.

Cannot accept to be a third party,
Hopes for an intense wooing process

Ady appeared in "Autumn Concerto", with Vanness Wu and was acting for the first time as a single unmarried mother, when she got asked whether there a possibility that she gets into the same situation in the future, she openly said : "My family is very conservative ! It'll be unlikely for me to be pregnant out of wedlock, of course I like children ! But the only way for it to happen would be that unless I used all the ways to prevent it but it still happens."

Pregnancy before marriage is already Ady's limit, she will not be able o fall into a love triangle she even admitted to have mysophobia when in love so she cannot tolerate cheating or having a third party intrudinging into their relationship, having been betrayed by her first love, she requires absolute loyalty.

"When I was in high school, that was my first love, then my senior couldn't stand it anymore and took the initiative to tell me. That's why I don't like betrayal in love and I'd rather break up than having you say things different from what they are"

Even though Ady and this first love remained friends, he even asked for a reconciliation but Ady rejected him : "Even if I forgave him, the knot I have with this person will never be untied, so naturally, we won't get back together. At that time I gave him complete trust, now that trust is gone, and there's no way to go back."

Ady, as a Libra, has her own ideas about Love. She's also very rational, but is the passive one in a relationship, "I'm very passive , because I am the kind that once in love, will not be able to pull back my feelings, so the men who want chase me need to be pro-active to be able to enter my world, boldly breaking into my world is the only way to have a chance. " Only after being certain of how of the other party feels that she'll show some kindness. She is undoubtedly a scaredy cat, making one cannot help but wonder : "Do they need to be forceful to come into your heart ? " Ady just smiles without denying.

Didn't fall into the age confusion trap

Ady, who is about to turn 30 thinks that age is only a number, "Age is only a number, that would remind us that the time we need to get married, have children have come, but I don't want to force myself to anything, I'm not the kind who'd get rushed, I want to do things step by step"

Ady doesn't want to fall into the trap of women age, she thinks that a 30 years old woman is the time a little girl becomes a woman. Women around that age should spread self confidence, it's when they are perfectly mature just like her Idol Maggie Cheung, who is oozing beauty and self confidence with every movement.

"A renowned Hong Kong stylist once told me '27 to 35 is the stage where women are the most beautiful and self confident, before that, they are little girls and not real women, their attitude about people, events and things stop at the school period, only after 27 they will have selfconfidence, even if many men chase you, you will still take care of yourself.'"

"At that time I didn't really understand what it meant, now I do, why are women afraid of turning 30 ? If you keep a young heart, what difference does it have ? I want to turn into a self confident woman just like Maggie Cheung, believing that a 30 years old woman can become more beautiful, but I still hope that my heart can stop at when I was 25 forever."

What Ady says does make sense, she, who had been working in the Mainland market for 4 years, still kept her freshness, but gained some maturity and feminity, "Actually a enriching myself is the way to gain self confidence, society is the best classroom ; you can learn many things, but I also love the chat with seniors, because they have 30 40 years of experiences, and we can learn a lot from that."

Awesome Ady!

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