January 18, 2010

Japan to Air Autumn's Concerto Next Month

Source: UDN News
Translations by xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

F4's Jerry Yan and Ken Chu's old drama Spicy Teacher is currently broadcasting in Japan DATV with its named changed to "青春學園". Van Ness Wu's "Autumn's Concerto" is also not losing out. DATV is rushing to have it broadcast next month on the 27th with the name of this romantic drama changed to "秋天協奏曲".

F4 had became extremely popular in Japan because of Meteor Garden. The four handsome guys have become the favorites of Japanese housewives. As long as the name F4 is included, it will be very hot selling in the Japanese market. It is said that Jerry is the favorite of Japanese housewives with Vic Zhou in second place. In this new year, Van Ness is grabbing the spotlight with Autumn's Concerto.

Sweeeetttt!!! Awww, why do they have to change the chinese title from Next Stop, Happiness to Autumn's Concerto? Now they can't play "The Next Stop" Game...

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