January 07, 2010

Is there an "Idol King War" between Jerry Yan and Show Luo?

Source: UDN
Credit : alee @ CpopAccess.com

Idol star from hits "Meteor Garden" and "White Hospital" Jerry Yan and Ella Chen from hit girl group S.H.E. are busy promoting GTV’s upcoming idol drama “Down With Love”. Jerry Yan’s role will be a real departure from the tough guy image Yan holds from his previous dramas. They plan to be guests on various popular variety shows such as “Kangxi is Coming” and “Variety Big Brother”. But one show Jerry will not be visiting is “100% Entertainment”, hosted by Show Luo, who happens to be his fellow idol drama competitor on the current hit “Hi, My Sweetheart.” This evasion has led to rumors of an “Idol King Battle” between the two stars.

GTV (also the channel that broadcasts 100% Entertainment) denies the rumors, claiming there is no truth to the two idol kings having hostility towards each other. They say that the day they were supposed to record “100% Entertainment”, “Ella had to go to Malaysia to promote her concert, and having Jerry on the show by himself would be meaningless. It has nothing to do with Show Luo.”

However, GTV is going to Japan January 10th to promote their summer 2009 drama “Hot Shot”, but only two of the male leads, Wu Chun (from boy group Fahrenheit) and Show Luo will attend. Jerry Yan will not be present, fueling rumors that Jerry and Show refuse to be on the same stage as each other. GTV had an explanation for this as well as they claimed that Jerry has prior obligations on the 10th and once again has nothing to do with the “Idol King war”.

Although Jerry Yan only attended the premiere of “Hot Shot” for 15 minutes, he has cleared out his schedule on the 20th to attend the Asia Premiere of “Down With Love”, then rush to record “Kangxi Coming” and “Variety Big Brother”. Jerry’s agent Fenny joked, “Jerry and Ella have really good chemistry and can show that by appearing on more shows together. Also he really wants to meet Chang Fei (famous musician and host of Variety Big Brother), so we will try our best to comply with his schedule. “

So what do you think guys? Are Jerry and Show secretly battling it out or does Jerry just happens to be busy at the wrong times? This would not be the first time Show has had controversy with other artists as last year around this time there was the issue of exaggerated album sales between him and Wang Leehom. However, that was more of an issue with his company's policies and not Show himself.

Hmmm, perhaps Jerry isn't fated to be with Show for now. Their next stop happiness is not each other. Maybe when their schedule allows, their paths may cross and they will be on the same stage.

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