January 10, 2010

If she knew, she would have stayed...

Guang Xi: Actually this scar on my belly didn't come from the ice rink, it was a gift from your stepfather! Did you know I nearly died that day!!!
Mu Cheng: Guang Xi, I didn't know-
Guang Xi: If you knew, would you have stayed?!

If she knew, she definitely would have stayed...because clearly, she did not want to leave.

I've been thinking about that question ever since that episode ended. I rewatched the episode where Mu Cheng left him. And the conclusion that I came to was that she would have stayed BUT she can't stay BECAUSE there is no way Fang De Rong would let her stay. And this time, Guang Xi will not be by her side, supporting her decision to stay...because he has lost his memories. And his mom will definitely use this point to kick Mu Cheng out of Guang Xi's life.

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