January 16, 2010

Fated to Love You's 10 Minute Bed Scene Was Cut Out on Hunan TV

Source: Chinatimes
Translations by xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Idol drama "Fated to Love You" started broadcasting on Hunan TV's Mango Channel on the 16th. The name of the drama is changed to 《愛上琉璃苣女孩》. Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan's steamy ten minute bed scene was completely cut out. Hunan TV said although the scene was cut it, the plot is still "reasonable" and can still be understood. Qiao En's manager Chen Ru Li worried that the audience will not be able to understand. Yesterday he had no choice but to say, "It's acceptable."

Fated to Love You has been very successful the past two years. Although Hunan TV cannot keep their bed scene, they allowed the two to keep their "Taiwanese Mandarin". However, mainland netizens cannot stop complaining about the cut bed scene. Lately, Qiao En has been busy filming Hunan TV's 《藍色佳期》. Because of this drama, she was said to be giving up her "Big Sister" throne to Rainie Yang. When she filmed Easy Fortunate Happy Life with Roy Chiu, they were said to be very close. The two are cooperating again on 《佳期》, revealing their relationship to be even more ambiguous. When he caught a cold, she bought medicine and cooked porridge for him.

When Qiao En accepted an interview, she refered to him as her "buddy" (哥兒們). However, she also revealed that their kiss scene in the drama left her with the deepest impression, "He's a very shy guy. When filming intense kiss scenes, it seems as if I'm more urgent than him. After many NGs, I told him 'Hurry up and hold me. Don't worry about hurting me. Just kiss me."

OMG! They cut the bed scene! That was the best part of the show! Just kiddingggggg~of course! Hahahaha! It is however one of the more creative scenes. Kudos to the director for the scenes of rising rockets, train entering tunnel! Soo funny! Bed scenes are not suppose to be funny but this director made it sooo hilariousss! Anyhoos, why did f*** (excuse my language but I'm not happy) did they have to change the title! The title is like a part of the show! They refer to the drama title numerous times in the drama! That's going to render useless now that they decided to change the title...geez! Imagine if someone changed Next Stop, Happiness title to Marching onto Happiness, I would knock that person out! And when that person wakes up, there'll be a bunch more people waiting to knock 'em out! Because the title is incorporated into the showww!


  1. ok...who was the person who thought up such a dumb idea?!
    it might have made a bit more sense if they changed it to 愛上sticky-note女孩, it make more sense....cuz at least the sticky note girl theme is a theme that recurs from the beginning of the drama all the way up till the end.
    but, 琉璃苣?! have they even seen the drama? this doesnt appear until way late towards the end, right? after everything that happened in taiwan, after moving to shanghai, after having a new successful career......
    so basically what it boils down to...is that the title is going to be meaningless (and probably confusing) to the viewers for the first 15 episodes...
    lol -____-"

  2. by the way, that's me, "s" up there...forgot to put in my name =p

  3. yea...the whole theme of fated to be is weakened after they change the title. what a shame.