January 05, 2010

Everyone is Crazy for Autumn's Concerto

Source: Chinatimes
Translations: xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Sunday idol drama craze is here again! TTV and SETTV drama "Autumn's Concerto" received it's highest rating ever on the 3rd. The rating reached 7.76, defeating My Queen's 7.35 record. Male lead Vanness Wu, who gained popularity from F4, is now as popular as ever. He is even able to threaten Ethan Ruan for the idol king position. As with Show Luo and Rainie Yang's drama, Hi My Sweetheart, the ratings are not bad either with a 4.12 rating.

Vanness, who is vacationing in the United States, can only view clips of the drama through the internet. Netizens' praises of his acting and friends' Facebook messages leave him very happy. In the drama, he finally regains his memory and is full of hatred.

Last week Show Luo wore thin clothes to his autograph session and ended up catching a cold with a fever of 39 degrees C. He was afraid that his coughing would affect his voice so he got up early in the morning to go to the hospital to receive special and nutritional shots. He said wearing thick clothes at his autograph session would affect the speed of the autograph signing. He is afraid it will be too long of a wait for fans and will delay them from going home on time, so he can only take a chance with his health.

Wooo! Congrats to Van Ness and Ady and the entire Autumn's Concerto team!!! You guys got us all crazzyyy! Hahahahaa~ Now that AC has beaten MQ, it's time to...go against the ultimate FTLY! GO ACCCC!

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