January 15, 2010

Devotes time to baby girl; Frankie Lam rejects work proposals

Source: mingpao
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[MingPao reports]
Kenix Kwok recently gave birth to a baby girl on January 14th, with mother and daughter both in stable condition. The baby girl is very cute, weighing in at 7.48lbs, and is likened to Kenix. Frankie Lam announced the good news to media personally yesterday, and the new father could hardly conceal his pride and excitement. He expressed that his wife, daughter and himself are now a "three in one" unit, and in his heart, no one can replace their spots.

Frankie held a press conference at Canossa Hospital in Hong Kong yesterday, saying, "We are still deciding on our baby's name, the physiognomist offered many names for us to choose from. I never knew choosing a great name was so hard!"

Hasn't decided on baby's name, wife recovers quickly

Frankie revealed that his wife's health is in good condition, and the doctor praised his wife's speedy recovery. How are you going to award your wife? "I already awarded her once before she gave birth, but of course now I will satisfy her every desire. Now we are a "three in one" unit, it's definitely the biggest and best present I have received since my own birth!"

Did you have tears of joy the moment your daughter was born? "When my wife was pregnant, I already read numerous books about the moment of birth, so I was very prepared in terms of welcoming the new child. When my wife went into labour, she told me that having been pregnant for so long, the baby felt like a part of her, and was a bit reluctant to let her out. That was a pretty defining moment. I entered the birthing room with her, witnessed the moment of birth, and it was very inspiring, very miraculous. It made me feel like nothing was more important than this child's birth, no one can replace their spots."

Wishes for a son as well

Frankie has already cancelled all upcoming work proposals for the next two months, devoting his time entirely to taking care of his wife. "We are new hands at this, we need to get used to learning how to take care of babies, so I need to spent more time next to them. I will definitely not accept drama series, maybe one to two day work assignments at most. If I have to leave my wife and child alone for too long, I will definitely not accept it!" He further expressed that his wants to give a little brother to his daughter, but that will all depend on Kenix's health. He and his wife both agree that one more child would be perfect.

Oh My! Congratssss to themmm and their baby girlll!!! Also congrats to them for reaching their next stop called happiness!!!

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