January 02, 2010

The Truth Exposed Preview

GX: You must be surprised to see me still alive. And this scar on my belly, it wasn't from hockey. It was a gift from your stepfather. Did you know that day I nearly died!

MC: Guang Xi, I didn't know-

GX: If you knew, would you have stayed! What did you tell me? You said that we'll face this together, wanted me to believe in you! The result?

GX: At the hospital, you knew Xiao Le was my son that's why you stopped me from giving him blood, right? You KNEW he was my son but you let him call me Uncle Guang Xi. You even bear to watch us be separated time after time! YOU EVEN LET ME TELL HIM THAT I WASN'T HIS FATHER!

MC: .....cannot hear what she is saying

GX: Of course it matters! I'M HIS FATHERRRRR!!!

oh my gosh! Van Ness/GX exploded! That was a very emotional face off. One box of tissue down already and it was just a preview. Must rush out and restock tissues for tomorrow's episode.


  1. Yay Thanks! I love your posts! They always keep me updated! I check your blog almost everyday for more news about Autumn's Concerto(Best Drama Ever!) Please keep up the good work. cant wait for episode 14!

  2. Thanks anonymous!!!

    I will try my best to keep this blog updated~ wooo!