January 21, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 Synopsis

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
Add'l Credit: Verona @ AF

A new start, to everyone...

Using XL as an excuse and the sake of 'revenge', GX marry MC and lead a fake marriage life...

From having full of misunderstanding between them , things seems to change when GX had a career crisis due to a sex scandal case he used to handle for a client

Just like 6yrs ago, when GX stood up for MC...this time round, MC uses her method to stand up for GX. Witnessing what MC had done for him, GX had to face himself honestly...regardless who what he had done in the past or his true and unhideable feelings towards MC.

That accidental stabbed suffered by MC, GX could not ignore the sincere feelings MC had for him...so the both of them had a change in their current relationship and feelings...it seems whatever happened 6yrs ago, everything looked like changed but in fact nothing had really changed at all.

At the same time, GX's mum and XL relationship also had a changed...a kid who suddenly enter her life had surprises install for her...just how will that change their communication and the cold attitude of GX's mum?

On the other hand, who would expect Hua Zhi Cin to ended up like this.TY accidentally discover her whereabouts and she is being controlled by a gangster leader.

Will she get rescued? or there are more unexpected twist of changes coming up?

Humans are not able to decide their fate but they can somehow decide how to face it.

This stop is about their decision, will it caused them to be closer?

Is the next stop...happiness?

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