January 18, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 New Preview

WAHHHHH!!! This is sooo sweeetttt! Cheng Xi to the finish lineee!!! Looks like Mu Cheng's injury is not too serious *whew* This injury is going to bring the two of them closer and closer togetherrr! WOOOOOOOO! Hahahahaaa! OMG~ next episode is sooo heart warminggg!!! Let's all time travel to next Sunday!!! VROOOM VROOM!! COME ON, EVERYONE, HOP ONTO MY TIME MACHINE BU BU! WE'RE GOING IN FOR A RIDEEE!

Mu Cheng: A lot of things are like 6 years now, they've have not changed.

Mu Cheng: This clothing...can't take it down....

Guang Xi: Use my hand to take your clothes off...helping a girl take off her clothes and can't do anything...I don't know how long I can last...


  1. yes, i agree! so sweet! i really can't wait for the next episode, just when i thought i could settle down a little bit from sunday's preview, this amazing preview comes up and the hype is up again!! so exciting, really want to watch next episode!! GX looks really good/cute in this scene... i wonder what'll GX will be like if MC's injury was more severe... hmm... i really can't wait when they are truly back together :)

  2. Can you sub this preview...pretty PLEASE!?

  3. pretty please with cherry on top?

    hahahahaa~ ok la! done~