January 18, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 16 Thoughts

Wow! Wow! Wow! Really going crazy for this drama! Not only are the people filming this drama, completely immersed in this drama, so are the people watching it.

Tuo Ye sadly walks around from Mu Cheng, increasing the distance between them.
First, it was Tuo Ye's friendship breakup with Mu Cheng. During this scene, I thought I heard something shattering; it turned out to be Tuo Ye's heart. Mu Cheng's "You'll always be my greatest friend" marks the official end of Tuo Ye X Mu Cheng.

One kind girl, one winning bottle cap, one genuine smile, and that was how his heart was stolen.
I really feel sorry for him. He knew Mu Cheng before Guang Xi, he liked Mu Cheng before Guang Xi, he proposed to Mu Cheng before Guang Xi. But in the end, Mu Cheng still chose Guang Xi. And even though I feel sorry for Tuo Ye, I'm happy Mu Cheng chose Guang Xi. (ChengXi to the enddd!!!) Tuo Ye, it's time to move on, there's someone out there waiting for you, her name is Hua Zhi Xin.

Nice looking Palm Trees~
After friendship breakup, it's time for Mu Cheng to move into her new home which happens to have PALM TREES!!! Did anyone else notice the palm trees outside the house!?!?!? Must have been imported from Florida~! Hahahaha~ Wow~ the house is nice! The windows are all full length size. They must use a lot of Windex (a glass cleaning solution)~

Xiao Le gets to sleep with his favorite Spongebob!
Xiao Le's room is sooo nicely decorated with his favorite Spongebob and alien figures and Da Lai Planet! Gosh~ his bed is so huge! Guang Xi sure knows his son well, very well! I hope Xiao Le doesn't get spoiled by all these toys! Sharing is caring~ (Xiao Le and Tang Tang~director should consider a Le-Tang love story and call it Spring Concerto~hahaha!)

A genuine smile from deep inside.
It's been ages since I last saw Guang Xi smiling from his heart. But tonight, he came home, saw the beef over rice that Mu Cheng made and smiled. Score one! He goes up to Xiao Le's room and sees his WIFE putting Xiao Le to bed and smiles again. Score Two! Too bad it stops there, because as soon as Mu Cheng sees him, he turns back to being the cold husband. The more he hurts Mu Cheng now, the more he will regret later.

Guang Xi is going wet and wild.

6 years ago, her tears moved him; 6 years later, her tears rescue him. Her tears stopped him from doing something that he would deeply regret later. Unfortunately, her tears doesn't stop the misunderstandings from piling up. Mu Cheng's "Tuo Ye, he would never treat me like this" leaves Guang Xi speechless. She kinda bought that in at the wrong time but it's not entirely her fault, Guang Xi bought Tuo Ye into their discussion first.

Mu Cheng is lucky to have Guang Xi. Unfortunately, there is someone out there who is not so lucky. Hua Zhi Xin got captured by the baddie Fang Ge and forced into prostitution. Fang Ge has a grudge against Hua Tuo Ye since the latter poured acid into his left eye causing him to be blind in one eye. And Fang Ge knows Hua Zhi Xin is close to Hua Tuo Ye and takes out his revenge on Zhi Xin... There was a scene in the preview where Tuo Ye hears Zhi Xin's cries and chases after but that was not shown...maybe next episode? Hopefully, Zhi Xin doesn't get raped by that one eye creep! TUO YE, SAVE HERRR! Tuo Ye is always the hero of this show.

Everything is falling apart.
As the sun comes out the next day, all hell breaks loose. The girl whom Guang Xi won a court case against attempted suicide and left behind a letter accusing Guang Xi of distorting the truth. This situation exploded when the newspaper picked up this story. Phone calls started coming in with every possible bad news. A candidate running for office calls to un-appoint Guang Xi as his lawyer. A university calls to cancel his public speech appearance. The person who got him into all this trouble also calls and warns him to destroy the evidence (on a CD) otherwise his lawyer career will be over. Guang Xi's public image is in the gutter now. Poor guy~ his marriage in a deep hole and now his career is in the gutter.

My favorite family of three~
While Guang Xi is getting his butt kicked in his adult world, Xiao Le is getting bullied by a classmate at the playground. The classmate pushed Xiao Le off the sliding ramp!!! Luckily, Xiao Le is fine. Really wish Tang Tang was here, she would have called off that classmate. And gosh, who tells their kids that it's okay to push other people if that person's parents did something bad. That mom needs to go take some manners class. She doesn't even tell her kid to say sorry! Maybe she needs a set of Liang Jia Rules~ Mu Cheng is the best! She taught Xiao Le well~ Xiao Le!!!

Woo~ finished at last! This episode was pretty good~ I like it! There's a lot of internal struggle going on, a very deep drama indeed. Awesomeee! AHHHHH~ GRRRRR~ Now the wait begins all over again...*sigh* only you, Autumn's Concerto~ only for you am I willing to wait so long!


  1. yes, I love the genuine smile from GX. But I really don't know when or if he will ever know that his mother was the one who kicked MC out from his life six years ago. Driving me crazy that he doesn't know...

  2. 1. You're so dramatic -.- you call a one week wait long xD hahaha
    2. Did you really have to define "windex"? lolol
    3. Awesome post! :)

  3. 1. Hahaha~ it is long~ one week, 7 days man!
    2. Probably not, but I've been taught to never ASS U ME.
    3. Thankssss! ^_^