January 15, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 16 Synposis

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
Add'l Credit: Verona @ AF AC Thread

As long as you act along with me in front of Xiao Le like a pair loving parents, marry me…

To save TuoYe and to be able to stay at Xiao Le’s side, MuCheng accepted to these conditions to marry GuangXi. This decision, however, made her hurt the soul of both men. GuangXi felt that MuCheng marry him is because of TuoYe. A confident TuoYe who believed that he had the ability to protect MuCheng and XiaoLe, after seeing her wedding ring, felt MuCheng rejected him once again.

Everyone wanted to wish others well but using all the wrong methods, causing more problems…

As MuCheng brought XiaoLe along to move to GuangXi’s house, she do not have the joy of a bride and even have to face GuangXi’s dangerous smile, coldness from GuangXi’s mum, every move she make, is so full of unforeseen danger. In GuangXi’s room, she stared at his ice hockey attire from 6 years ago, she can’t help to felt just how time passed but everything had changed beyond recognition. Although the old GuangXi from 6 years ago had ‘return’ but he is now full injury in his soul and no matter how apologic is MuCheng to GuangXi, nothing can ‘heal’ him. As more and more misunderstandings are deepen, how is MuCheng going to let GuangXi just how she really felt about him?

Facing MuCheng’s tender loving care and concern, all GuangXi felt is disgust. In their wedding night, GuangXi is missing MuCheng so much and it finally triggered him…seems it had drowned his hatred for her, right now, he only wanted to make sure that MuCheng will not get out of his sight again. This night, will they be able to resolve all their misunderstandings and knew exactly how they really felt about each other?

Just as Happiness is reaching its final stop, more things are happening one by one, TuoYe’s buddy at the village brought him to have fun in the city to cheer him up, but accidentally discovered the presence of Zhi Xin.

At the same time, the case of a suicide girl, had expose something bad that GuangXi had did relating to a courtcase, GuangXi is troubled and this issue had also effect Xiao Le in his new school…

Will MuCheng be able to help GuangXi to get out of this mess and waking the justice in him that had been ‘sleeping’ for 6 years? Will the fallen out-of-love Tuoye be able to get back up and face the danger that Zhi Xin is in ?

I hope Tuo Ye can move on and forget Mu Cheng.
I hope Zhi Xin finds her happiness.
I hope Mu Cheng can rescue Guang Xi.
I hope Guang Xi faces himself and Mu Cheng.
I hope Xiao Le will have a truly happy family and not a fake one.
Last, I hope they will all travel together to the next station and enjoy happiness.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am also crazy over selected good dramas. I like this story. Am amazed that Van Ness can act that well. Thumbs up. counting down for tonight's hotcake! Cheers.

  2. Cheers. Tonight's hotcakes is delicious! ^_^ Next week's hotcakes will make us drool for more~ hahahaha!