January 05, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 15 Preview

Tuo Ye: Why do you always care about his feelings? What about me? What do my feelings count as?

Mu Cheng: This is a problem between me and him, I should solve this myself.

Tuo Ye: You're wrong. This is our problem.

Guang Xi: The one who plants flowers. I'll gave you guys a chance but you guys didn't take it, so let's play something else.

Police: We suspect that you have illegal substances. This is the search warrant. Please cooperate with us.

Tuo Ye: You framed me!

Guang Xi: The evidence is all here, it'll be no use for me to frame you.

Mu Cheng: Auntie Hua, I'm really sorry. I didn't know the situation will turn out like this.

Auntie Hua: Mu Cheng, this is good in a way.

Guang Xi: From now on, Xiao Le has to live with Daddy and never be separated, ok?

Yi Qian: It must not be that since you remember everything, you forgot about me. I hope you treat yourself better, in particular regarding you and Liang Mu Cheng. You guys need to face each other.

Guang Xi: I will have lots of opportunity in the future. I will get married tomorrow.

Fang Dong: Want to be my grandson, wait till you teach him some rules!

Wow. A lot of things are going in next week's episode. From the looks of it, Guang Xi must have wanted Xiao Le but Mu Cheng had Tuo Ye drive Xiao Le and her back to Hua Tian Village. Guang Xi comes and probably gets inflamed when he sees Tuo Ye puts his hands on Mu Cheng's hands. Thus, Guang Xi probably called the police and somehow they found some illegal substance in Tuo Ye's house and Tuo Ye is carted away. In the next scene, it seems like Mu Cheng was chasing after Guang Xi who gets into her house first and locks the door. Kinda creepy if you ask me but I'm sure Guang Xi won't do anything to harm Xiao Le. Mu Cheng helplessly watches from outside. The next scene is where Xiao Le runs into Mu Cheng's arms. I suspect that Guang Xi used Tuo Ye and Xiao Le to force Mu Cheng to marry him. (Forced marriages are so fun to watch, in dramas that is)


  1. hahaha...only in dramas though! thats so true...forced marriages are not so cool in real life =p
    but since guang xi and mu cheng are super super fated to be together, it's all cool!! episode 15....where are thou?!?!? hurry up and come out! >_<