January 16, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 9

OMG! Ady got hurt AGAIN! Van Ness accidently slammed the doors too fast and too hard and clamped her hand. OUCH! Van Ness IMMEDIATELY grabs her hand and Xiao Le hu hu(blows) her hand. Such a warm family offscreen too!!! Van Ness even says, "Wo hen ai ta. I love her. She's such a wonderful person, you know. I'm so sorry this happened." HAHAHAHAA~ KEEP YOUR EYES ON ADY'S FACIAL EXPRESSION~ SO FUNNY! Ady replies, "He has this notebook where he tells every female costar this" HAHAHAHAA! "Only you~ An Yi Xuan", Van Ness smiles and Ady sighs!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! High five to the camera guy who says, "Give her a kiss~"! Later on, it's Xiao Le who gets hurt, emotionally that is, because he keeps NGing and feels soo bad he tries not to cryy~ awwwww~ luckily, ady and van ness are there to comfort him. I have to say, I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

Van Ness really bought his character to life in this scene! He displayed the ups and downs of his character's emotions very very well. I especially like the part where he screams, "WO SHI TA DE BA BA!" After that intense crying scene, Van Ness turned back into himself and started joking around again causing Ady to exclaim, "One minute ago, you were crying, the next minute you're joking around and then you have to go back to crying. Actors are crazy~" HAHAHAHAAAA! The last part of this NG clip is FAILLL! Van Ness failed to open the car doorrr!!! HAHAHAHAAAA! OMG! So much laughing! I love BTS/NG clips!

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