January 25, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 11

HAHAHAA! Pi Dan lift Xiao Le up so easily and swung him around! Two good buddies! Awww, Xiao Le was too happy, he couldn't cry...so they called his Dad in and his Dad told him he was going to leave. That's so mean! Xiao Le is just a kid, why make him go through this torment just so he could cry and finish up acting this scene! This is wrong! I rather see Xiao Le with fake tears than have him go through this torment! XL's DAD, you have an "X" on your head! And stop overworking your kid!


Camera: Looking at you but thinking of another woman
Ady: Chris Wu! You were looking at me now but thinking of Hua Zhi Xin?
Chris: That's not what I meant~
Ady: One thinking of He Yi Qian, one thinking of Hua Zhi Xin, Director, I need to leave!

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