January 23, 2010

"Autumn Concerto" fans want Vaness to marry Ady An

Source : HuNantv.com
Translated by little bee @ http://asianfanatics.net

Idol Drama "Autumn Concerto" has been rating king for 16 weeks straight and rised many netizens discussions, in the drama, Vaness and Ady also profited from this and had their popularity rise tremendously, getting into Taiwanese media "Entertainment famous people books", they won with a great margin a most encouraged "On screen couple" and many netizens even teased them : "Vanness, Ady wants you to marry her !"

Vaness and Ady pairing is fresh and at first when Idol drama "Autumn concerto" started airing, not many people were expectant of this, but with the story going on the "Ren husband and wife" slowly entered everyone's heart, waiting every week in front of the TV to see how their relationship would develop became a real habit for taiwnaese audience.

"Autumn Concerto" behind the scenes also became a hot topic for netizens, watching Vanness and Ady joking together and teasing each other brighten up their world.

From the first day it aired un til today, Vaness and Ady didn't go to any entertainment show to promote, the audience expectations couldn't be expressed so they could only do their best to vote for them when "娱乐红人大典" started a poll about the "Favourite onscreen couple" to express themselves. and using trendy words used on forums to tease the 2 : "Vanness, Ady wants you to marry her !"

After finishing filming "Autumn Concerto" , Vanness got busy with his first Japanese album and Ady had to fly to mainland to film her new drama 古今大战秦俑情"Terracotta Warrior" so people who want to see them on the same stage again will have to wait for next month 27th when "Autumn Concerto" to start promoting for its airing in Japan. 

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  1. i think they will make a perfect couple!

  2. i think they will make a perfect couple!

  3. i hope there will be a project that two of them are the main...