January 31, 2010

Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love go head to head

Van Ness Wu and Jerry Yan play abnormally hot lawyers on their shows

Source: UDN, Chinatimes
Written By PA @

Jerry Yan’s new drama is set to make its entry in the highly competitive Sunday night idol drama battle. Down With Love will be going up against Autumn’s Concerto, which has been in the number one spot for 17 weeks in a row, as well as a 45 minutes finale of Hi! My Sweetheart. A behind the scenes special of Down With Love was aired last week after an approval delay. Compared to the rating of 7.64% for Autumn’s Concerto and 5.14% for Hi! My Sweetheart, the special brought in a decent rating of 0.98% considering the Momo Love finale was only at 0.69%. All eyes will be on Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu as the former F4’s battle for the top spot in the ratings. Coincidentally, both stars will be going to Japan for promotions after the Chinese New Year.

In the midst of all this competition, one man/boy will be the ultimate winner regardless of which drama comes out on top. Child star Xiao Xiao Bin has been charming audiences with his acting in Autumn’s Concerto over the past few months. He had even outdone Van Ness Wu when it comes to baring it all on TV. Xiao Xiao Bin will also be seen on Down With Love playing Jerry Yan’s adopted son. The drama will showcase a younger Bin as it was filmed prior to Autumn’s Concerto last year. With a combined rating of 8.62% from both dramas last week, no F4 will even come close to challenging Xiao Xiao Bin for The King of Sunday night TV.

Ahh~ this is one big and dangerous battle for Autumn's Concerto because Mr. Jerry Yan has a lot of star power. I don't know about you but I'm rooting for Autumn's Concerto all the wayyyy~~~~ Autumn's Concerto JIA YOU! ChengXiLe GOOOO!

January 30, 2010

Autumn's Concerto 18 NEWEST Preview



Guang Xi: There's really nothing between Zhang Ai Li and I.

Mu Cheng: You don't have to explain to me...

Guang Xi: I MUST explain to you...because you are MRS. REN

Guang Xi: Perhaps I need to use more courage to believe in you...perhaps we could even

Guang Xi: Tonight I hope we could find ourselves from six years ago...the we that wholeheartedly exists for each other..

<- That's me...

January 28, 2010

Next Stop, School

School oh school~ how i miss you! NOT! OK, maybe a little. I officially start school today, after a month long winter break! It was a very nice long break because I have Autumn's Concerto accompanying me every Sunday. Hahahaha! I have been deeply poisoned by this drama.

Before watching this drama, I HATED carrots just like Xiao Le and Guang Xi. However, the other night, I saw some carrot dices and had a suddenly urge to put one in my mouth and I did. I ATE carrotsss! It must be the power of Mu Cheng's infamous dish! I now declare I am Carrot-Hate Free~

Hehehee~ this post was suppose to be about going back to school but ended up being about AC! Haha~ Anyhows, I did see something from AC that has driven up my determination to be a very studious student! It's that scene in episode 17 where Mu Cheng goes into the study room to recollect the memories of a Guang Xi that she once lost. Seeing him copying the laws over and over again, using an MP3 player to memorize information...makes me want to work even harder than before! YAYAYAAYAYYY! Thank you, Guang Xi!

Going back to school now with AC backing me up! Let's march forward! Spring 2010! Next stop, Schooool~

January 26, 2010

Ady An wants a pet lion, has a bird poop into her hand

Source: UDN
Credit : alee @ CpopAccess.com

Idol drama "Autumn’s Concerto" has been number one in the ratings for the past 16 weeks and has generated a lot of hot press. Not only have they been parodied in real estate commercials, even popular phrases from the drama such as “MISHU MISHU” and “Planet Dara” have become schoolchildren chants. And in polls, onscreen couple Van Ness Wu and Ady An consistently win Best Idol Drama Couple by a landslide.

A few days ago Van Ness and Ady filmed a marriage proposal scene. It took place at Wan Ping Park, a popular spot for young couples in Taipei to get engaged. For the scene, Ady had to hold a baby bird in her palm, and during filming, the bird couldn’t help but “relieve” himself in Ady’s hand. She laughed and said, “What a coincidence! I need to go buy a lottery ticket!” (It is a superstition that bird feces bring good luck and fortune) Looks like for for Ady, a bird in the hand is worth "poo" in the bush...bad joke, I know.

In the drama, birds are an important aspect to Guang Xi and Mu Chen’s relationship. However, in reality both Van Ness and Ady are dog lovers. Ady An has kept pets ever since she was a little girl, including stray dogs, but her dream is to raise a lion or panda. However, it doesn’t look like this dream will be achieved anytime soon.

"...her dream is to raise a lion or panda" HAHAHAAAAAA! You're so funny, Ady!!! Dog lovers~ hmm...Van Ness + Ady + Xiao Le + dog = Next Stop, Double Happiness!

Ady An Heartbroken Over Overworked Xiao Xiao Bin

Source: Nownews
Translations: xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Xiao Xiao Bin's schedule has been packed lately. Yesterday he accidentally yawned in front of the camera, showing sign of his tiredness. Many are wondering if this child star is being overworked. In Autumn's Concerto, Ady An plays Xiao Xiao Bin's mother. When she found out about this, she also felt the pain. She said, "How can a father not love his children. Please don't give them too much pressure."

In fact, Xiao Xiao Bin's stardom happened because of Any's behind the scene helping hands. The child star was actually going to be someone else, but Ady felt that this is a very important role and needed to be handled by a very flexible child. She realized that Xiao Xiao Bin's performance in Down With Love was excellent and claimed Xiao Xiao Bin to act as her son in Autumn's Concerto. Unexpectedly, that was Xiao Xiao Bin's road to stardom. Ady explained, "Ah, if I knew this would happen earlier, I wouldn't have signed him.

In last week's episode, Ady had to help Xiao Xiao Bin shower and put on clothes. The sharp-eyed netizens noticed that Xiao Xiao Bin's underwear was inside out. To this, Ady revealed a secret, "Xiao Xiao Bin was not willing to let me see him naked. He kept crying so I pulled him aside and said 'if you don't do this, Mu Cheng will be very embarassed'. Then I promised that I won't peep at him changing clothes so that's why he put on the underwear himself!"

Ady tans very easily and due to the many outside filming for the drama, she became very tan. When compared to the "white" Vanness Wu, there seems to be a very big color difference. She said, "When I touch Vanness' face with my hands, I'm also shocked at whose hand it is. I even asked the director if we can exchange for a whiter hand."

Awww, Ady is so considerate and caring! Poor Xiao Le~ I hope the media don't stalk you like crazy. He's a great child actor but he also needs to have his childhood. Maybe...he should take a break, and go back to school, and maybe guest star in a few dramas to keep that acting fire going~

January 25, 2010

Photo of the Week 2


Ever since they got married, this is the first time she referred to Guang Xi as 老公~


Autumn's Concerto 18 NEW Preview

Zhang Ai Li: I am your client this time. These six years, you've become more attractive...let's go to your room and have a talk...

Mu Cheng: When you go to "our room", would you like me to prepare the same wine?

Guang Xi: Are you jealous?


I'm so happy to see Zhang Ai Li back in this show! She makes this show so good by giving us all these heart melting Guang Xi X Mu Cheng scenes! I loved her idea of kidnapping Mu Cheng and hiding her at the hockey rink which gave that infamous scene of Guang Xi protecting Mu Cheng from flying pucks! And now here she is back again with more tricks up her sleeves. From the previews, her presence seems to have a positive effect on Mu Cheng, bringing back the aggressiveness in Mu Cheng!

Autumn's Concerto 18 Preview

This preview makes up for not seeing Guang Xi helping an injured Mu Cheng take off her shirt in this week's episode!

Hua Ah Yee: 1 billion dollars! I want my daughter back.

Hua Tuo Ye: Today, no matter what happens, I'll fix this problem with Fang Ge.

Mu Cheng: Can't take this shirt off, it'll hurt my injury.

Guang Xi: Take my hand and use it to help you take it off. *peek*

Gary: Seeing you in this condition, you are like a little boy experiencing love for the first time.

Guang Xi: Impossible! Back then at Sheng De College, I killed with my looks!

Gary: How about this, boss. You guys should return to two people world and re experience the most innocent love.

Guang Xi: There are things that a man cannot complete because he's waiting for a woman to help him finish it. Maybe all these years the reason I haven't learn to tie a tie is because I'm waiting for someone.

Grandma: Did you finish your homework?

Xiao Le: Teacher said that I have one more homework. Need to invite everyone to ecology trip.

Grandma: I'll bring you.

Xiao Le: Yay! Fairy Grandma is awesome!

Zhang Ai Li: These six years you've become more attractive...go to your room and have a good long talk...

Mu Cheng: You two have been talking for so long, should be thirsty right? Would you like a drink? Hubby, leave these small tasks to your wifey!

A Tough Mu Cheng: Why do you always use these old methods? Did you run out of ideas? How come you can't clearly see that you use the same ways to try to hurt the two of us but the result makes us even closer together.

Guang Xi: If you are willing, I wish we can find the two of us from six years ago and wholeheartedly live for each other.


Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 11

HAHAHAA! Pi Dan lift Xiao Le up so easily and swung him around! Two good buddies! Awww, Xiao Le was too happy, he couldn't cry...so they called his Dad in and his Dad told him he was going to leave. That's so mean! Xiao Le is just a kid, why make him go through this torment just so he could cry and finish up acting this scene! This is wrong! I rather see Xiao Le with fake tears than have him go through this torment! XL's DAD, you have an "X" on your head! And stop overworking your kid!


Camera: Looking at you but thinking of another woman
Ady: Chris Wu! You were looking at me now but thinking of Hua Zhi Xin?
Chris: That's not what I meant~
Ady: One thinking of He Yi Qian, one thinking of Hua Zhi Xin, Director, I need to leave!

January 23, 2010

"Autumn Concerto" fans want Vaness to marry Ady An

Source : HuNantv.com
Translated by little bee @ http://asianfanatics.net

Idol Drama "Autumn Concerto" has been rating king for 16 weeks straight and rised many netizens discussions, in the drama, Vaness and Ady also profited from this and had their popularity rise tremendously, getting into Taiwanese media "Entertainment famous people books", they won with a great margin a most encouraged "On screen couple" and many netizens even teased them : "Vanness, Ady wants you to marry her !"

Vaness and Ady pairing is fresh and at first when Idol drama "Autumn concerto" started airing, not many people were expectant of this, but with the story going on the "Ren husband and wife" slowly entered everyone's heart, waiting every week in front of the TV to see how their relationship would develop became a real habit for taiwnaese audience.

"Autumn Concerto" behind the scenes also became a hot topic for netizens, watching Vanness and Ady joking together and teasing each other brighten up their world.

From the first day it aired un til today, Vaness and Ady didn't go to any entertainment show to promote, the audience expectations couldn't be expressed so they could only do their best to vote for them when "娱乐红人大典" started a poll about the "Favourite onscreen couple" to express themselves. and using trendy words used on forums to tease the 2 : "Vanness, Ady wants you to marry her !"

After finishing filming "Autumn Concerto" , Vanness got busy with his first Japanese album and Ady had to fly to mainland to film her new drama 古今大战秦俑情"Terracotta Warrior" so people who want to see them on the same stage again will have to wait for next month 27th when "Autumn Concerto" to start promoting for its airing in Japan. 

Go here and here and give a shout out for our favorite AC couple!

January 22, 2010

Jin Sha - 星月神话

A beautiful insert song from the drama, "The Myth"~ oh~ i feel like I'm floating again~

Lyrics Credit to Pin Yin Lyrics

wo de yi sheng zui mei hao de chang jing
jiu shi yu jian ni
zai ren hai mang mang zhong jing jing ning wang zhe ni
mo sheng you shou xi

jin guan hu xi zhe tong yi tian kong de qi xi
que wu fa yong bao dao ni
ru guo zhuan huan le shi kong shen fen he xing ming
dan yuan ren de ni yan jing

qian nian zhi hou de ni hui zai na li
shen bian you zen yang feng jing
wo men de gu shi bing bu suan mei li
que ru ci nan yi wang ji

jin guan hu xi zhe tong yi tian kong de qi xi
que wu fa yong bao dao ni
ru guo zhuan huan le shi kong shen fen he xing ming
dan yuan ren de ni yan jing

qian nian zhi hou de ni hui zai na li
shen bian you zen yang feng jing
wo men de gu shi bing bu suan mei li
que ru ci nan yi wang ji

ru guo dang chu yong gan di zai yi qi
hui bu hui bu tong jie ju
ni hui bu hui ye you qian yan wan yu
mai zai cen mo de meng li

January 21, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 Synopsis

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
Add'l Credit: Verona @ AF

A new start, to everyone...

Using XL as an excuse and the sake of 'revenge', GX marry MC and lead a fake marriage life...

From having full of misunderstanding between them , things seems to change when GX had a career crisis due to a sex scandal case he used to handle for a client

Just like 6yrs ago, when GX stood up for MC...this time round, MC uses her method to stand up for GX. Witnessing what MC had done for him, GX had to face himself honestly...regardless who what he had done in the past or his true and unhideable feelings towards MC.

That accidental stabbed suffered by MC, GX could not ignore the sincere feelings MC had for him...so the both of them had a change in their current relationship and feelings...it seems whatever happened 6yrs ago, everything looked like changed but in fact nothing had really changed at all.

At the same time, GX's mum and XL relationship also had a changed...a kid who suddenly enter her life had surprises install for her...just how will that change their communication and the cold attitude of GX's mum?

On the other hand, who would expect Hua Zhi Cin to ended up like this.TY accidentally discover her whereabouts and she is being controlled by a gangster leader.

Will she get rescued? or there are more unexpected twist of changes coming up?

Humans are not able to decide their fate but they can somehow decide how to face it.

This stop is about their decision, will it caused them to be closer?

Is the next stop...happiness?

William Feng and Roy Chiu fights over Chen Qiao En in <>

Source: QQ
Translated by meosles @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Recently, idol drama <> is filming in Hangzhou. Good friends William Feng and Roy Qiu fights over Chen Qiao En in the drama. Their love triangle is the highlight of the drama.

That day they were filming a scene where the two male leads fought over Chen Qiao En. In order to achieve a more realistic effect for the cameras and yet not hurt each other, William Feng and Roy Chiu rehearses before filming start. When the camera starts rolling, Roy Chiu beats up William Feng. Chen Qiao En immediately shields him and looks at Roy Chiu angrily. The director is demanding and in order to achieve realism, he calls out NG whenever there is any part that does not match his standards. Because of this, William Feng has to be knocked down to the ground many times and ended up with bruises on his elbow.

In year 2010, <> starring William Feng and Chen Qiao En will rely on their idol star power to break the "idol drama restricted zone" and brings a bold attempt at filming a different type of Chinese idol dramas. In recent years, William Feng is heavily promoted by Hua Yi with no lack of drama offers. Under Hua Yi's guidence, he has a chance to become an A-list star.

Wah~ my first non AC related post this week!!!

Ah~ WILLIAMM FENGGGG! Oh yeaaaaa~ can't wait to watch this drama! I wonder when it will come out~ wooo~ QE!

Van Ness Wu gives a “Reason” why Japan loves him in latest MV!

Source: recordchina.co.jp, 99yuchi@YT
Translated by: Pauli @ CpopAccess
Add'l Credit: XiaoPauli @ AF News

As Taiwanese fans are soaking up Van Ness Wu goodness in his latest acclaimed drama “Autumn’s Concerto (Next Stop, Happiness)”, his many fans in Japan are still enraptured over his F4 days nine years ago in “Meteor Garden”. And while his Japanese “Sakura sisters” are still waiting for the epic Taiwanese drama to arrive in Japanese shores, his fans can appreciate the return of Van Ness’ musical side with his latest Japanese language song “Reason”.

Van Ness’ character in “Autumn’s Character” has had pivotal moments, not only losing the memory of beloved girlfriend as the story progressed, but also committing himself into the role of an attorney at the mercy of fate. But it’s his stellar acting, as well as the engaging story, that brought the drama’s ratings into the stratosphere.

After the release of his pop/R&B single “Reason” – the third song in his latest musical outing – Van Ness will make a full-fledged entry into the J-pop market with the release of his album “Reflections” in Japan come February 3rd.

Van Ness has been active in Japan for his upcoming “Reflections” release, receiving help for the song’s lyrics from Japanese vocalist Aisa of Taiwanese musical unit Da Mouth, as well as steamy MV cameo appearance from fellow “Autumn’s Concerto” co-star and tabloid-rumored lover Tiffany Hsu. Besides flexing his language chops in Japanese, the MV also showcases slick and impressive dance moves.

According to Taiwanese media, Van Ness will also hold a mini-live concert in Japan as an opportunity to get in touch with his fan base in the land of the rising sun.

It's not often that you get to see someone dancing among trees during sunset. Awesome connection with nature~ hehehe

January 20, 2010

Van Ness Wu - Reason MV

GAHHHHHHH! LOVE HIS HAIRRRR!!!! Have no idea what he's singing but sounds very good!!!!

Oooo, Tiffany is in here too~ this is a treat if you're a GX X YQ fan~

Would have loved this even moreeee if Ady was in here instead (I'm BIAS, Cheng Xi~)!

It’s a battle of ratings between Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu

Source : MediaCorp TV
Credit: =sx.k= @ AF News

Taiwanese idol drama series Down With Love which stars two mega idols, Jerry Yan from F4 and Ella Chen from S.H.E will be making its debut on television screens this weekend. To instill some hype amongst viewers, the production team aired a special episode which consisted of trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast last Sunday.

The ratings for the special trailer episode raked in a meager 0.59% as compared to Jerry’s fellow F4 band member Vanness Wu’s ongoing drama series, Next Stop Happiness, which pulled in a healthy number of 7.15% in ratings.

The four members of F4 have been separately participating in various drama productions lately with Vic Zhou starring in Black & White and The Late Night of Madam Chin, Ken Zhu in the recently-concluded Momo Love, Vanness Wu in the ongoing Next Stop Happiness and Jerry Yan’s soon-to-debut Down With Love.

Due to its similar timeslot, the drama series starring both Vanness and Jerry are expected to compete head-on with each other. Next Stop Happiness is currently the leader of the pack with its strong ratings of 7.15%.

The television station broadcasting Down With Love defended themselves and explained that the special episode cannot be considered as the show’s debut episode. They remain confident that their drama series will perform well when it airs this coming Sunday.

Next Stop Happiness! Autumn's Concerto! All the way!!!
Next Stop Happiness! Autumn's Concerto! All the way!!!
Next Stop Happiness! Autumn's Concerto! All the way!!!
Next Stop Happiness! Autumn's Concerto! All the way!!!
Ren Guang Xi! Liang Mu Cheng! Ren Liang Xiao Le!!!
加油!!! 加油!!! 加油!!! 加油!!! 加油!!! 下一站, 幸福!!!!

The Ring of Doubt

Mu Cheng: Guang Xi gave me this wedding ring...but he doesn't love me.

Ring: Am I really a wedding ring?

Guang Xi: Liang Mu Cheng...I used this ring to keep you by my side, but why am I not happy?

January 19, 2010

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 10

Hehehehehee~ Xiao Le is sooo happyyy; he's soo cute! AHHH~ absolutely love all the Xiao Le x Ady scenessss too!!! Hahahahaaa~ Xiao Leeeee! Oh man, he accidentally attacked little Van Ness. Last time, in another BTS, he accidentally attacked Mu Cheng's chest!!! Hahahahahaa, this kiddd~~~~

Ady chasing after Van Ness for revenge but ends up fixing his collar!!! Hahahahaaaa~ OMG! 8:30! Guang Xi! What are you doing!!!! Hahahahahaaaa!

January 18, 2010

Big ratings for Autumn's Concerto courtesy of half-naked Van Ness Wu

Source: Nownews, SETTV
Written by PA @ CpopAccess.com

As reported earlier, Van Ness Wu showed plenty of skin on last Sunday's episode and the move has certainly paid off. Autumn's Concerto brought in an average rating of 7.15%, leading some Netizens to suggest that the show should be renamed "Next Stop, Pectoral Muscle" instead of its current Chinese title "Next Stop, Happiness". Although it didn't reach the series-high rating of 7.76% two episodes ago when the main character regained his memory, it was still a pretty impressive showing as the drama goes into its last phrase. The episode was off to a great start with a heart-felt speech from the supporting character Hua Tuo-Ye played by Chris Wu. Lead actress Ady An backed up the show with consistently good acting , as her character struggles to find balance between her new life and a hostile relationship with her ex-lover/new husband.

The highest ratings for episode 16 peaked at 8.64%, courtesy of a bed scene involving a half-naked Van Ness Wu with his leading lady. Since this is a prime-time drama, not much can happen other than some arguing/kissing/crying. Nonetheless, fans should remain optimistic as the preview for the next episode shows the couple marking progress towards a reconciliation. Netizens complimented on Van Ness's acting as he interchanged facial expressions from being cold to caring throughout the episode. Many viewers also noticed his scene-stealing eyebrows, commenting that they have become another highlight of the drama. SETTV can breath a sigh of relief for now as their competitor Down with Love has just been delayed for a week. Their other competitor, Hi! My Sweetheart, continues to do well at 4.26% and will look for a big finish when they end on January 31st with special 30 minutes finale.

R.E.C.O.N.C.I.L.I.A.T.I.O.N. is the next stop! Woooo! Episode 17!!! Long Live ACCC!

Japan to Air Autumn's Concerto Next Month

Source: UDN News
Translations by xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

F4's Jerry Yan and Ken Chu's old drama Spicy Teacher is currently broadcasting in Japan DATV with its named changed to "青春學園". Van Ness Wu's "Autumn's Concerto" is also not losing out. DATV is rushing to have it broadcast next month on the 27th with the name of this romantic drama changed to "秋天協奏曲".

F4 had became extremely popular in Japan because of Meteor Garden. The four handsome guys have become the favorites of Japanese housewives. As long as the name F4 is included, it will be very hot selling in the Japanese market. It is said that Jerry is the favorite of Japanese housewives with Vic Zhou in second place. In this new year, Van Ness is grabbing the spotlight with Autumn's Concerto.

Sweeeetttt!!! Awww, why do they have to change the chinese title from Next Stop, Happiness to Autumn's Concerto? Now they can't play "The Next Stop" Game...

Autumn's Concerto Episode 17 New Preview

WAHHHHH!!! This is sooo sweeetttt! Cheng Xi to the finish lineee!!! Looks like Mu Cheng's injury is not too serious *whew* This injury is going to bring the two of them closer and closer togetherrr! WOOOOOOOO! Hahahahaaa! OMG~ next episode is sooo heart warminggg!!! Let's all time travel to next Sunday!!! VROOOM VROOM!! COME ON, EVERYONE, HOP ONTO MY TIME MACHINE BU BU! WE'RE GOING IN FOR A RIDEEE!

Mu Cheng: A lot of things are like 6 years now, they've have not changed.

Mu Cheng: This clothing...can't take it down....

Guang Xi: Use my hand to take your clothes off...helping a girl take off her clothes and can't do anything...I don't know how long I can last...

Autumn's Concerto Episode 16 Thoughts

Wow! Wow! Wow! Really going crazy for this drama! Not only are the people filming this drama, completely immersed in this drama, so are the people watching it.

Tuo Ye sadly walks around from Mu Cheng, increasing the distance between them.
First, it was Tuo Ye's friendship breakup with Mu Cheng. During this scene, I thought I heard something shattering; it turned out to be Tuo Ye's heart. Mu Cheng's "You'll always be my greatest friend" marks the official end of Tuo Ye X Mu Cheng.

One kind girl, one winning bottle cap, one genuine smile, and that was how his heart was stolen.
I really feel sorry for him. He knew Mu Cheng before Guang Xi, he liked Mu Cheng before Guang Xi, he proposed to Mu Cheng before Guang Xi. But in the end, Mu Cheng still chose Guang Xi. And even though I feel sorry for Tuo Ye, I'm happy Mu Cheng chose Guang Xi. (ChengXi to the enddd!!!) Tuo Ye, it's time to move on, there's someone out there waiting for you, her name is Hua Zhi Xin.

Nice looking Palm Trees~
After friendship breakup, it's time for Mu Cheng to move into her new home which happens to have PALM TREES!!! Did anyone else notice the palm trees outside the house!?!?!? Must have been imported from Florida~! Hahahaha~ Wow~ the house is nice! The windows are all full length size. They must use a lot of Windex (a glass cleaning solution)~

Xiao Le gets to sleep with his favorite Spongebob!
Xiao Le's room is sooo nicely decorated with his favorite Spongebob and alien figures and Da Lai Planet! Gosh~ his bed is so huge! Guang Xi sure knows his son well, very well! I hope Xiao Le doesn't get spoiled by all these toys! Sharing is caring~ (Xiao Le and Tang Tang~director should consider a Le-Tang love story and call it Spring Concerto~hahaha!)

A genuine smile from deep inside.
It's been ages since I last saw Guang Xi smiling from his heart. But tonight, he came home, saw the beef over rice that Mu Cheng made and smiled. Score one! He goes up to Xiao Le's room and sees his WIFE putting Xiao Le to bed and smiles again. Score Two! Too bad it stops there, because as soon as Mu Cheng sees him, he turns back to being the cold husband. The more he hurts Mu Cheng now, the more he will regret later.

Guang Xi is going wet and wild.

6 years ago, her tears moved him; 6 years later, her tears rescue him. Her tears stopped him from doing something that he would deeply regret later. Unfortunately, her tears doesn't stop the misunderstandings from piling up. Mu Cheng's "Tuo Ye, he would never treat me like this" leaves Guang Xi speechless. She kinda bought that in at the wrong time but it's not entirely her fault, Guang Xi bought Tuo Ye into their discussion first.

Mu Cheng is lucky to have Guang Xi. Unfortunately, there is someone out there who is not so lucky. Hua Zhi Xin got captured by the baddie Fang Ge and forced into prostitution. Fang Ge has a grudge against Hua Tuo Ye since the latter poured acid into his left eye causing him to be blind in one eye. And Fang Ge knows Hua Zhi Xin is close to Hua Tuo Ye and takes out his revenge on Zhi Xin... There was a scene in the preview where Tuo Ye hears Zhi Xin's cries and chases after but that was not shown...maybe next episode? Hopefully, Zhi Xin doesn't get raped by that one eye creep! TUO YE, SAVE HERRR! Tuo Ye is always the hero of this show.

Everything is falling apart.
As the sun comes out the next day, all hell breaks loose. The girl whom Guang Xi won a court case against attempted suicide and left behind a letter accusing Guang Xi of distorting the truth. This situation exploded when the newspaper picked up this story. Phone calls started coming in with every possible bad news. A candidate running for office calls to un-appoint Guang Xi as his lawyer. A university calls to cancel his public speech appearance. The person who got him into all this trouble also calls and warns him to destroy the evidence (on a CD) otherwise his lawyer career will be over. Guang Xi's public image is in the gutter now. Poor guy~ his marriage in a deep hole and now his career is in the gutter.

My favorite family of three~
While Guang Xi is getting his butt kicked in his adult world, Xiao Le is getting bullied by a classmate at the playground. The classmate pushed Xiao Le off the sliding ramp!!! Luckily, Xiao Le is fine. Really wish Tang Tang was here, she would have called off that classmate. And gosh, who tells their kids that it's okay to push other people if that person's parents did something bad. That mom needs to go take some manners class. She doesn't even tell her kid to say sorry! Maybe she needs a set of Liang Jia Rules~ Mu Cheng is the best! She taught Xiao Le well~ Xiao Le!!!

Woo~ finished at last! This episode was pretty good~ I like it! There's a lot of internal struggle going on, a very deep drama indeed. Awesomeee! AHHHHH~ GRRRRR~ Now the wait begins all over again...*sigh* only you, Autumn's Concerto~ only for you am I willing to wait so long!

January 16, 2010

Fated to Love You's 10 Minute Bed Scene Was Cut Out on Hunan TV

Source: Chinatimes
Translations by xbunnylicious @ http://www.asianfanatics.net

Idol drama "Fated to Love You" started broadcasting on Hunan TV's Mango Channel on the 16th. The name of the drama is changed to 《愛上琉璃苣女孩》. Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan's steamy ten minute bed scene was completely cut out. Hunan TV said although the scene was cut it, the plot is still "reasonable" and can still be understood. Qiao En's manager Chen Ru Li worried that the audience will not be able to understand. Yesterday he had no choice but to say, "It's acceptable."

Fated to Love You has been very successful the past two years. Although Hunan TV cannot keep their bed scene, they allowed the two to keep their "Taiwanese Mandarin". However, mainland netizens cannot stop complaining about the cut bed scene. Lately, Qiao En has been busy filming Hunan TV's 《藍色佳期》. Because of this drama, she was said to be giving up her "Big Sister" throne to Rainie Yang. When she filmed Easy Fortunate Happy Life with Roy Chiu, they were said to be very close. The two are cooperating again on 《佳期》, revealing their relationship to be even more ambiguous. When he caught a cold, she bought medicine and cooked porridge for him.

When Qiao En accepted an interview, she refered to him as her "buddy" (哥兒們). However, she also revealed that their kiss scene in the drama left her with the deepest impression, "He's a very shy guy. When filming intense kiss scenes, it seems as if I'm more urgent than him. After many NGs, I told him 'Hurry up and hold me. Don't worry about hurting me. Just kiss me."

OMG! They cut the bed scene! That was the best part of the show! Just kiddingggggg~of course! Hahahaha! It is however one of the more creative scenes. Kudos to the director for the scenes of rising rockets, train entering tunnel! Soo funny! Bed scenes are not suppose to be funny but this director made it sooo hilariousss! Anyhoos, why did f*** (excuse my language but I'm not happy) did they have to change the title! The title is like a part of the show! They refer to the drama title numerous times in the drama! That's going to render useless now that they decided to change the title...geez! Imagine if someone changed Next Stop, Happiness title to Marching onto Happiness, I would knock that person out! And when that person wakes up, there'll be a bunch more people waiting to knock 'em out! Because the title is incorporated into the showww!

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 9

OMG! Ady got hurt AGAIN! Van Ness accidently slammed the doors too fast and too hard and clamped her hand. OUCH! Van Ness IMMEDIATELY grabs her hand and Xiao Le hu hu(blows) her hand. Such a warm family offscreen too!!! Van Ness even says, "Wo hen ai ta. I love her. She's such a wonderful person, you know. I'm so sorry this happened." HAHAHAHAA~ KEEP YOUR EYES ON ADY'S FACIAL EXPRESSION~ SO FUNNY! Ady replies, "He has this notebook where he tells every female costar this" HAHAHAHAA! "Only you~ An Yi Xuan", Van Ness smiles and Ady sighs!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! High five to the camera guy who says, "Give her a kiss~"! Later on, it's Xiao Le who gets hurt, emotionally that is, because he keeps NGing and feels soo bad he tries not to cryy~ awwwww~ luckily, ady and van ness are there to comfort him. I have to say, I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

Van Ness really bought his character to life in this scene! He displayed the ups and downs of his character's emotions very very well. I especially like the part where he screams, "WO SHI TA DE BA BA!" After that intense crying scene, Van Ness turned back into himself and started joking around again causing Ady to exclaim, "One minute ago, you were crying, the next minute you're joking around and then you have to go back to crying. Actors are crazy~" HAHAHAHAAAA! The last part of this NG clip is FAILLL! Van Ness failed to open the car doorrr!!! HAHAHAHAAAA! OMG! So much laughing! I love BTS/NG clips!

January 15, 2010

Devotes time to baby girl; Frankie Lam rejects work proposals

Source: mingpao
Translation: casablanca-- @ http://asianfanatics.net

[MingPao reports]
Kenix Kwok recently gave birth to a baby girl on January 14th, with mother and daughter both in stable condition. The baby girl is very cute, weighing in at 7.48lbs, and is likened to Kenix. Frankie Lam announced the good news to media personally yesterday, and the new father could hardly conceal his pride and excitement. He expressed that his wife, daughter and himself are now a "three in one" unit, and in his heart, no one can replace their spots.

Frankie held a press conference at Canossa Hospital in Hong Kong yesterday, saying, "We are still deciding on our baby's name, the physiognomist offered many names for us to choose from. I never knew choosing a great name was so hard!"

Hasn't decided on baby's name, wife recovers quickly

Frankie revealed that his wife's health is in good condition, and the doctor praised his wife's speedy recovery. How are you going to award your wife? "I already awarded her once before she gave birth, but of course now I will satisfy her every desire. Now we are a "three in one" unit, it's definitely the biggest and best present I have received since my own birth!"

Did you have tears of joy the moment your daughter was born? "When my wife was pregnant, I already read numerous books about the moment of birth, so I was very prepared in terms of welcoming the new child. When my wife went into labour, she told me that having been pregnant for so long, the baby felt like a part of her, and was a bit reluctant to let her out. That was a pretty defining moment. I entered the birthing room with her, witnessed the moment of birth, and it was very inspiring, very miraculous. It made me feel like nothing was more important than this child's birth, no one can replace their spots."

Wishes for a son as well

Frankie has already cancelled all upcoming work proposals for the next two months, devoting his time entirely to taking care of his wife. "We are new hands at this, we need to get used to learning how to take care of babies, so I need to spent more time next to them. I will definitely not accept drama series, maybe one to two day work assignments at most. If I have to leave my wife and child alone for too long, I will definitely not accept it!" He further expressed that his wants to give a little brother to his daughter, but that will all depend on Kenix's health. He and his wife both agree that one more child would be perfect.

Oh My! Congratssss to themmm and their baby girlll!!! Also congrats to them for reaching their next stop called happiness!!!

Vanness Wu Elle magazine's Interview

ELLE January 2010 issue - special interview with idol drama "Autumn's Concerto" leading actor, VanNess Wu
Translated by Whalesg@VIFC

VanNess used is an artiste with an attractive look and non-stop romance rumours but eversince VanNess Wu believed in GOD, he claimed he is no longer being linked to the girls around him and even having said that to the media numberous times, the media is still so much interest. But VanNess do not feel angry about it, he said 'I will pray for those who do not believe me'

Stopped Love Games / Finding True Love and Forming A Family

When VanNess announced that he is stopping love games, his romance rumours did not stop there so he claimed 'I felt it is so ridculous, I said it so loud but still no one hears it. But I will tell myself not to get upset by all these' He reminded himself that the more he negative he feel, the more he needed to pray for those who misunderstood him. When he see a beautiful girl, he will pretend he did not see her but he will in return praise about her beauty. But just like that, he will not make any further move or intentions. VanNess is very clear that, his next aim is to find a girl who will form a family with him.

Believing in GOD / Turned Over A New Leaf / Next Stop, Happiness

Being a popular idol who used to go clubbing almost every night and getting drunk, when he was in very lowdown times, he finally found out where he really belong...a religion, became a changed man, decided to be a responsible and matured person to face his own life. VanNess not only quit drinking and lust but also his bad attitude of a used-to-be arrogant youngster, returning with a completely new look and image. Taking on a role of a romanic man in the idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto', had made impressed alot of people and enable others to like VanNess Wu all over again..

I Know What I Am Doing is Right

Accepting GOD for almost 2 years now, VanNess is still having all kinds of doubts. On this, he can handle the queries easily now, he says 'believing in GOD enable me to feel safe, letting me who am I, knowing how to keep my own beliefs, learning how to be thankful, giving me huge strengths, allowing me to "reborn", geting peace and hope, so, i will not take it too hard of how others say about me, as I know what Iam ding is right'
Even VanNess brother, Geoffrey commented that 'in the past when VanNess is angry, he will punch the wall to vent his anger, but now, he will just quietly walk back to his room. Now, he will not be able to have a drink with me, so it is getting boring'

In The Past, I Thought As Long As I Am The One Giving More In A Relationship, That Is LOVE To Me

On the topic of love relationship, in the past, VanNess was the one who will give the most out of it without doubt, he like to always be by her side, wanted to be together all the time, requesting her to do things together, he even used to think that whoever give the most in the relationship is meaning that will be one who love the other one more, that is a reaction of LOVE. Then slowly, VanNess realized that,'if we kept comparing who is giving more love in a relationship, that is just a tug-of-war, that is not real love.'
When being asked about love relationship, VanNess paused for a while, after a few seconds he replied 'you cannot change a person and no rights to do so to anyone, for example, if i felt mixing ice cream and rice is tasty, but I cannot force the other party to eat it, because, she may think it is nice to eat it this way. Loving someone is not to try to change her but to think, how to make both parties to enjoy the process of doing things together, no matter it is sad or happy , good or bad'
From liking a person to buildng up a close relationship, VanNess felt that the best way is to 'first understand the person character, put yourself in her shoes and do the things that meant to be the best for her' In the past, VanNess used to feel that as long as he likes someone, he will confess his love to her, he now thinks this is not the right attitude. Now all VanNess is looking forward is to form a family of his own, to get down to do a good job in his career, treasure everyone around him. VanNess further emphasised that, his other half must have the same religion as him so that having the same beliefs, both can grow and work hard for their future together.

Let The Past Go / There Is No Need To Start All Over Again

Thinking back on his past, VanNess admitted that he did things that he should not have done but he will not want to think what if he can start all over again. In fact, he wanted to face it positively saying that 'Why not face it in the current stage rather then to wish to start all over again? When facing the exact same situations, learn how to overcome it with a more mature and sensible attitude. Only starting from where you had fallen, you will get the chance to start afresh.' VanNess wish that more people will get to know what he had gone through and about his changes. He had ever had setbacks such as feeling 'lost', had lots of unwanted anger, thinking that he had no future, etc. Now, VanNess strongly believed that, as long as you give it all you can, you will get fruitful returns.

Mature Van Ness + Awesome Ady = Autumn's Concerto
Mature Van Ness + Awesome Ady + little Xiao Le = Next Stop, Happiness

Memerising Ady comes back to A listers with "Autumn Concerto"

Source : jrj.com
translated by little bee and minivicky @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ady, came to fame with "The Outsiders", 6 years later, she once again created a ratings miracle with a new Idol drama "Autumn Concerto" as her come back to Taiwan A listers. When she got interviewed by Ming Pao, she opened her heart and agreed to make a deep analysis of her views on Love, the confusion due to aging, and her hopes for the future.

Ady An as a"scaredy cat" when in love
"The men who want to woo me need to be pro-active"

Just a vacationning picture with Zhang Bu Jin, a former assistant to a legislator was enough to enroll Ady into a gossip storm ; "For me, that was only a vacation with some friends, if there really was more intimate actions, like holding hands, his hand on my waist, that would really be considered as being together, I only do those with the ones I'm intimate with, if there are no pictures of holding hands or other intimate things then the relationship is only good friends"

Ady's words were to clarify all the rumos and gossip she had in the past, and there was no more room for guessing, no matter if it was when she started acting in "The Ousiders" and got rumored with Dylan Kuo or the newest rumors with this former congress assistant, no holding hands or hugging or such intimate acts were witnessed, the very clear limits that she's putting between friends and boyfriends.

"Before, when there were rumors, I'd feel really bad, but now I thought over it, I think to complety cast them away is impossible, because I understand that that's how it is to be an artist, that's how the showbiz is now, showbusiness is there to entertain people." voicing out her helplessness as an artist.

Ady, who stresses that she's still single, has many rumors to make up for her empty love life, but the busy her also understands to have a romance is a very difficult thing, adding to that her insistance on prefering someone not in the showbusiness, her love life has understandably been empty for a very long time.

"I don't have too many particular views about relationships, when love comes, there's no way to stop it, so I don't have any restrictions. I'm looking forward for it to come, if you really need to talk about conditions, then it'd be better if the other one wass someone mature, like a male version of Ady An, and because of my work, I often need to fly here and there, so that's the reason I don't want to have a relationship with a fellow artist. "

From Ady's views on love, you an see that her future partner won't be from the showbiz, so the possibility of the rumors she had with fellow actors like Huang Xiao Ming, Hu Ge, Dylan Kuo, Vanness being true from what she said, are next to zero.

Cannot accept to be a third party,
Hopes for an intense wooing process

Ady appeared in "Autumn Concerto", with Vanness Wu and was acting for the first time as a single unmarried mother, when she got asked whether there a possibility that she gets into the same situation in the future, she openly said : "My family is very conservative ! It'll be unlikely for me to be pregnant out of wedlock, of course I like children ! But the only way for it to happen would be that unless I used all the ways to prevent it but it still happens."

Pregnancy before marriage is already Ady's limit, she will not be able o fall into a love triangle she even admitted to have mysophobia when in love so she cannot tolerate cheating or having a third party intrudinging into their relationship, having been betrayed by her first love, she requires absolute loyalty.

"When I was in high school, that was my first love, then my senior couldn't stand it anymore and took the initiative to tell me. That's why I don't like betrayal in love and I'd rather break up than having you say things different from what they are"

Even though Ady and this first love remained friends, he even asked for a reconciliation but Ady rejected him : "Even if I forgave him, the knot I have with this person will never be untied, so naturally, we won't get back together. At that time I gave him complete trust, now that trust is gone, and there's no way to go back."

Ady, as a Libra, has her own ideas about Love. She's also very rational, but is the passive one in a relationship, "I'm very passive , because I am the kind that once in love, will not be able to pull back my feelings, so the men who want chase me need to be pro-active to be able to enter my world, boldly breaking into my world is the only way to have a chance. " Only after being certain of how of the other party feels that she'll show some kindness. She is undoubtedly a scaredy cat, making one cannot help but wonder : "Do they need to be forceful to come into your heart ? " Ady just smiles without denying.

Didn't fall into the age confusion trap

Ady, who is about to turn 30 thinks that age is only a number, "Age is only a number, that would remind us that the time we need to get married, have children have come, but I don't want to force myself to anything, I'm not the kind who'd get rushed, I want to do things step by step"

Ady doesn't want to fall into the trap of women age, she thinks that a 30 years old woman is the time a little girl becomes a woman. Women around that age should spread self confidence, it's when they are perfectly mature just like her Idol Maggie Cheung, who is oozing beauty and self confidence with every movement.

"A renowned Hong Kong stylist once told me '27 to 35 is the stage where women are the most beautiful and self confident, before that, they are little girls and not real women, their attitude about people, events and things stop at the school period, only after 27 they will have selfconfidence, even if many men chase you, you will still take care of yourself.'"

"At that time I didn't really understand what it meant, now I do, why are women afraid of turning 30 ? If you keep a young heart, what difference does it have ? I want to turn into a self confident woman just like Maggie Cheung, believing that a 30 years old woman can become more beautiful, but I still hope that my heart can stop at when I was 25 forever."

What Ady says does make sense, she, who had been working in the Mainland market for 4 years, still kept her freshness, but gained some maturity and feminity, "Actually a enriching myself is the way to gain self confidence, society is the best classroom ; you can learn many things, but I also love the chat with seniors, because they have 30 40 years of experiences, and we can learn a lot from that."

Awesome Ady!

Fahrenheit shows no jealousy as they go their separate ways

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by: fufu @ CpopAccess

In regards to rumors about the group being on bad terms and news of them disbanding, Fahrenheit responds, “We’re used to it, so we might as well not respond. A group will always go through these sort of things.” It is a fact that the popularity of each member is different, but all four members express, “This is good competition. We will only know what’s good and bad when there is comparison.” They emphasize that they won’t be jealous of each other even when they work as solo artists in the future. Fahrenheit will be releasing their 4th album in August and after that, they will have only one more album left to complete their contract.

Wu Chun, the rising movie star

Wu Chun not only sings, stars in dramas and movies, but also owns a fitness center. Aaron Yan compliments, “He has his thoughts on things and is a person with principle.” Although Wu Chun loves to eat, he still manages to keep a fit body, but Jiro Wang reveals, “One time when we were promoting in Singapore, I asked him to save me two ribs, but in the end, I only saw leftover bones.” Just several days ago at their autographing session, when they spoke of food, Jiro made fun of Wu Chun, and called him a “pig” saying, “You pretend to be a ‘pig’ (play dumb) and swallow a tiger (this year is tiger year).”

Jiro and Aaron are the two who are most interested in music, and they plan to release an EP this year. Jiro will reunite with his five-member band, Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛), from highschool, “This was a promise we made in high school. We must stand on stage together.” He promises that he will introduce Dong Cheng Wei to the fans with the aid of his popularity.

Aaron learns Jazz theory and guitar

Aaron is currently working hard on learning Jazz theory and guitar, and is expected to release his solo album this year, containing five songs. Other members express their support: Calvin Chen says that he will be the MC at his press conference, while Wu Chun and Jiro want to attend as special guests to help promote. Furthermore, Aaron’s other wish is to obtain a driver’s license, “Everyone says that a boy cannot become a man without a driver’s license. I’m already 24.”

Calvin dreams of becoming a host

Calvin on the other hand, has recommended himself to TV networks to become a host. Wu Chun comments, “He’s a sunny boy that knows how to tell jokes, so hosting definitely wouldn’t be a problem. I hope that I can be on his variety show one day.” Calvin will give himself two years time to pursue his dream as a variety show host. He expresses that his pay is not an issue. In addition, he is open to talk about sex and/or hot topics such as scandals and rumors, “As long as it has been communicated with the guest and we both know what the limit is.” But gossips or hot topics both require the interviewer to press for, thus, Calvin replies that he would use phrases like “surveys indicate,” or “netizens want to know,” type of format to open discussions and not affect his guests' emotions while also keeping his viewers interested.

All good things come to an end. Sounds like Fahrenheit...is following S.H.E and going their own separate ways. Parting is never an easy task but at least we met and have memories to look back upon. Fahrenheit is my starting point in the Taiwan entertainment sector, they are also the reason why I'm called Celsius. Thank you Fahrenheit. May you all be successful in your separate paths, never forget that you were once a part of a phenomenon called Fahrenheit.

Ren Family Rules Translated

I found a really funny and sweet post at AC's Tieba at Baidu. I'll translate it here or at least attempt my best (corrections are always welcome as the saying goes we learn from our mistakes~). Enjoyyy~

The Ren Family Rules Version 5.0 by 帘中青瓷如幽梦
Original here
Translated by Celsius

**Seems like there is some confusion with this post. This is just a FANMADE CREATIVE POST found on baidu, not the real set of rules. Sorry to disappoint but you WON'T see this in the drama!

1. Mu Cheng can not have intimate contact with other men (Guang Xi)

2. Mu Cheng can not have eye contact or body contact with other men (Guang Xi)

3. Xiao Le must give Daddy and Mommy a kiss before going to sleep and before going to school (Mu Cheng and Guang Xi)

4. Mu Cheng and Guang Xi can not have verbal fight (Xiao Le)

5. Guang Xi can not work over time too late (Mu Cheng)

6. Everyday, Mu Cheng can not do more than 10 of the above house chores (Guang Xi)

7. If Xiao Le has any questions about boy-girl relationships, he can ask Daddy (Guang Xi)
Interruption 3
Mu Cheng: Guang Xi! (so mad she's speechless)
Xiao Le: Daddy! So can I ask Mommy?
Guang Xi (thinks for a long time): Nope! Only Daddy can ask Mommy those questions!

8. Guang Xi can not pull Mu Cheng in for a kiss in public (Mu Cheng)
Interruption 4
Guang Xi: Why?
Mu Cheng: ...
Xiao Le: Because Mu Cheng will be shy!

9. When Guang Xi is fighting a case in court, Mu Cheng must be present to observe
(Guang Xi)
Interruption 5
Mu Cheng: What's there to observe in a court case?
Guang Xi: Seeing other people fight court cases is indeed not very interesting, but seeing your husband, I, handsomely fight court cases will surely mesmerize a bunch of girls.
Mu Cheng: B-- S---

10. Guang Xi must share responsibility of house chores (Mu Cheng)
Interruption 6
Guang Xi (wrapping his arms around her waist, evil laugh): There are many types of house chores...
Mu Cheng (face turns red): Xiao Le is there...
Xiao Le (covers his eyes and runs away): I'm not there.

11. Xiao Le can not be watching TV or use the computer for more than 5 hours a day (Mu Cheng)

12. Guang Xi can not make his laptop his second wife (Mu Cheng)

13. When Mu Cheng goes out, she can not dress in a way that raises other people's attention (Guang Xi)

14. Xiao Le must flush toilet after using it (Guang Xi)
Interruption 7
Mu Cheng (a despising face): You don't flush toilet yourself...
Guang Xi (evil laugh): I have you to flush for me...

15. Ren Family strictly restricts Pineapple with bitter melon chicken (Guang Xi)
Interruption 8
Mu Cheng: Why?
Guang Xi (a look of disdain): Because I dislike pineapple with bitter melon chicken and the person who loves pineapple with bitter melon chicken.

16. Ren Family strictly restricts staring at white vans (Guang Xi)
Interruption 9
Mu Cheng: W-- (interrupted by Guang Xi)
Guang Xi: Because SOMEONE drives a white van!

17. Guang Xi's reserve fund can not have more than 100,000 (NTD which is about 20,000 RMB) Mu Cheng
Interruption 10
Guang Xi (secretly thinking): So controlling, if I knew earlier, I wouldn't have married...ah? How does she know I have a reserve fund? (In a confused state of being)

18. Xiao Le needs to be a gentlemen (Mu Cheng)

19. Xiao Le needs to be a "gentlemen" like Daddy (Guang Xi)

20. Guang Xi can not on fast driving sprees as he pleases (Mu Cheng)


Autumn's Concerto Episode 16 Synposis

Translated by Whalesg@VIFC
Add'l Credit: Verona @ AF AC Thread

As long as you act along with me in front of Xiao Le like a pair loving parents, marry me…

To save TuoYe and to be able to stay at Xiao Le’s side, MuCheng accepted to these conditions to marry GuangXi. This decision, however, made her hurt the soul of both men. GuangXi felt that MuCheng marry him is because of TuoYe. A confident TuoYe who believed that he had the ability to protect MuCheng and XiaoLe, after seeing her wedding ring, felt MuCheng rejected him once again.

Everyone wanted to wish others well but using all the wrong methods, causing more problems…

As MuCheng brought XiaoLe along to move to GuangXi’s house, she do not have the joy of a bride and even have to face GuangXi’s dangerous smile, coldness from GuangXi’s mum, every move she make, is so full of unforeseen danger. In GuangXi’s room, she stared at his ice hockey attire from 6 years ago, she can’t help to felt just how time passed but everything had changed beyond recognition. Although the old GuangXi from 6 years ago had ‘return’ but he is now full injury in his soul and no matter how apologic is MuCheng to GuangXi, nothing can ‘heal’ him. As more and more misunderstandings are deepen, how is MuCheng going to let GuangXi just how she really felt about him?

Facing MuCheng’s tender loving care and concern, all GuangXi felt is disgust. In their wedding night, GuangXi is missing MuCheng so much and it finally triggered him…seems it had drowned his hatred for her, right now, he only wanted to make sure that MuCheng will not get out of his sight again. This night, will they be able to resolve all their misunderstandings and knew exactly how they really felt about each other?

Just as Happiness is reaching its final stop, more things are happening one by one, TuoYe’s buddy at the village brought him to have fun in the city to cheer him up, but accidentally discovered the presence of Zhi Xin.

At the same time, the case of a suicide girl, had expose something bad that GuangXi had did relating to a courtcase, GuangXi is troubled and this issue had also effect Xiao Le in his new school…

Will MuCheng be able to help GuangXi to get out of this mess and waking the justice in him that had been ‘sleeping’ for 6 years? Will the fallen out-of-love Tuoye be able to get back up and face the danger that Zhi Xin is in ?

I hope Tuo Ye can move on and forget Mu Cheng.
I hope Zhi Xin finds her happiness.
I hope Mu Cheng can rescue Guang Xi.
I hope Guang Xi faces himself and Mu Cheng.
I hope Xiao Le will have a truly happy family and not a fake one.
Last, I hope they will all travel together to the next station and enjoy happiness.