October 31, 2009

Sunday idol drama battle begins; bed scene vs. kiss scene vs. passionate scene

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Rainie Yang & Cyndi Wang’s competition for the ‘sweetheart’ throne has been going on for many years now. Tonight, Rainie’s CTS drama ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ will enter the idol drama battle, competing against Cyndi’s ‘Momo Love’. The competition is about to get even more intense!

Ady An & Vanness Wu haven’t returned to the idol drama market for a long time but their recent SETTV drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ has been doing very well. Last week, they achieved 4.02% in ratings, easily claiming the first place position. And it seems they have left Rainie & Cyndi to battle it out for second place.

However ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ isn’t taking their new competitor lightly. Tonight, they will be airing a hot bed scene, to compete against the 2 sweethearts. Coincidentally, both ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ & ‘Momo Love’ also have kiss scenes airing in tonight’s episodes; it seems that all 3 idol dramas are using passionate scenes to face the battle.

‘Autumn’s Concerto’ will broadcast Vanness & Ady’s bed scene tonight. Vanness said: “This is a beautiful, romantic & passionate scene.” Ady laughed saying: “I’ve never filmed such a scene before with any guy; my face was bright red & my heart was beating very fast.” Ady even had to drink a lot of beer before filming!

Cyndi Wang hasn’t appeared in many of their drama promotional events but yesterday, she finally appeared at a fan event for GTV’s ‘Momo Love’. She & Jiro Wang played a game of feeding ice-cream while blindfolded with fans, and attracted the screams of over 300 female fans. Tonight, ‘Momo Love’ will air a kiss scene where Cyndi sees Jiro kissing another girl, and in the spur of the moment, she shaves all her hair off to become a nun.

After Show Luo & Rainie Yang sorted out their differences in the past, they also have many kiss scenes in ‘Hi My Sweetheart’. In tonight’s first episode, Show falls into a lake in Hang Zhou and takes a whole mouthful of water and water plants. After filming that scene, he had to drink 2 big bottles of mineral water to gargle his mouth. Show said that that day, he saw many people having barbecues beside the lake: “Luckily I only ate some water plants, and not someone’s half-bitten tempura or meat piece they threw into the water, that would be so disgusting ah.”

And after Rainie jumps into the lake to save Show, she had to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and she complained: “Your mouth has a muddy flavour, it’s like I’m giving mouth-to-mouth to a tilapia! (t/n: type of fish)"

I LOVE IT WHEN TV STATIONS COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER! AND I LOVE SUNDAYS TOO! Out of the three scenes, my preference is AC, then Shanghai, then Momo. AC already has a pretty large fanbase so I think most people are looking forward to it. And Hi, My Sweetheart, Show's new image is already the focus of attention. The competing scene for Momo, however, looks really weak compared to the other two.

October 30, 2009

Ady An's drowning act scares Vanness Wu

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Earlier, Ady An filmed a drowning scene but because her acting skills looked so real, the drama crew & the lifeguard team on standby thought she was really drowning. The director immediately yelled cut, filming stopped and everyone jumped into the sea to save her! Hence, Ady had to come up with her own cipher: “If I start swearing, then I’m really drowning, only come save me if you hear those key words la!”

Ady has heart problem; drama crew very nervous

SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ earlier filmed the scene of Ady going to work at the fisheries, but she accidentally falls into the sea and almost drowns. Because Ady doesn't know how to swim at all, and with her heart problem, the drama crew especially requested a professional lifeguard team to be on standby if something were to happen. However, only a few minutes filming into the drowning scene, director Chen was so startled with shock that she immediately yelled cut, and everyone jumped into the sea to rescue her. Vanness Wu said: “Because Ady’s acting looked so real, everyone thought she was really drowning, and hence jumped into the sea to save her. Luckily it was just a false alarm.”

For this scene, Ady had to soak in the sea from noon to evening, and by the end of it, her skin had wrinkles and her lips were blue. She said that because she didn’t know how to swim, while waiting for filming, she had to stay in the water with her life buoy. However, when the sun set, the temperature turned very cold, and her whole body was shivering. Fortunately, the crew specially prepared hot drinks, and a nearby business was also keen to provide them with hot showers.

Vanness Wu rescues damsel in distress; shouts everyone to hotpot

During the scene, Vanness has to rescue the damsel in distress. Intitially, to make the effect of the scene even better, they were planning on having Vanness jump into the sea from a 6-metre high platform. However, Director Chen gave up on this idea due to safety considerations. Vanness who loves the water, knew that Ady didn’t know how to swim. Hence, when they were in the water, he kept using his thighs to prop her up, to prevent her from sinking downwards. Ady said gratefully: “To a person who doesn’t know how to swim, it feels so nice having a person who does know how to swim at your side.” And after filming wrapped up for the day, the considerate Vanness generously shouted everyone to hotpot to warm up.

She is a very very convincing actress!
And he is a sweet gentlemen!
And she is an emotional director!
This is a heart pulling drama!
Must go out to buy boxes of tissues for this Sunday's episode!

Hu Ge - June Rain

Credit: angelinaquah@youtube

I think smiley would be very happy to see this video up. Hahaha. I just saw episode 19 and the two just broke up on the night of the Lantern Festival. It was a bittersweet scene.

"Rather than love each other, we should understand each other"
- Xiao Yao Ge Ge

October 29, 2009

Power Chan & Mimi Lo take wedding photos in Japan

Source: Mingpao, On.cc, Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Power Chan and Mimi Lo have been dating for 7 years and is finally tying the knot. They will be having their wedding celebration in December. Recently they arrived in Japan, in "Little Switzerland" to take wedding pictures.

On the day of shooting, the two attracted a Japanese crowd to surround the location, one Japanese onlooker asked if Mimi was a Miss Hong Kong. This time the couple are the spokespersons for ZaraBride Wedding Gallery. Although the local region had typhoons and the temperature was only 7 degrees celsius, but both Mimi and Power were in a good mood and felt excited. Mimi said: "Actually many of the employees didn't wear enough clothing, but it's not difficult at all for us. When we were taking pictures it was raining, my wet wedding dress got quite heavy, the photographer asked me walk over and I couldn't do it."

Besides taking wedding pictures, the couple also got to enjoy the hot spring naked and wore kimono style robes. Mimi said: "The hot springs are our main focus, I was the one who suggested that we go take pictures at the hot springs. The results turned out pretty good, really special. I have never tried on kimono style clothing before either, there were professionals who helped us put them on. "

Also, the couple invited a good friend to design their wedding invitations, the outside is written: "We are getting marry!" Our little happiness with much joy, just because you shared the feeling with us."

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com WOW! THE PICTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATSSSS!

Rainie Yang revealed: Show Luo has pink Hello Kitty pajamas!

source: NOWnews
translated by: tdrama*addict @ http://asianfanatics.net

From taking part in "Hi My Sweetheart", the relationship between Show Luo and Rainie Yang initially was a bit awkward, has quickly heated to falling in love with each other in the drama, their relationship was so good that it had shocked their manager. Rainie Yang also revealed while they were filming in Hangzhou, she had once personally saw Show's pajamas, it was a pink one-piece short sleeved Hello Kitty pj along with a pink butterfly headband, she was dumbfounded on the spot!

"Hi My Sweetheart" is about to air on November 1st, officially joining the Sunday idol drama war. On 29th of the pre-film event, Rainie Yang mentioned again about how the two did not get along before, it was all because of a misunderstanding, which caused Rainie to feel that Show was a person full of pride, hard to get along, bad temper, not that handsome but is quite a good actor; but after working together in "Hi My Sweetheart", she thinks this is the first time she actually got to know Show. This is because Show is completely modest, caring, very good attitude, a "very manly" person. After mentioning these attributes, Rainie hadn't forgot to ask Show, "Does this make you happy?". Although many people think Show is a bit feminine, but Show stresses, "I may be a bit feminine, but I will be very manly when needed!"

Upon hearing this, Rainie immediately broke out saying when they were filming in Hangzhou, because Show and Rainie were living in rooms next to each other, there was one time when Show and his manager were walking back to their room to get something, the moment Rainie saw Show's sleeping attire she was dumbfonded! Show was actually wearing a pink one-piece Hello Kitty as his pj, even with a pink butterfly headband on his head, feminine to the max! Show at the side generously admits, his usual pajamas are indeed like that, and is also willing even to fight with the girl he likes because of wearing so.

But what everyone is curious about is since the cooperation of this drama had brought up such good feelings, will there be any opportunities to develop feelings outside the drama? Rainie answers first, she thinks she indeed fell in love with Show`s character in the drama "Da Lang"; when the drama first started filming, Rainie was very "ìron teeth" (very sure) thinking since Da Lang's image is so funny, there is no way she'd fall in love with him. She never thought the more they filmed and the further she was into the character she loved Da Lang even more. Show also admitted he had fallen in love with "Chen Bao Zhu"; they also disclosed, as long as they're dressed up as the characters of the drama, there will always be more physical intimacy between them, but once their drama outfits are taken off, there is absolutely no feel between the two.

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com Hello Kitty ONE PIECE PJs....pink butterfly headbands...on Show Luo...-blink blink- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! WOW! He is so crazy, onscreen and offscreen! By the way, his show is coming out this SUNDAY!

October 28, 2009

A Gift Amidst the War

Last time, Qiao En's Paris Book and the Fated To Love You storybook were added to my Entertainment Collection. And tonight, a new family member will join them. Welcome, Autumn's Concerto storybook! Welcome to the family~

Sadly, this time the books came in this regular brown box instead of that pretty orange packaging bag. AHHH~ whatever, as long as I have mi books!

Hahaha, how nice of them to send along some domino coupons which can ONLY be used in Taiwan. Man, their Dominoes pizzas look so much more delicious, so much more prettier than the pizzas from the Dominoes in NY.

Grrr, Blogger decided to flip my picture. But that's the book, covered in plastic. The cover looks so niceee. Now if I can get my hands on a poster with that picture, ahh~ that will surely make my day!

Here's the back cover of the book. It's interesting; the chapter numbers are not simply chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. They've been replaced with a more creative name. The first chapter is called The First Station: Title, the second chapter is The Second Station:Title...and the ninth chapter is The Ninth Station:Title. And the last chapter happens to be called The Next Station, title of that chapter is Happiness. Complete name is The Next Station: Happiness. It is no coincidence that the last chapter is the name of the novel. It makes this book even more meaningful~ hahahaa~

P.S. One Essay and One Midterm left. :)

Cyndi Wang opposes the sweetheart image, kissing wildly to pull popularity

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Cyndi Wang and Rainie Yang have been fighting over the throne for the queen of sweethearts, Cyndi after leaving from her original company, had been silent for the the last 2 years, only returning to the idol circuit now. Starring in Momo Love, this Sunday it will confront GTV drama "Hi My sweetheart", making every effort to change her luck, on one side she is passionately kissing Jiro Wang and on the other she is being passionately kissed by Calvin Chen. In the drama there is kissing non- stop, taking drastic measures hoping to combat TV ratings.

Confronting an old enemy calls for drastic action

Yesterday Cyndi and Calvin were in Su-Ao seaside shooting the kiss scene, but as there were a lot of of people watching they felt embarrassed. With lips on top of each other, the guy unconsciously rushing it, the girl also feeling embarrassed, when Calvin started to tilt his head down, Cyndi would burst out laughing making the scene fill with laughter.

Cyndi after leaving her old management company went silent for 2 years, this year she opened her own company becoming her own boss. Taking on the drama "Momo Love" with the pairing of Jiro and Calvin it was going to be her 1st project for her comeback, but the ratings for the last two weeks weren't going as expected. This Sunday it will compete with Rainie Yang's "Hi My Sweetheart", both of them in the recent years have been fighting to succeed the throne to be the queen of sweethearts. Cyndi once again comes face to face with her old enemy, the drama crew had no choice but to take drastic action, first having her kiss Jiro again and again, and now even Calvin doesn't escape.

Changing in the same room, Jiro denies not getting along with Wu Chun

Fahrenheit recently held concerts and at the same time the rumor had burst out that Wu Chun was flying solo and as a result this was said to of made Jiro angry at Wu Chun. Yesterday Jiro explained " Backstage of the concert, Wu Chun and I shared the same resting room, we would get changed and chat at the same time feeling very high, how is it even possible that am angry?" Calvin jumped out to resolve the situation, showing the SMS that was written in English with encouraging words that the 4 members of Fahrenheit sent to each other.



Louis Koo supports Wayne Lai for TV King

Credit: foreverleila@AF News

Ray Lui, Jamie Chik, Gallen Lo and Anita Yuen have all returned to TVB series, Louis expressed that although he has no contact with TVB, but in the last half year TVB have approached him with scripts, but he has no time to do series. Asked what type of series that would attract him? Louis said: "I like science fiction themes and I do hope to participate in writing the script. I have worked with Sean Lau before, but in the next two years I am very busy and won't have time for series."

Louis supports "Chai Gau" Wayne Lai for TV King: "I collaborated with him in a movie before, he is a good actor. TV Queen he doesn't have anyone who he supports. I haven't watched , seeing a group of girls fighting and competing, I feel frightened. Just missing one episode I will not know what happened, so just won't watch it."

"Seeing a group of girls fighting and competing, I feel frightened." HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAA! He must be frightened by the MS. HK Pageants too. Hahaha~

Wu Chun has no plans to leave Fahrenheit to go solo

Yahoo! News

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit recently threw a party to commemorate wrapping up their successful concert tour. One of the group member, Wu Chun's family members had reportedly flew to Taiwan to attend two of his concerts. Once rumoured to be his offspring, the singer's niece and nephew were also present at the party.

The 30-year-old jokinged, "You can draw some blood for DNA tests and see if they are my [children]!"

Known as 'Uncle Chun' to his niece and nephew, Wu Chun chuckled as he shared, "[They asked me] 'Uncle Chun, is the second concert same as the first? Why do we have to watch two concerts?'"

With the same face shape and sharp noses, Wu Chun's seven-year-old niece looks like an exact replicate of the star and the pair is said to share a close relationship with each other. The Brunei-born singer-actor revealed that he insisted on helping his niece wear a Fahrenheit commemorative cap to support him in the concert

Wu Chun also refuted rumours on the allegations surrounding his plans to fly solo from the group, and shared that he will not be releasing any single albums. He said that he will focus on filming movies for the next two to three years and will be more than willing to take part in idol drama series

Despite running a successful gym business in Brunei, Wu Chun divulged that he has no plans to return to his hometown. "Initially when I first entered the industry, I did not set aside a time frame or aim for it. As time passes by, there are more emotions and feelings."

Good! Glad that Uncle Chun stepped out to clarify those disbandment rumors. I is looking forward to Album Forever~

October 27, 2009

Bed scene with Vanness Wu will air this week; Ady An feels shy

Source: Yahoo
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net, doraemon Jay @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ratings for 'Autumn's Concerto' have reached a new high of 4.02, easily claiming the first place position. Vanness Wu happily said: "Earlier, I received a text message from Jolin and she said that she & her girlfriends are all discussing about this drama." On the other hand, Ady An has been busy promoting in mainland China and didn't have time to watch the Sunday broadcast, but when she turned on her cellphone once she was back in Taiwan, it was flooded with congratulation texts. She laughed saying: "Me & Vanness' bed scene will air this week. ah I feel so shy!" But Director Chen teased her: "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch."

SETTV idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto' is becoming red-hot popular with the audience & netizens starting heated discussions & debates. Episode 4 aired on Sunday the 25th and the ratings gained a very good result of 4.02. Everyone was very happy with the completed scenes and on the 27th, when the drama crew was filming at the Ilan train station, they specially took some time out to celebrate. The village leader specially provided Ilan's famous peanut candies for everyone, and all the actors hoped that the ratings will get better & better!

Towards this, Ady said: "I was due to film that night, and I was planning on having some fun with all the staff members, but I realized I was too late, and they already had their own party during the day." Vanness also said that he had received a text message from good friend Jolin, saying: "Me & my girlfriends are all discussing your drama, it's really good! Jia you!" And he happily expressed: "Thanks to everyone's support, all the hard work during filming has been worth it."

Episode 5 will air this Sunday and the storyline will break new ground. Ady said: "Me & Vanness' bed scene will air this week. ah.. I feel so shy!" But Director Chen teased her: "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch."

WOWOWOWOW! So happy that this drama is getting very very popular, even busy JOLIN is watching! And I like the director's sense of humor. "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch" HAHAHAHAA~ if you don't know, Ady is very nervous when it comes to kiss scenes, let alone bed scenes, and so to film the scenes, she drank wine. Episode 5, coming out in 5 more daysssss~

October 26, 2009

VanNess Wu acts in Autumn's Concerto's court scene, Memorizing lines till he was afraid

Date: October 25, 2009
News Source: Sina
Translation Credit: MoonlightD @ http://asianfanatics.net/
* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!

Recently, VanNess Wu, Ady An, and others were acting in a court of law scene in Taipei for idol drama, Autumn's Concerto. VanNess Wu, who plays a lawyer, said laughingly that for this 12 page long court scene he was memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit.

In the drama, for Liang Mucheng (Ady An)'s innocence, Sheng De University called for a "Truth Investigation Court." Ren Guangxi (VanNess Wu) served as Liang Mucheng's lawyer in the court battle against Ah Cai Shu's (Chen Muyi) lawyer, Xu Fangguo (Zheng Youjie).

Due to VanNess Wu not being to familiar with written Chinese, plus the inclusion of some proper nouns, Director Chen Huiling was very heartwarming. She read the lines out loud and recorded it as a mp3 to give to VanNess Wu. Whenever he had a single moment, VanNess Wu would take it out to listen to. Even when he is in the gym, he would bring his iPod.

VanNess Wu said that he prepared for almost two months for this scene, memorizing lines till he was afraid. He even dreamt that he was a lawyer in court helping a friend file a lawsuit. This twelve page scene took three days to film. VanNess Wu said that while he was a bit afraid during filming, he felt very accomplished after the filming. It was a breakthrough for this acting career. Merely six years later in the drama, his first appearance is in a scene where is he also helping someone file a lawsuit. VanNess Wu is already waiting in cold sweat.

*Clap Clap* Good job, Van Ness, good job! You did it! You got her innocence back (with the huge help from Flower Boy, this storyline cannot survive without Flower Boy, he's a life saver)! The director is also very dedicated to producing a good show and treats her actors/actresses really well. She actually spent time to record Van Ness' lines to make the process a little easier for Van Ness. And he spent TWO MONTHS preparing for this scene!!! Such dedication! Hard work pays off in the end! Good Job!

Fahrenheit will not disband before the contract has ended

Celebratory party: Fahrenheit are starved, toasting to their successful concert, Wu Chun (1st left) too busy eating couldn't get up in time, from the right Calvin Chen, Arron Yan and Jiro Wang

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Idol group Fahrenheit last weekend had two consecutive concerts for their grand finale. What should of been a happy celebratory party turned into a party surrounding information regarding their contracts and also the question of whether Wu Chun will fly solo. Fahrenheit frankly replied and said that their mood had been affected by the reports, they hope everyone can focus their attention onto their efforts they've put into the concerts.

Wu Chun: Contract has not expired

The question regarding Fahrenheit's contract has been a hot topic, the 4 members came forward to especially explain the situation. Calvin Chen stated "The contract still has 2 years, there's no problem with the renewal of contracts. Within the group, the developments of each member will have their own ups and downs, Fahrenheit's work schedule has always had a schedule for each member and also a schedule for all 4 group members". He also said at present the new album is in the middle of being recorded and they have been continuously taking on advertising endorsements, "Not caring what the outside world says, as long as Fahrenheit exists there will be 4 members". Accused of delaying the renewal of his contract Wu Chun said "it (contract) has been discussed, but the contract hasn't even ended!"

The box office sale for the second show just passable

Regarding the loss of Wu Chun, Fahrenheit would become a crippled ship, Arron Yan humorously replied "Even if we do become a crippled ship, we will not find a new ship." Fahrenheit's 1st show was almost a full turn out, but the 2nd show had only sold about 80% of the tickets, they expressed "Before going on stage we were told about the situation of our box office sales, but to hold how many shows it not something we decide, we're actually a little disappointed but this will make Fahrenheit work even harder, hoping in the next concert we will have more people to come support us."

OMG~ Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY! Fahrenheit? Disband? NO WAY!I hope it doesn't happen anytime in the near future.

TVB Award Nomination List (Part of it)

Part of the nomination list

Best Actor:

Wayne Lai-Rosy Business
Moses Chan-The Gem Of Life (HEY, MR. SERENDIPITY!)
Dayo Wong-You're Hired
Wong Hei-Burning Flames III
Kevin Cheng-Burning Flames III (FOR REAL?)
Bosco Wong-Burning Flame III (ARE YOU SERIOUS?)
Roger Kwok-D.I.E. Again
Gallen Lo-Born Rich
Ray Lui-Born Rich

I find it funny how Wong Hei and Kevin and Bosco all made it to the Best Actor list but Myolie did not make it to Best Actress. Burning Flames III was...so F.A.I.L. It is the most ironic TVB drama. Poorly written storyline with laggy and boring love triangle yet high ratings.

Best Actress:

Sheren Tang-Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh-Beyond the Realm Of Conscience
Tavia Yeung-Beyond the Realm Of Conscience
Anita Yuen-Born Rich
Jamie Chik-Born Rich
Kenix Kwok-Born Rich
Teresa Mo-Off Pedder
Sonija Kwok-D.I.E. Again (...her acting wasn't that great here, I felt she was much better in the D.I.E. I.)
Liza Wang-When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

I'm surprised Ada Choi did not make it on the list for Gem of Life. Even though that show was pretty sluggish, Ada's performance was the definitely the gem of the show.

Taiwanese idol dramas create their fair share of leading ladies

Ariel Lin

Cheryl Yang

Joe Chen

The New Paper
AF News

HUNKS have always been the focus of Taiwanese idol dramas.

Just mention the names Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou and Mike He and you can imagine hordes of fanatic teenage girls screaming. [Haha~ stampede!]

However, over the last couple of years, some leading ladies have also emerged.

U-Weekly picks its top three candidates for Best Idol Drama Queen:


The baby-faced actress, who bagged last year's Best Actress accolade at Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards, has since branched out into the music industry.

She released her debut album Blissful Encounter in July to mixed reviews.

But the happy-go-lucky gal takes criticism in her stride and prefers to focus on work, rather than be bothered by bad press.

'Some people say that I've been struck by the 'curse' of the Golden Bell,' she said, referring to the stroke of horrid luck that has hit other actresses after winning the award.

Ariel suffered only a slight career dip.

Her latest idol drama, Love Or Bread (also starring actor Joe Cheng), did not do so well in terms of ratings, compared with her previous efforts like Love Contract (2004) and It Started With A Kiss (2005).

She remains positive though, saying: 'I don't want to put pressure on myself, by constantly thinking of awards.

'To me, the response from the audience is still the most important. So long as viewers and fans like my acting, I'm very happy.'


This veteran television actress was flying under the radar till last year's breakthrough drama series My Queen.

Cheryl played a high-flying 30-something career woman who falls in love with Ethan Ruan, a co-worker almost 10 years younger.

It's no surprise Cheryl pulled off her role with aplomb, as she is no stranger to playing difficult characters.

Her most daring performance was in the movie Twenty Something Taipei (2002), in which she stripped naked.


She may have a boyish-sounding English name, but don't be mistaken. Joe is anything but a tomboy.

The actress-host started out as a member of girl group Seven Flowers, but after the dismal sales of its debut album, they disbanded and she moved into acting.

Two of her dramas, Prince Turns To Frog (2005) and Fated To Love You (2008), came in tops in television ratings, a testament to her ascending star power. [That's right! FTLY!!!WOO!!!]

Joe recently revealed her future plans to the Taiwanese press: 'I'm not getting any younger, I don't want to be stuck in the same type of series forever.'

She added that she 'yearns to jump out of the idol drama circle' and 'take on more challenging roles', including those that would require her to uglify herself.

Go Qiao En! I don't want to see you stuck in those sparrow girl roles either! Qiao En, soar! Soar into the open skies!

October 25, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 2

Some interesting behind the scene shots to watch while we wait patiently for episode 5 to be release. Next week.

Autumn's Concerto Episode 5 Preview

Credit: gar6301@youtube

Watching Mu Chen sink to her knees after Guang Xi left....is blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

Watching Guang Xi get a needleshot....is blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

Watching Guang Xi lash out at his mom and the tumor...is blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

Watching Guang Xi's face scrunch in pain is...blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

Watching Mu Chen praying for Guang Xi makes me want to blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

Totally Cannot Live Without Dramas

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009

Although this story has been made a gazillion times, I'm still looking forward to it because GAHH Ady is in it and she's playing Zhao Min!!! Wooo! I just saw some pictures of Ady in her costumes as Zhao Min and the photos sooooo prettttyyyy~ The guy, however, does not look too good but as long as their chemistry is there, I'm fine with it~~


I'm still debating whether I should watch this show or not. My friend recommended this to me earlier this year, I gave episode one a shot and then I gave up. I guess the timing was not right. I'm reconsidering this drama now because I just read a lot of positive reviews on this show. Maybe when I'm out of stuff to watch, I'll turn to this drama. Heard that Xie Jie Kai(Yang Yang in EFHL) is in here too~

Momo Love

She has four freaky brothers and one very weak brother. Huang Jing Lun...is pushing me away from this drama. I get that he's a newcomer and I should give him a chance but my patience is limited...very limited. If Jing Lun is pushing me away, Jiro, Calvin, and Godfrey are pulling me into this drama. Jiro in here is sooo muchh more bearable than Jiro in Together. Calvin, I hope to see you in episode 2. And Godfrey! He's soo handsomee~ And no offense to Ken Zhu's fan, but I would like to see him with shorter hair.

Chinese Paladin

Another Ady show~ I am like chasing all her old dramas! Hahaha! I'm up to episode 16, I think. I like it when the characters travel to places on their swords. It's so cool, they like just jump on their sword and go soaring in the skies~ such a free feeling! And the two side characters, Tang Yu and Ah Nu are soo cute, especially Ah Nu. She's like a little kid in a grown up body. And Tang Yu, he's so funny when he's confused. Hahaha~

The Outsiders

I just watched up to episode 9 and things are starting to go downhill. Dylan's character is stepping deeper and deeper into the dark side and it looks like he'll be walking down the path of no return. Blue, here, is really different from Blue in EFHL! He smiles more, frowns less. At first, I thought Dylan and Ady would be a good match, but now I'm jumping to the other side and rooting for Ady and Blue!

Born Rich

It's the 21st century, and Ray's business suits look like he belongs to the time of Sherlock Holmes. The show so far is ok, the only interesting thing that is keeping me to this show is where the father went. Is he still alive or is he hiding from his rich family? Also, I'm hoping this won't turn out to be Gem of Life #2. That show was too rich for my small poor brain to comprehend.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Dinosaur Lady is really scary. Dinosaur Lady = Susan Tse the mother of Edwin Siu. Don't her hairstyle remind you of a dinosaur? Hahaha! And Kevin's hair...he needs to put his hat 24/7 because his hair is so not cool. Everyone is so hyped to see Tavia's portrayal of an evil lady but her character is not very interesting right now. Instead, Michelle and her acting is really eye catching! Her expressions, her lines, her actions makes her character 3D. Michelle is always tattling on others but there's something about her, that just makes her stand out. She's not as evil as she seems, for now.

Autumn's Concerto/ Next Stop, Happiness

I saved the best for last. I AM GOING CRAZY OVER THIS DRAMA! I really am...I'm going to be sooo sad when this show is over. The best shows are the ones that are most missed. Parting is hard. Two sides of a fair coin, one side is wishing that Sundays would come faster; the other side is a counter counting the number of days left before this drama comes to an end. I'll be waiting at the next Station to watch your happiness come knocking at your door, Liang Mu Chen. Guang Xi, don't let the tumor control your life!

Jiro Wang hurts his hand during dance practice, bringing his injuries to the opening of the concert

Source China Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit from today will have concerts at the Taipei arena in the next 2 days, Jiro Wang who has been busy with dance practice, strained a muscle in his right wrist just 3 days ago, aching if he doesn't move his wrist. Once again he takes his injuries to stage, as last year in the concert in Hong Kong he had hurt his right knee and even had to sit in a wheel chair, alas unable to breakaway from the curse of being injured on the opening concert. With a bitter laugh he said "I will try my best".

Jiro in order to practice his own dance routines sprained his right wrist, he was rushed to hospital where the doctor advised him to rest his right hand, but because the concert is so close he had no choice but to continue with dance practice. He also took out $40 000 NT to buy 5000 crystals sticking them one by one with his own hands onto his electric guitar. When seeing his guitar becoming super bling he forgot about the pain in his hand. As with his shiny electric guitar no one is allowed to touch it, if he sees staff members trying to help put it away he will stop them and tell them "I'll do it!"

Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Arron Yan with fear and trepidation welcomed their 1st ticketed concert in Taiwan, at present 80% of tickets have been sold in their 1st concert while 70% has been sold in their second concert.

Awww, why are they are always getting injured when preparing for their concerts? Hope Jiro don't put too much stress on that injured hand. And...his hair...looks really weird. AHHH~ Arron, why are you kneeling on the floorrr!!!!! OMG! He's proposing!

October 24, 2009

One Person's Tokyo/Dong Jing: Zhang Yun Jing reveals marriage proposal to three-year old

original sources: CNA and UDN Entertainment
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net and @ http://jingcastle.forumotion.net
credit to singshow2008 and 彩虹天空 for posting at ZYJ's EMI Gold Typhoon forum

Singer Zhang Yun Jing has gone down the road of an author, promoting her new book [One Person’s Dong Jing/Tokyo, Zhang Yun Jing 361 degrees]. In her book, she reveals that during her vacation in Tokyo: she went down on her knees to propose to a cute three-year old Japanese boy. But due to the language barrier, this peculiar romance could not continue.

Zhang Yun Jing is winner of the first season of Super Idol, a reality singing competition. With her androgynous vocals and appearance, she has become a extremely popular artist. Yesterday afternoon, she held a pre-order signing event at Taipei’s K-Mall. And there was a huge group of fans on the scene.

Jing opened up the event by performing [Unprecedented], the main single from her first album of the same name. She described her transition from singer to author as another “Unprecedented” undertaking. In her opinion, transferring her emotions and thoughts from music to words was a highly difficult task.

ZYJ said that her new book [One Person’s Dong Jing/Tokyo, Zhang Yun Jing 361 degrees] is a collection of the many happenings she experienced in Tokyo. As an arts major, she was really happy that she could finally visit the “Design Capital” of Tokyo. She said that the extra degree from “361 Degrees” represents herself and steel towers.

Jing admitted that she is quite obsessed with steel towers. Her dream is to vacation with her family to see the world’s towers. However, when she went up to Tokyo Tower’s observation deck, she became very nervous as she walked on the transparent deck far from ground level. Jing couldn’t help but say: “I’m supposed to be really manly, but how come I’ve become a silly scaredy-cat!” [HAHAHA! Jing Ye! It's freaky to walk on a transparent deck!]

Still, “Master” Jing (as dubbed by her fans) was not afraid to express her emotions in her book. She reveals that because of the romantic atmosphere stirring up her lonely thoughts, she felt compelled to propose to a three-year old Japanese boy at Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple. But because of the language barrier, the small boy was scared away. He was surprised to the point where he frantically tried to find his mother. Jing couldn’t help but laugh: “The whole staff was nearby so the beauty was scared away. Next time I’m going alone to Tokyo!” At yesterday’s signing event, her recording company got six children to propose to Jing with roses. This let her become shy like a little girl.

Hahaha~ Poor kid!

F.I.R - Lydia

Credit: hollister961@youtube

I finally decided to start on The Outsiders! I just finished episode 7 and the mood is getting a little heavy. Dylan runs away from Ady. Well, runaway couples always face financial difficulties and the guy will always end up doing something(usually dangerous) for money and jeopardizes his relationship with the girl. That's how it is in dramas. ie. Ying Ye 3+1, Romantic Princess, and more. Aside from the storyline starting to turn cliche, Ady's acting is really good and her chemistry with Dylan is awesome. Dylan is soo handsomee except when he has his motorcycle hat on (it hides his awesome hair unlike someone -cough- Kevin -cough- who needs a hat to cover his oogly hair)! And gosh~ the person that surprised me the MOST was Blue! His character is so smart and calm and his hair is so nice and the camera angle on him makes him soooo darn captivating and he actually doesn't frown so much (like in EFHL) and...he is short when he stands next to Dylan~ HAHAHAHAAA!

October 23, 2009

Random Note

A week of torment. A week of exams. A week of studying. And it's still not over...so sad...I still have three more exams and one essay. I'm so tired, so exhausted, so sleepppyyyy. Help~ I'm falling apart and the only thing that's keeping me alive (and insane) is Autumn's Concerto. I have seriously been infected with AC drama disease. I like randomly start jumping for joy when I start to think about Autumn's Concerto. -sigh- I think this is worse than the FTLY period. Definitely. It's going to happen anything soon. I'm gonna walk out one day and suddenly decide to hop on a plane and head to Taiwan and completely forget about school. I am insane.

On a more sane note, I'm am quite behind on my HK drama schedule. Well, that is expected since I got like gazillions of exams everyday. So far, I've only watched two episodes of Born Rich and three episodes of Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Even though Beyond got the higher rating, I find Born Rich more pleasant to watch, for now. Both dramas are heavy dramas and will require extensive attention to watch. The beginning for Born Rich is a little more light so that's why I find it more pleasant. Beyond is just...omg...always getting scared for Tavia. I know she's going to get tormented before she becomes rises to power and those scenes are going to be pretty hard to watch. Very unlike my Autumn's Concerto, where things are nice and simple and danger is coming from only a few directions whereas in those TVB series, danger flies at you from every possible direction.

Oh~ dramas days
Oh~ dramas days
When will you be back to see me?

October 21, 2009

安以轩 - 如果那天没有遇见你

Credit: larigranger@youtube

I'm definitely a fan (of Ady) now. This song was sung by Ady in the Taiwan show, The Outsiders. That drama is going on my list of "TO WATCH AFTER EXAMS".

Shanghai Sweet Preview

Credit: TBSCTS@youtube


A mushroom head boy wearing a blue white checkered shirt with a pink panther doll in his hands, skipping down the streets...

Before he was just a picture...now we see him in action...the makeover...is shocking indeed...

Kudos to you, Show~

October 19, 2009

Chen Qiao En Visits Autumn's Concerto

Credit: gar6301@youtube

Ady An and Chen Qiao En on the same set! A rare sightttt! Hahaha~ Qiao En doesn't forget to promote her book. She gives one to Ady, one to the director, and wants to give one to Van Ness but doesn't know him that well. Ady immediately reassures her, "He's very easygoing, very good person. Unlike someone..." Hahahahaa~ I have an idea of who that person is~ hahahahahahaaa~

'Autumn's Concerto' unaffected by 'Momo Love'; ratings continue to climb

Source: NOWnews
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Yesterday night, 'Autumn's Concert' broadcasted it’s 3rd episode. Although it met strong competitor 'Momo Love's premiere broadcast, the ratings were unaffected, and even rose by 0.34. Although it is still a little far off the rating of 4.54 in Vanness Wu's dream, but it still reached a very good result of 3.59.

Yesterday afternoon, 'Autumn's Concerto' main cast specially held a signing event at Bi Tan. To prepare for the exciting scene of 'Vanness Wu vs. Tiffany Hsu basketball PK’ that would air later that night, the organisers specially arranged a basketball shooting game for the cast and fans. Vanness Wu, Ady An & Chris Wu each chose 2 fans to come onstage to join them. Chris was definitely feeling it and he came out top with 22 goals in 1 minute. And as the winner, he won very expensive gifts for the fans in his team. Ady & Vanness followed, with 21 & 17 goals, respectively. Although the other 4 fans didn’t get to win a prize, they each won a 'love's hug' from Vanness & Ady as encouragement.

Earlier, there were rumours that Vanness had a dream about ratings. He expressed: “In my dream, I saw some numbers, but when I woke up, I couldn’t remember exactly what the numbers were. I think it was either 3.43 or 4.54!” And this made Ady, who was beside him joke: “3.43 is too easy! Last week we got 3.25, so it should be 4.54 right?” And Ady also promised: “If ratings break 5.66, then Chris Wu will jump off Bi Tan!” And earlier, the ratings were revealed, and it rose to 3.59, completely unaffected by the premiere broadcast of 'Momo Love'.

Director Winnie You’s new drama 'Momo Love' has a lot of handsome guys and girls in his cast, and hence attracted a lot of attention before broadcast, however the ratings for the first episode was only 1.95. Whether or not it can beat 'Autumn's Concerto', we shall have to wait and see.

Woo! I'm glad Autumn's Concerto wasn't affected by the premiere of Momo Love. Honestly, I really really don't believe that Momo Love will beat Autumn's Concerto in ratings. Momo Love has star power, a lot of them. On the other hand, even though Autumn's Concerto lacks behind in star power, they got a lot of veteran actors and actresses, a golden bell director, a moving storyline, and a SIZZLING chemistry between the male and female leads. Autumn's Concerto All the Way~