July 31, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 9 Preview

Credit: SETTV@youtube

Hmmm. Interesting Episode.

1) Yan Da Feng dressing up as a kiwi....kinda reminds me of the time Chen Xin Yi dressed up as a chicken...

2) Awww, Fu An and Dong Jie are interrupted again by the same guy! -Sigh- This couple has fate but no destiny. I like this couple more than Fu An x Da Feng. Btw, episode 7 had a pretty good load of Dong Jie and Fu An moments! That was my favorite episode....number 7....Fu An was singing while Dong Jie played the guitar...soo good~

3) Wah~ Fu An's outfit is sooo bright!

The Duke of Mount Deer

Credit: ohhenryx@youtube

Bringing out some old memories! I use to love this show and I still do and I'm rewatching it too! Wheeeee!

Wu Chun tries out Chongqing hotpot, for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums

Source SINA 
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Just a day before, they participated in a big performance in Chongqing, the other members of Fahrenheit apart from Wu Chun, had to rush back to the hotel to pack their suitcase to leave the early next morning to return to Taiwan to film dramas. After Wu Chun returned to the hotel for a shower, he left through a side door of the hotel to accompany his mum1 to go eat a Chongqing hotpot

Wu Chun while on stage said that after the performance, he would go eat Chongqing mala hotpot with his mum that came to watch him perform, so after the performance ended a lot of fans followed the reporters to find out the location of where Wu Chun was going for his midnight snack. The reporters were helpless to the request, but there were also a lot of dedicated Wu Chun fans who waited for him outside the hotel door.

Previously Wu Chun with Fahrenheit have briefly been past Chongqing several times, but this is the 1st time they stayed. Wu Chun said, when they got off the plane there were a few fans there waiting for them, he knew at that time they made the right decision to come, " Chongqing fans need us" he said "this time in Chongqing is the 1st time I've ate the proper mala hotpot, it's very authentic". After the reporters informed him, on that day there were more than 400 fans at the airport and that the airport had to completely change the security measures set up, Wu Chun felt very honoured and thankful towards the passionate fans, at the same time he was grateful for the airport staff for looking after them and hopes that next time they would be able to come to Chongqing again.

Also, Wu Chun revealed for the next half of the year he will release a series of photo albums. At present, he has chosen the photographer and the lighting staff and has even decided on the basic concept, the shooting should begin quite soon, and when the reporters asked whether or not it was a breakthrough with the scale, Wu Chun tried to avoid the question saying "I will not disappoint everyone, I will like it very much as well"

At present, Wu Chun will stay in Chongquing for 2 days and will return to Taiwan, on July 31st and August 1st for the last 2 shows of the Mengniu Concerts, the representative for the same company is the ever popular idol group S.H.E. They will replace Fahrenheit to complete the last 2 shows for the grand finale.

July 29, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life’ and ‘Fated to Love You’ being a hit broadcast; Female lead Chen Qiao En stepped on the Sticky Note, wants to be a Sunflower

Biography: Birthdate: 4 April Horoscope: Goat Blood Group: O Star sign: Aries Height: 163 cm Successful and Hit dramas: ‘Prince turns to Frog’, ‘Ying Ye 3+1’ ‘Fated to Love You’ ‘Stand by You’, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’.

Assess the 4 males closest to you: Evaluation of Ming Dao: Clever, speak with logic, in real life he is very in need of others to take care of and tag along with life.

Talk about Blue Lan Zheng Long: Initially we do not talk much, but Blue is very earnest in acting and our partnership is rather good.

Talk about Ethan Ruan: We are like ‘good sisters’, and we like to tease each other when we are together.

Talk about ‘Rao Bao’: it is an introvert, a good tempered prince

Source: http://times.clzg.cn/html/2009-07/29/content_75957.htm
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

To name Taiwan’s most popular idol drama actress, Joe Chen Qiao En will be the one. Last year, ‘Fated To Love You’ achieved the highest ratings and this year it is ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’. Since its debut in June this year, it has emerged champion in ratings for 6 consecutive weeks.

Someone mentioned that Chen Qiao En is a shy girl. Do not think so; do you think an Aries girl will hide behind someone. No, she is not Chen Xin Yee.

Although her role in ‘Fated to Love You’ as Chen Xin Yee is like a sticky note girl, (you can tear it out and stick it anywhere ) and you can call her as and when you wish to and this has brought her fame and named ‘No. 1 Idol Sister’, and it broke all records in Taiwan Idol dramas dnd now Starlit Sky satellite TV is going to replay this drama.

Chen Qiao En describe herself as sunflower, Helianthus annuus and is the strongest flower of them all. Having ride through storm, will make her more courageous, and bring calamity to meet sunshine and rainbow after the storm.

‘I am not Chen Xin Yee, the sticky note girl, I am myself.’ said Chen Qiao En; She is an Idol drama actress, is her boyfriend’s babe, and the mum of two cats and most importantly, she is herself, Chen Qiao En.

Actress, Chen Qiao En - She is never lucky though

From 2001, she started her profession and began to work as a comedian and host. This is not what she likes and when she narrated it, she was sad. Once, while participating in the game show video, she was thrown into the water from one storey, her spine was red after the water beating, and she fought back her tears, and brought herself ashore and continue filming.

In 2002, she was asked to host with variety flagship with Wu Zhong Xian she did not like to host, and she was not serious with her work, and rumours spread that she indulged in alcoholism and negative news on her being ‘big-headed’ and when asked while collaborating with Wu Zhong Xian, what have she learned and her answer was nothing.

Because of rejecting the role as host, she offended the managing company and was blacklisted and went through a period of low profile. She said that if she could enter the performance circle to be an actress and given the opportunity in acting, she will valiantly do her best.

And due to her persistence, the company changed its mind, or due to company’s commercial considerations, and after half a year of ‘freezing’, she eventually appeared but this time as a singer and together with 6 other girls formed the group called ‘7 Flowers’ but this was not her ambition.

Not until, in the year of 2005, when she acted in ‘Prince turns Frog’. Having gone through rough times, she gusto to work hard and she treasured the opportunity given. And she went to the editing crew to see her own performance and hope to deliver the perfect performance.

And this drama hit top ratings of 8 , and thereafter she acted in ‘Fated to Love You’ and the ratings soared, and the latter broke 13% in ratings.

Having gained popularity, and people call her ‘Idol Drama First Sister’ though she has reached 30 yrs old. And she almost forgotten instances where she was called clumsy for not able to inject humour or being scolded by producers. And she knew that she is not lucky and she does not come from a rich family, and have her ill-fate moments, so she is determined and must work hard.

As a mummy to her cats and she has shed tears because of them.

And when you mentioned Qiao En’s cats, words and pictures of them occupy half of her blog’s contents.

Chen Qiao En said she love animals more than humans. After working and when she reaches home it is past midnight, and the first thing she would do is to change cats litter and prepare food for her Ruo Bao and little Yoda before going to sleep. Once, the kitten sneezed and the nose bleeds and she immediately brought him to hospital. And the inject caused the kitten to bleed, she immediately broke into tears. …

Besides taking care of them, taking photos of her cats, buying the latest toys for her kittens, she dotes on them.

Homely Person; Staying at home for 7 days.

Besides work, she would stay at home and have a record of not stepping out for 7 days. Even for shopping, she will do it via internet. Good friends invite her to dine out, she would also declined and in the end, the friend stay home with her to eat mutton instead.

Besides, shopping from internet, playing video games, her other hobby is writing. She said that she is comfortable with writing and finds it an enjoyment and when writing, her time is completely hers.

Fond of writing and having published two books, and the new book called:“Qiao Jian Paris’ was being published in June. The book has her footprints in Paris and her trifling mood. And she is used to having an unconcerned attitude towards life; for those negative things, she is not bothered by them.

And she stressed that liking her words is more important than liking her. And she said she is a person who will express her love for her boyfriend, Michael and will insist in using a 0.4 refill ball pen and written closely and densely and do not use correction fluid, and use a small sticker to stick on the wrong word, at this moment, she is not an actress nor ‘Idol Drama Big Sister’ but a little girl in love.

As a Lover, Qiao En - Work is for love.

From her collaboration with her male leads ranging from Ming Dao, Ethan Ruan and Blue Lan, she is always rumoured to have an affair with her male co-stars. And when she was asked, she would just smiled.

Actually, Chen Qiao En has a long-time boyfriend called Michael, an Australian who is a broker. Talking about her boyfriend, Chen Qiao En is subtle yet sweet. ‘He is someone who lives in his own world, very simple person, and quite understand my work. Although I am busy filming and we cannot be like a normal couple where they meet often, but two persons with a little effort , can maintain the relationship by calling one another over the phone.’

Once, it was rumoured that Chen Qiao En and her boyfriend lack passion as they seldom see each other, she would shake her head and said that their feelings are good. And when she is tired of the work, he would send her short messages and asked her to be a professional. And she lamented that being an actress she needs to give up a lot of things, and pondered whether this is the price of fame and he would console her and she feel comforted.

They have quarreled and Michael is more diplomatic and Chen Qiao En is quick-tempered. And when they quarreled, due to Chen Qiao En limited understanding of English, both speak their own dialects, and in the end he quarrel cannot be continued. And Qiao En learned some ways of dealing with affairs from Michael.

Although she is a career-minded and forward-going lady, she is still like an ordinary girl who wants to be loved, and love is important to her life, now I work hard is for a good ending for love. And hope that by 35 yrs old have enough money to set up a family, and then to bring up children.

OK~ I change my mind. This is my favorite article of the year now! I really really admire this girl! She just keeps on going and falling down won't keep her back, it's makes her even more determined to reach her goal. Jia You, Chen Qiao En!

July 28, 2009

183 Club - 甜蜜約定

Credit: heidei6468@youtube
Lyrics: http://linmingdao.net & firefaery@AF


轻轻关上我的眼睛 整个心里都是你
在我心里 最爱的人就是你
爱的印記 如此坚定
在我心里 最爱的人就是你
爱的印记 如此坚定
在我心里 最爱的人就是你
爱的印记 如此坚定
Baby you will know our love so sweet


Tien Mi Yue Ding

Qing qing guan shang wo de yan jing zheng ge xin li du shi ni
xi wong zhen ai neng bei ni gan ying
ni shi yue liang wo shi xing xing
pei ni yi qi shu xin qing jian
zheng wo lian ai qing de jiang lin
zai wo xin li zui ai de ren jiu shi ni
zhuang shang chi bang wo yao fei xiang ni
ai de yin ji ru ci jian ding
zhe shi wo men de tian mi yue ding
qing qing hu xi ni de hu xi
xin li man man du shi ni
ni shi yong guang shui huan you kong qi
mang mang ren hai que ding shi ni
xing fu shan shua de yan jing
yue liang sai biao wo de yi ke xin
zai wo xin li zui ai de ren jiu shi ni
zhuang shang chi bang wo yao fei xiang ni
ai de yin ji ru ci jian ding
zhe shi wo men de tian ni yue ding
zai wo xin li zui ai de ren jiu shi ni z
huang shang chi hang wo yao fei xiang ni
ai de yin ji ru ci jian ding
zhe shi wo men de tian mi yue ding
Baby you will know our love so sweet


Date So Sweet

Lightly closing my eyes, my heart is filled with images of you
I hope you could sense my true love.
You are the moon and I'm the stars
accompanying you to talk about your heart,
witnessing the beginning of our love
in my heart you are the one I love the most
I'll attach wings to fly towards you
the footprints of love is so strong
this is our sweet date
Lightly breathing your breathe my heart is full of you
you are the sun, water and air.
in the sea of people it was meant to be you
those shinning eyes fill with happiness
the moon represents my heart
repeat: in my heart, you're the one I love most
I'll attach wings to fly towards you
the footprints of love is so strong
this is our sweet date

Arron Yan's slimming pants for burning off fat, with flashing speed becomes the buying kid

Arron Yan trying to keep his figure, reveals DBSK also wear slimming pants to burn off fat

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Arron Yan has been in Changhua, Yuanlin to film GTV's idol drama Love Buffet. In the room where he has been living in for the past month, spread out across his bed are sunglasses, shoes and clothes, even the suitcase that Wu Chun gave him is full, he laughed saying "when the time comes I might need a truck to move it all!"

Shopping skills, there's nobody that can compete

Arron Yan taking advantage of the free time when he isn't filming, will go to Taichung and Changhua city center to spend his money shopping. In his room it is filled with clothes and shoes from his recent plunder with "lightning hand movements" and spending money skills that nobody can compare to, he said "some of the stores are opened by close friends, so they give discount!"

Living in Changhua for a month, this is the 1st time he has been away from home for such a long period. After Arron received surgery on his right leg meniscus cartilage, to help protect his leg, his dad gave him an electric massager for the leg, carrying it with him where ever he goes. When free, he will tie it to his leg including his waist, in his room he will go on the internet, keeping healthy and exercising.

Keeping healthy not forgetting to burn off fat

Arron Yan filming a drama and simultaneously keeping healthy, in order to maintain his figure, he bought with him tight slimming pants, while displaying his pants he said " I heard that the all the members in the Korean group DBSK wear this! it's super effective!"

Within Fahrenheit, Wu Chun is filming a movie, Jiro Wang is filming Momo Love in Taipei and Calvin Chen is running back and forth from Taipei to Changhau. The four members look like they are flying solo, but in actual fact, for Arron Yan's filming in Changhau, Wu Chun gave him a suitcase. He said, Wu Chun separately gave all three of them each a suitcase, because Arron Yan's real name is "Wu Geng Lin" at the bottom of the suitcase it was signed as "Wu king of music", showing that the friendship of the 4 will not change.

Haha~Chun is so thoughtful to buy suitcases for his bros! And wow~ this article makes Arron sound like a super shopaholic! Hahaha! And wow~ the power of DBSK! Hahaha!

July 27, 2009

Calvin Chen for his drama continues training, not afraid of a burst liver

Calvin Chen from the drama acquires the ability for instant sleep, even though he is so tired to the point his liver will explode he will not forget his muscle exercise.

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Calvin Chen at the same time is filming two drama's; Momo Love and Love buffet, from Taipei to Changhua running back and forth continuously, candles burning from both ends. Even though he is so tired that his liver might fast explode, while in Changhua he secretly trains, everyday he wildly exercises doing 300 sit ups, breaking away from his gentle image to become a fierce muscle man!

For Momo love shooting he trains his body

Hardworking Calvin Chen in Changhua is shooting love buffet, in the hotel room he is staying in, spread out over his dressing table are full of vitamin tablets and chicken essence. Successively filming two dramas, he doesn't find it hard but is tired from rushing between the two locations, resulting in having only 4hrs sleep each day, finally training his powers to be able to sleep while standing.

Even though he is so tired to the point where his liver will explode, Calvin will not forget to do his sit-ups, doing 300 sit-ups un-interrupted. It was actually later revealed in Momo love there is a scene where his top half of his body is exposed, "How can I not train?", perhaps at this moment it can't compare with Wu Chun's and Jiro Wang's "Big muscles", Calvin rubbing his stomach said "A 6-pack should appear soon!"

Finds the time to visit the night market, warm childhood years

Since childhood he has been a city child, Calvin filming in Yuanlin (in Changhua) in the rural area where there isn't much entertainment, went searching for fun himself. With Arron Yan and Joanne Tseng the three went to visit the night market and bought quite a lot of goods; 3 sunglasses only costing $200 NT, dried guava and pickled plum lollipop, filling his room with all his childhood memories.

If you nearly got a fright out of reading the title, well, you're not alone. I almost dropped my glass of water when I read "burst liver". Health is number one, Cal! And don't overwork yourself! Filming two dramas and 300 sit ups everyday! WA SAI! 300 SIT UPS!!! EVERYDAY!!!


Credit: cqefan@youtube


I feel like I'm floating among cotton candy when I listen to this song.

In case you're wondering, Chen Qiao En (7 Flower) and Ehlo Huang (183 Club) sang this song! It's called 甜蜜約定 aka Sweet Date aka A Date So Sweet.

AH~ Fated to Love You!

Ethan Ruan forces Chen Qiao En to admit that she is secretly in love with him

From this picture, it looks like Ethan Ruan is the one secretly in love with Chen Qiao En

Ethan Ruan "taking care" of Chen Qiao En

Called sister by Chen Qiao En, Ethan Ruan is "angry"

Source: hexun.com
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net

The drama that once broke the highest ratings record in Taiwan "Fated To Love You" ("Fated" for short), will be airing on Star TV on the 3rd of August onwards. Yesterday, the leads Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan came to Guanzhou to promote the drama. "Mr and Mrs Ji" are as close as rumored; they will chat with each other regardless of the crowd watching. At the press conference, they will sometimes bicker and sometimes help each other to answer tough questions; they even pad each other's shoulder and are very active. The reporters boldly asked tough questions and they answer them freely.

1. How different are you from the characters of Xin Yi and Cun Xi?

Chen Qiao En plays the ordinary "sticky note girl". She said: "Xin Yi and I are not similar in any way. If you must find a character trait that are similar, it's that I am also very kind. But I will not pour coffee for others. Cun Xi is very mean in the beginning but later on we discover that he is very devoted in love. I also like guys who listen to their hearts." Talking about Ethan Ruan, Chen Qiao En said: "He is like Cun Xi, 死小孩" (translator note: hard to translate 死小孩, it means something like brat, punk, mischievous child etc). Ethan Ruan obediently agreed: "Right, I am 死小孩."

2. What happens if you sleeps with the wrong person?

In the drama, they got drunk and slept together. But when asked how they will handle if this happens in real life, the articulate Ethan Ruan stutters: "Wah, it's so hard to answer! If it happens, then don't avoid the problem, we must face it." Chen Qiao En, who is enjoying Ethan Ruan's discomfit, soon finds herself asked the same question. She thought for a while and said with difficulty: "It's very hard to answer." Now it's Ethan Ruan's turn to gloat: "See, I told you so."

3. Is Chen Qiao En secretly in love with Ethan Ruan?

In Chen Qiao En's new book, she revealed her romantic feelings. Everybody guessed that the man she is referring to is Ethan Ruan. When asked about this, Ethan Ruan said: "I have asked her. She said it may be me." But Chen Qiao En said: "When we were on the plane today, Ethan said to me: "Chen Qiao En, are you secretly in love with me? I know that I am indeed very handsome." Actually both of us are puzzled. When I wrote the article, we have finished filming "Fated To Love You" for some months. I hate it when reporters ask me who will I choose, Ming Dao or Ethan Ruan? Can I choose neither? Ming Dao is like an old man, I will tell him my problems. Ethan is like a sister." Ethan Ruan joking hit Chen Qiao En: "Do you want to die! The one Chen Qiao En wrote about is me. I don't care, it has to be me."

4. What will you do if the ratings in Guangzhou is good?

"Fated" ratings broke 10 in Taiwan and Ethan Ruan swam a not so naked swim. When asked whether he will also sacrifice if the ratings is good in Guangzhou, Ethan Ruan had learned his lesson and dare not make a bet again. He hesitated for a long time and dare not said naked swimming, only said vaguely: "Naked swimming is to thank the audience for their support." Chen Qiao En joked: "So now you are asking the audience to swim naked? You can wear winter clothes and sit in a public bus yelling "Fated To Love You"."

5. Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao cannot get along?

Ethan Ruan rose to the position of "first brother" with this drama and news of his threatening Ming Dao's position and they can't get along came out. Ethan Ruan talked about their interactions in private and said: "Ming Dao helped me to hold a cup of water in episode 12. He is senior and a good actor. Because he is a good friend of Qiao En, he visited us a few times when we were filming this drama. I also grabbed the opportunity to learn from him. We hope to film a drama together some day but can't find an opportunity right now. I feel that everybody has their own characteristic, so we should not say who replace who. I Ethan Ruan has my characteristic and Ming Dao also has his characteristic of a matured man."

6. When will you marry?

Both of them has a steady partner whom they dated for a long time. When asked when she will marry, Chen Qiao En joked: "Many people will feel that it's not important whether we win any awards. But sorry, I care a lot about it. I will only want to go home and bear children after I win an international award." Ethan Ruan stutters again: "If I have to choose between popularity and marriage, I will choose marriage. But now my career comes first. I hope to give my girl a steady life." Chen Qiao En comes to his help again: "Guys must have a broad shoulder for girls to lean on. He means he must earn 100 millions and give his other half a wealthy life." Ethan Ruan again agreed obediently: "That's right."

OoooooOOO! My favorite article/interview this year! I love it when Qian En and Xiao Tian are together onscreen. When there's TianEn, laughter and comedy are guaranteed to follow. The mischevious and playful Qiao En from the FTLY days is back! Sure haven't seen her this happy since FTLY days. Her laughter and smiles in the EFHL BTS videos feels very different from her previous drama BTS videos. She's more quiet and not as hyper as before. I'm so happy to hear that she finally reunited with Xiao Tian in Guanzhou because Xiao Tian can definitely bring back that radiant smile.

July 26, 2009

Too Much of A Good Thing is A Tiring Thing

I am totally exhausted. I went to a State Park to BBQ with my cousin and her co workers yesterday. It was a very hot day and doing too many good things on a hot day is a bad thing. First thing I did was play Frisbee. It was my first thing playing and I can't throw it right. It either flies too far to the left or too far to the right.

After Frisbee was peddle boating! This is one of those things that looks good but really isn't. It is the most tiring thing ever! The peddle boat is the one where two people sit in the front and peddle with their feet. So my cousin and I were on this peddle boat peddling around the lake and then I spotted some ducks in the water and my dear cousin goes, "Let's chase after them". We chased the same duck three times! The first and second time, it only swam faster to avoid us. The third time it water skied 30 feet! It was the coolest thing I've seen. By the time we got back to the docking area, our legs were sore from duck chasing.

I also went biking on unfamiliar trails in the "forest" and almost got lost. I was riding on this trail and I was the only biker on that trail. Minutes passed by without a person in sight and I started to get scared. I kept thinking that someone would jump out from behind a tree or something. Luckily, that didn't happen, but what did happen was that I followed the trail and ended next to the highway. I was like ... where am I. Hahahaa~ but no worries, I just went back the way I came~

The event that drain every bit of my fuel is badminton. I played some hardcore badminton. Chasing after the birdie with ounce of energy left in me, hitting the birdie real hard, oh my, so tiring~ but I didn't bother to take a break and now I'm paying for my mistake. My legs hurt like crazy, my right arm also hurts too. :(

Management in Dispute; Steven Ma caught in the middle

Next Weekly Edition:1101
Stephen Chan Shows Support; Waiting for Ma Zai to Sign Contract
Translated by: Tamaya @ asianfanatics.net
pls credit mag scans to steven-org.org

Management Fry Big Wok, Steven Ma caught in the middle.
(Management in Dispute; Steven Ma caught in the middle)
It has always been widely rumored that the two top TVB executives, Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang, are at odds with each other underneath their cordial appearance. Lately their discord is out in the open for all to see, even to the point of being factious; explicitly taking a stance of it’s you or me to the bitter end. As to the cause of this contention, allegedly Ms. Lok had vocally criticized that Ms. Tsang’s favorite general, Steven Ma’s image ‘can’t enter homes’ (interpretation: Steven has no audience appeal or draw) hence, had repeatedly obstructed his contract renewal with TVB. This point of contention caused the two top female executives to publicly open fire at each other, stirring the big wok during a meeting. Stephen Chan, as the outsider, was ultimately forced to resolve their dispute.

Sacrificing a Favorite General.
In recent years, there has been a shortage of siu sang and fan da in TVB. Furthermore, many of its artistes upon termination of their contracts, would jump ship onto greener pastures elsewhere, thereby greatly reducing the already increasingly meager human resources in the artistes management sector, TVB’s most profitable department. As to the group of artistes who possess rating power and whose contract renewals are pending or upcoming such as: Bowie Lam, Roger Kwok, Steven Ma, Maggie Cheung, Sheren Teng, Wong Hei and Ada Choi; it can be said that TVB will definitely want to retain them. But after a lapse of half year, only Bowie Lam and Roger Kwok have renewed their contracts. This situation had greatly alarmed board member, Mona Fong. As the Director of Artiste Resources, Ms. Lok was responsible for stock replenishment, consequently, her right-hand woman, Manager of Artistes Development, Ms. Chan (陳佩華) had to be sacrificed for the flap when she took the blame by resigning last month.

To prevent further outflow of talents, allegedly earlier on, a meeting was held with various TVB departments to discuss the contract renewal crisis. In the meeting, the Director of Series Production, Ms. Catherine Tsang, laid out the contract predicament of her favorite general, Steven Ma, whose contract would expire in early July. However, the discussion degenerated into an acrimonious verbal war between the two top executives.

An Insider’s Account
“Ms. Lok claimed that Steven Ma’s image ‘can’t enter the homes’, subsequently, both parties couldn’t come to an agreement on his contract terms. And then someone quipped: “Is it only your home that he can’t enter?” At the time, the tension was already explosive; Zhan Jie then pointed out that Steven’s series have yet to be broadcast including Stars of Love, A Watchdog’s Life and Pu Songling. If he left, will these 3 series still be aired? Furthermore, Steven has just accepted a new series, ‘Temptations’. Zhan Jie felt that not renewing the contract will not insure the company of its interest.”

Stephen Chan’s Involvement
Steven first entered the entertainment industry as a singer, however, his singing career was less than ideal, then. It was not until he gained Catherine Tsang’s appreciation and participated in TVB series such as Files of Justice, Duke of Mt. Deer, Healing Hands, and Perish in the name of love that his popularity soared. In 2005, through Ms. Tsang, Steven signed the management contract with TVB. Thereafter, he performed in many high rating series including Land of Wealth and Safeguards. In the 2006 TVB anniversary ceremony, he received the award for 'The Most Favorite Male Character', thereby successfully becoming TVB front line actor. For this, Ms. Tsang’s efforts cannot be underestimated.

The dispute between the higher executives has yet to be resolved, so whether Steven, whose contract has already expired, will stay or not is still up in the air. TVB General Manager, Stephen Chan, was forced to resolve this dispute. He took it upon himself to personally negotiate the contract renewal with Steven. Earlier on, Steven went to TVB city to discuss his contract renewal. He said: “Came to discuss the contract. My thanks to Zhan Jie and Mr. Chan for their high regards of me. The negotiation was amiable. But as to the terms in the contract, it is not convenient to disclose.”

Stephen Chan said: “I’ve discussed the contract with Ma Zai. Ma Zai is not a new artiste. He has no problems whatsoever in 'entering audiences' homes'. We have already resolved the terms. At the moment, only waiting for him to return the signed contract to the company.” He said there was no discord over this matter as was reported. Stephen said that Ma Zai’s series have always brought in steady and good ratings. And that he approves of Steven.

Each With Her Own Mountain Peak.
In TVB, Ms. Lok and Ms. Tsang lead two separate factions; their relationship resembles that of fire and water. Because of their high positions and great power, all tvb siu sang and fan dan, whenever they are on stage to receive their awards, will sure to thank both Ms. Lok and Zhan Jie simultaneously. Their status is on par with each other, therefore, neither one of them can be offended.

OMG! Thank you, Mr. Chan! Thank you for stepping in and rescuing Steven (and TVB)! Without Steven, my favorite Linda coupling would cease to exist. But then again, this Ms. Lok is too over. This is the same lady that overworked Linda, has a crush on Kevin Cheng, and scolded Wong Hei for not getting along with her crush.

Jerry Yan: I was “aloof” in the past as I do not know how to express myself

Ella (left) has changed Jerry Yan on-and-off-screen.

Source: SINA
Translation by: syyang @ asianfanatics.net

Despite his handsome appearance which invites cheers from fans everywhere he goes, Jerry Yan seemed to always have a “bad-temper” label stuck to him. Since [Meteor Garden], rumours of Jerry Yan’s bad temper and news speculations have been incessant. Hence the nickname of “Bao Long” (lit transl: Violent Dragon or T-Rex). Such news were further “proven” with the change of 8 manager agent s within 3 years.

Those who loved him called him – “Xiao Bai Tu” (lit transl: Little White Rabbit). Not only does Jerry has very white teeth, but his two front teeth also resembled that of a little rabbit. Most importantly, fans had attempted to use this adorable pet name to oust the unfavourable nickname of “Bao Long” away. But how does Jerry feel personally? Is he really happy? Recently, during the filming of [Down With Love] (DWL) in Hangzhou, china, Jerry accepted an interview from [Yang Cheng Evening News]. He shared thoughts on his growth and feelings within the industry. He admitted, now he has changed a lot, “ELLA has influenced me greatly.”

[Sharing on ELLA]

“She is always ready to share love and concern for others. To me, such interaction makes one feel very heart-warming.”

Idol drama – DWL, is the collaboration across the shores with filming in Taipei and Hangzhou, and a debut partnership between Jerry and SHE’s member – Ella. Jerry will act as a lawyer and Ella as a down and out former little rich girl. Together, they will weave a love story. To Jerry, the collaboration seemed to be the greatest opportunity to change himself for the better.

Reporter ®: How do you feel collaborating with Ella?

Jerry (J): Actually I am full of anticipation! Because I’ve heard many people spoke of her in the past, and hence I do not feel foreign working with her. I am indeed speaking the truth when I said during the press conference earlier, I feel shy seeing her dressed up so sexily. Because she is not one who would flaunt her merits usually and thus, misleading everyone to think she is very boyish. But in fact, she can be one --- someone who is very elegant and demure, and very sexy and beautiful too. I feel that she should really showcase more of this side of her, and I believe there will be even more people who like her (laugh).

R: Since your collaboration in the past 2 months, were there any memorable incidents?

J: Too many memorable incidents. Such as, just a few days back, we were filming a dancing scene. She looked at me sincerely and said, “If you ever need, I will give you a lot of encouragement.” I feel that everyone is under a lot of pressure, yet she is always ready to share her love and concern for others. To me, this interaction makes one feel very heart-warming. This also extends to us playing around off-screen. For instance during one of those very hot days, she actually came over to tease me. In the end I carried her up and turned a few rounds until she could not even stand up properly after I put her down.

R: Have you not met a partner who could understand you as well as Ella, in the past?

J: Just like how Ella explained, in the past, I tend to hide behind a defensive wall to the environment. A lot of girls whom I partnered with, tend to find that I am very cold and distant; but only Ella dares to pop over to kick and tease me… But I am not angered by this. Instead I feel that this little girl is very adorable and she is actually only playing with you! Just like in this serial, everyone will be able to see the interesting chemistry between myself and Ella.

R: According to sources, Ella, is the first actress whom you had partnered with, and wish to celebrate her birthday for her?

J: Actually speaking of that day, I was quite upset. I have been planning to spring a surprise for her but just in those 2 days, something else happened to affect my mood a little.

R: Hangzhou is a romantic and beautiful place; do you all have plans to do something special?

J: Yes, I told her, if there is a chance, we should take a boat ride to view the scenery. That would be spectacular! The important point is as long as she is willing, I wish for her to share some of her unhappiness with me. I feel that I am like family to her and it is not forever that she should be the one showing concern for others. I trust that she would also need someone like family members, to give her strength.

[Sharing on Change]

“Actually real joy is when everyone is happy. I have learnt to view problems with from this perspective.”

In the last episode of [Meteor Garden], an interaction scene was added for Shancai and Daomingsi. This caused Barbie Hsu (Big S) to feel very vexed then as it seemed there were speculations that Jerry’s temperament caused her fear. In fact, many people are also fearful of her. Yet during the filming of DWL, Jerry seemed to have become more “easy to get along with”. Not only will he pick up his own meal box during meal times, but he would also do the sorting of rubbish after meals by himself, and even offered to help the crew members carry the rail-tracks for filming. He shared, “Now, I have learnt to show concern for others and to bow even lower.” This statement has thus become a classic.

R: Your tempers seemed to have changed a fair bit recently?

J: One of the major contributing factors has to be Ella’s influence on me. She is actually very sensible and sentimental. She would treat each day seriously and do nothing but her best for her work and also treat everyone around her sincerely. Observing her gestures has changed my attitude to others. Not everyone is born like Andy Lau – who knows how to get along with everyone else. But when you learn from Ella to show concern for others, you would feel happy too. That is a wonderful feeling.

R: Earlier on, Ella analysed your character and shared that you are “actually a ‘kai xin guo’ (lit transl: source of happiness, bundle of joy), and the extent of your seriousness in work would make one feels heartache for you. You had only erected the wall because of special condition in the past.” Do you agree with her analysis?

J: To be honest, it is quite scary. Not many whom had worked with me can give such an appropriate analysis. Just a few nights ago when I filmed till 2-3 am, she was just sitting somewhere near me and she offered me encouragement. At that time, I really was nearly moved to tears. Some people, for their own gains, would attempt to hurt others. But not Ella. She would always strive to do her best at work, and make everyone around her happy. Such gestures would make you feel that the world is so beautiful! She would make you feel – I must also be happy and brush away the gloominess of the past…

R: Are you someone who deeply wishes for care and concern from others?

J: It never occurred to me before. But what I wish to say is that, when we feel that the going is tough, we can always give each other a hug. These few days, her mood has been affected by something. I just wish to walk into her room to give her an encouraging hug, but yet lack the courage. Maybe as I am not someone who is proactive hence, sometimes even when I feel warm and passionate about doing something, but I would feel strange taking initiative.

R: You have always been served by an entourage of crew members?

J: In the past, I have 5-6 crew members following me. But not anymore. Actually like a child born in riches and has been well-protected, he probably could not understand what it means to be sensible or not. But one day, when he lost all these protection, the little child would start to empathise and be sensitive to others’ sufferings. When a serial gained popularity, the artistes would be glorified and gain fame. But everyone would neglect the director, cameramen and other crew members, even the crew carrying the rail-tracks worked very hard. In the past, I was too well-protected by other crew members and did not have the chance to see others’ sufferings as I am always enjoying the air-conditioning in my dedicated artiste vehicle. But now, when there are no more crew members attending to me, I remind myself that I can no long be that spoilt child and should gain a perspective of the bigger world, and remember everyone’s help to you.

R: One of the crew members shared that you would even take initiative to help crew members carry the rail-track now?

J: It is not a matter of taking initiative. Actually real joy is when everyone is happy. [I second this!] I have learnt to view problems with from this perspective. In the past, we have always been requesting for others to heed our feelings, but when we are able to see others, our work would really become better. The other time when I was in Taiwan and the stage collapsed during the autograph session, many reporters were perspiring badly under the hot sun just so to do the interview. I merely passed a tissue to one reporter and he was very happy. I had not done this intentionally, and it is not really a difficult task, but why had it not occurred to me in the past?

R: How would you view the reporters who write about your gossips and rumours?

J: Perhaps I have not done everything right in the past, thus resulting in their misunderstanding. Like how I said earlier, why do I only see myself in the past? I hope to be able to see more of others in the future.

[Sharing on Feelings]

“I would not state restrictions. I might even fall for a member of the crew.”

Earlier, Jerry Yan admitted to his past romance with Lin Chiling and shared on the reason for the failed relationship. He attributed it to his inferior complex, lack of self-confidence, not gentle enough and not being able to speak honeyed words…

R: Would you fall for Ella – whom we tend to think of as a “fake little boy”?

J: I would not state restrictions, because matters of the heart come naturally. I might even fall for a member of the crew. Perhaps when you see a member of the crew working seriously, you would feel that she is really attractive! Thus, I would not set restrictions as to who that special girl might be for me.

Wow, this is a really good interview! Just by reading this, I can already feel that Mr. Jerry has changed. The Jerry in this interview is very different from the cold and distant Jerry that was portrayed by the media. Little acts of kindness can make the world more beautiful. Go Ella!

July 22, 2009

Titanic Parody

Credit: nigahiga

HAHAHAAA! This is one of the funniest video I've ever encountered on Youtube! I like how Rose laughs at 0:47 with teehehehehee! Teehehehe! The scene right after this is so funny! They totally turn this romantic scene into a funny one. "Oooo, Jack, I'm flying." HAHAHAHAAA! Every line in this video cracks me up! The funniest one is towards the end where after Jack makes Rose promise him three things, Rose says, "I promise I will let go Jack. Just shut up and die already." HAHAHAHAA! Trust me and watch this funny video. It'll brighten up your day. A Lot.

Jiro Wang Prepares Cantonese song, “Same Origination.” Show Luo Celebrates His Birthday Early

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

Translated by endlessjoy @ http://asianfanatics.net

On July 24th, the “Mist Ox Sour Milk Superstar Concert Tour” will start its prologue at the Guangzhou College City Field. On the previously confirmed list of performers, Fahrenheit is added to it. The opening will either be Xu Fei or Yoga Lin You Jia. Then it will have Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, and Anson Hu’s giving great performances. At last, Fahrenheit will perform the ending act.

Jiro Wang Wants to Sing Cantonese Songs

One of the members of Fahrenheit, Jiro Wang, is originally from Guangdong. He’s long wanted his company to plan a “Origin Finding Adventure.” Never thought that this concert helped him make his dream come true. This concert tour will have a total of four stops in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Wuhan. Fahrenheit only participates in two of the stops. The other two stops will have another group from their company, S.H.E., performing. Jiro, after knowing that he can perform in his homeland, particularly asked that the two stops they perform in, one of them has to be Guangzhou. He even started practicing Cantonese, preparing to get close with Guangzhou fans and challenging himself to sing a Cantonese song for the Guangzhou fans.

Show Luo Celebrates Birthday Early

July 30th is Show Luo’s birthday. Show has decided to celebrate his birthday early with his fans at the Chongqing performance. The creator of the concert especially created a special birthday celebration ceremony, wanting to give Show a surprise. Guangzhou fans also didn’t let go of this opportunity and has already prepared his birthday gift. They will also say “Happy Birthday” to Show during his Guangzhou performance. After hearing the news, Show is very touched saying “It doesn’t matter what shape or form my birthday is celebrated in, all that matters is that my performance can give everyone happiness.”He said that he will bring his much collaborated dance group with him to perform, presenting everyone with the best performance

Jolin Wants to Create a New Record

The lead director of the Mist Ox Sour Milk Superstar Concert Tour said that they have designed a different opening/appearance style for everyone artist. “Just the elevating part of the stage, has many different plans.” But he said that Jolin’s appearance act will be the most prominent and the most difficult. “She will once again create a new high altitude performance record, challenging the fan’s psychological limit. This type of performance style is believe to be the first time performed by Jolin. “To coordinate with Jolin’s performance, the creators even used an equipment worth more than one million yuan. A water pump pillar is arrange on stage; water can pump up to six meters high, the water coming down can add to the different lighting events on stage.

Wow! I never knew that Jiro was from Guangdong!

Cyndi Wang critisized Jiro Wang for using her for publicity

Source : UDN
translation by karened @ http://asianfanatics.net

Disclaimer: The title is misleading. In the article, there was nothing that says that Cyndi accused Jiro was using her as publicity.

Cyndi Wang has been filming outdoor location shoots for "Momo Love" the past few days. The sorching sun, at 36 degrees celsius, not only caused her a huge decrease in weight to 40kg, but also caused her body strange symptoms like clouded eyesight and numbness in her left fingers. Still, compared to the sun, what gave her a greater headache was the rumours with Jiro Wang earlier. Unable to conceal her helplessness, she rebute straightforwardly, "I started filming this series near the end of June. In the beginning of June they say that we developed feelings for each other. I didn't know that such rumours can arise even we've only filmed three scenes."

During the filming of "Momo Love" Cyndi was troubled by many bad romances. Besides all the romance rumours, the most fatal one was when her ex-boyfriend Viter Fan said that he was blind [when he dated her]. He claimed that during their relationship she cheated on him and had a close relationship with the owner of a cafe. Sources say that Cyndi felt upset by what he sad and once confided in a friend. She said that she would admit to what she had done but most of what he said were not true. Her manager said that both of them broke up many years ago and so Cyndi will not response to any questions regarding Viter Fan.

The filming for "Momo Love" starts at 6am every morning and takes place in various locations in Taiwan. The tanned Cyndi had too depend on sports energy drinks to prevent dehydration. Still, she usually develops a headache even before noon. Her eyesight suddenly blurred during filming the day before yesterday and she felt numbness in her fingers. Laughing bitterly, she said, "Did the sun make me blind or did it give me a stroke?"

What a horrible title!

July 21, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 7 Eng Sub

Part 1 - 8

You can watch Episode 7 Parts 1 to 8 in the above link with English Subtitles.

Part 1 - 8

Here's Episode 7 Parts 1 to 8 with Chinese subtitles

Da Dong and Calvin Chen take turns to hug Cyndi Wang, foolishly thinking about Japanese model Lena

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Cyndi Wang shooting "Momo Love" has made her love relationship blossom, within one day she got married twice. The grooms Da Dong and Calvin Chen took turns to shoot their wedding pictures, but while embracing Cyndi Wang the two had 25 year old mixed Japanese model Lena on their minds!

Da Dong gets sweaty, Calvin dislikes the smell

Within GTV idol drama Momo Love, the female lead Cyndi Wang is the only girl in the drama, like stars gathering around the moon, the wedding pictures were shot in succession with the two handsome guys. As it was a fantasy scene, Da dong and Calvin were the grooms wearing the same clothes, shoes and even the ties weren't an exception.

But on the day of the shoot, it just so happened that the wedding company had problems with the air conditioner, Da Dong who has the nickname "sweaty soldier", under the strong lights shinning down, sweat streamed down his back, his tie also getting wet. Taking over the scene was Calvin, he took a smell and immediately shouted "Wah! It all smells of sweat!" Da Dong chokingly replied" brothers should wear the same underwear, if he complains again get him a sock I wore, for him to wear!"

The brothers at the same time fall in love with Lena, both fighting for her

The two can usually put on a hundred poses for photo shoots, but coming across the wedding shoot especially holding hands with Cyndi, Da Dong and Calvin were unexpectedly helpless. They left the photographer to arrange the poses, who gave out commands for each single pose.

Within Fahrenheit, Da Dong and Calvin are the closest in age and have a good relationship, with similar preferences in women. The two in the drama fight over Cyndi, while out with the drama the two have recently started admiring the long legs, big eyes and half Japanese model Lena. A few days before, Lena had came to Taiwan, the two also agreed to run over to join in, to see the beautiful girls! To come across a girl they both like Calvin said " That respectively depends on the original story!" while Da Dong replied "Am not scared anymore, he might lose!"

July 18, 2009

I Had A Dream...

A magical fantasy dream. After some days of traveling, my crew and I eventually stumbled into an empty house. It was fate that bought us here. Each one of us had a piece of this "see-into-the-future" stone and we use our fate with our piece of stone to see into the future. Yea, so this guy of our crew was able to see the future of what will happen in this house. And while he is using his powers to get a more precise vision, I peered out the room and see the front door slowly open by itself. "OMG, the front door is opening by itself! What's gonna happen dude!" I screamed at the guy. And the guy says, "We going to get attacked by a lot of enemies." We all started panicking because for some odd reason, we were unarmed. I started to search for weapons in the small room we were in. I found a sharp wooden stick and ask the guy, "You think this will work?" He nodded but I doubt it and then I gave that weapon away to Ariel Lin. -GASP- So random! I never expected Ariel Lin to appear in my dream! But anyways, she got the sharp wooden stick as a weapon. I continued searching and found two badminton racquets! It's too late to look for a stronger weapon because suddenly, the door breaks open and this huge muscle man storms into with two big tennis racquets. He swings it towards me....

And then my phone rang and I woke up from my fantasy adventure dream.

I actually like had this dream before. Not like the same thing but like a continuation of the first dream that I had a few weeks or months ago. The only thing I seem to remember from the first dream was that I was using talismans to shoot things.

Wow...my dreams are like dramas. They come in episodes. Hmm...I wonder when the next episode will come. Hahahaa~ happy dreaming!

我們是戀愛的人 Fanmade MV

Credit: XalerZangetsy@youtube

WA KA! I just started watching "I Want to be a Hard Persimmon" and I'm almost done with it! It's pretty good so far. The beginning half is a little silly; it's the second half of the show that's pretty emotional. Ivy Chen who acts as Shi Shi is so pretty and her acting is WA KA! She is another actress whose crying scenes just pierces your heart and unknowingly, you start crying along too. The other actress is , of course, Ms. Chen Qiao En! WA CHAAA!!!

July 17, 2009

Chun's Wisedom: That’s LIFE, and LOVE

Credit: aiwa@frh globa1

That’s LIFE, and LOVE (a story posted by Chun)

My husband is S/W Engineer by profession, I love
him for his steady nature and I love the warm feeling when I lean
against his broad shoulders.

Two years of courtship and now, five years into marriage, I would have to admit, that I am getting tired of it.

I am a sentimental woman and extremely sensitive when it comes to a
relationship and my feelings. My husband is my complete opposite; his
lack of sensitivity, and the inability of bringing romantic moments
into our marriage has disheartened me about LOVE.

One day, I finally decided to tell him my decision, that I wanted a divorce.

"Why? " he asked, shocked.

"I am tired. There are no reasons for everything in the world !" I answered.

He kept silent the whole night, seemingly in deep thought. My feeling of
disappointment only increased. Here was a man who was not able to even
express his predicament, so what else could I expect from him?

And finally he asked me: "What can I do to change your mind?"

Looking deep into his eyes I slowly answered: "Here is the question.

Let's say, I want a flower located on the face of a mountain cliff, and we
both are sure that picking the flower will cause your death. Will you
do it for me?"

He said: " I will give you your answer tomorrow...." My hopes just sank by listening to his response.

I woke up the next morning to find him gone, and saw a piece of paper with his scratchy handwriting that goes....

My dear, "I would not pick that flower for you, but....please allow me to explain the reasons further.....

This first line was already breaking my heart. I continued reading.

"When you use the computer you always mess up the Software programs, and you cry in front of the screen. I have to save my fingers so that I can
help to restore the programs.

You always leave the house keys behind, thus I have to save my legs to rush home to open the door for you.

You love traveling but always lose your way in a new city. I have to save my eyes to show you the way.

You always have the cramps whenever your "good friend" approaches every
month. I have to save my palms so that I can calm the cramps in your

You like to stay indoors, and I worry that you will be
infected by infantile autism. I have to save my mouth to tell you jokes
and stories to cure your boredom.

You always stare at the
computer, and that will do nothing good for your eyes. I have to save
my eyes so that when we grow old, I can help to clip your nails and
help to remove those annoying white hairs. So I can also hold your hand
while strolling down the beach, as you enjoy the sunshine and the
beautiful sand...

Thus, my dear, unless I am sure that there is
someone who loves you more than I do... I could not pick that flower
yet, and die ... "

My tears fell on the letter, and blurred the ink of his handwriting...

That's LIFE, and LOVE. When one is surrounded by love, the feeling of
excitement fades away, and one tends to ignore the true love that lies
in between the peace and dullness.

Love shows up in all forms;
even in very small and cheeky forms. It has never been a model. It
could be the dullest and most boring form ...

Flowers, and romantic moments are only used and appear on the surface of the
relationship. Under all this, the pillar of true love stands... AND

People often goes for romantic gestures, surprises
and sweet words whispered into their ears. We fall in love and feel
loved because of these so called romantic moments.

But the truth is romantic moments cannot show how much a person loves you. They merely create the feeling of being loved.

Aiwa's Comment:

omg..it's so touching T_T
Chun wants to remind everyone that when people are in love, they forget about it and take it for granted, and would complain that they don't get enough love, but they don't realize they are being loved the whole time...so cherish your loved ones, and be thankful of what you have, cuz you're actually happier than you think

Celsius' Comment:
agrees with aiwa~ very nice story ~ more touching than the ones shown on tv. I like how it defies the cliche thinking of dying for love. If you die, whose going to take care of your "other"? Anyway, the bigger message here is stated by aiwa. Happiness is when you learn to cherish things you have.

July 16, 2009

A Song of the Past

Credit: cqefan@youtube

A sweet lullaby sung by Chen Xin Yi in episode 3 of Fated To Love You. I stumbled upon another video which featured a kid singing this same song. Chen Xin Yi sang the sweet lullaby version while this kid sang the powerful version of it. Dang, his voice is sooo wow~

Credit: ating83811@youtube

July 15, 2009

Calvin's Blog Post: How is Everyone?

Translated by Tiffany@FahrenheitGloba1
Picture from Calvin AF Gallery

From the filming on the first of June till now, it's been almost a month plus

Everyday it's always from dawn to late night

It's a little tiring, but very fulfilling

Every time when I'm tired,

I will think of

all the passionate support I have from you adorable fans

I will have infinite motivation

I've been filming at Zhang Hua for 3 weeks plus

Every filming

I will know more about Taiwan this treasure island

So many rich literature and historical backgrounds

Here, there's the farming culture and village construction that Taipei doesn't have

On the same piece of land

not far from us,

there's all kinds of trades

with different lifestyles

The important point is

We must love the type of living we chose


Now, filming Momo Love and Love Buffet simultaneously

I will be traveling between Zhang Hua and Taipei at the same time

Sometimes I have to go back to Taipei again in one or two days' time

After filming a bit in Taipei, I will have to return to Zhanghua again

Sometimes I will think that I must be crazy

to accept two films at a go


I really like XIng Da Ye and Xue Zhi Qiang this two roles

Da Ye for his optimism and sunshine

he can bring people warmth and good mood anytime

Zhi Qiang for his determination and persistence

making one touched deeply

I wish to have better and more outstanding roles to surprise everyone

Everyone don't worry

I will definitely work hard to film

and rest hard too

and work hard to give everyone surprises

I'm not alone

I have lots and lots of adorable and considerate you

supporting me and encouraging me

moving with me

no matter how far apart we are

the internet will pull us closer

All your support, I am able to receive everyday

I will continue to work hard and go on

Summer is already here. For those of you who are students, enjoy your summer vacation. Find something you interested or love to do. For those of you who are working, work hard and rest well. Just like me=)

About the earthquake happened in Taiwan last night. I am glad there are no bad news on TV. Hope all of you are alright.

Remember to bring umbrella whenever you go out because it’s going to rain a lot these days.

Calvinn~ awww, he's so sweet to his fans! He must be tired out from filming two dramas at the same time! Imagine having to act as one person one day and then the next day you have to act as a totally different person! That's pretty tough! Hang in there Calvin! BTW, I LOVE YOUR HAIR! IT LOOKS AWESOME!

Transformer: From Village Girl to City Girl

Village Girl Fu An goes to the hospital and saves Grandpa Wang Cai.

Village Girl is surprised at Dong Jie's cooking skills!

Village Girl finally meets Grandpa Wang Cai and lives in his mansion. It's also the first time we see Fu An with her hair down.

She looks like someone from the 1920s.

Oh~ first transformation from village girl to modern lady~

Her OL look.

Hair down again. She's thinking about her Nai Nai who passed away in the second episode.

So different compared to village girl outfit~

Simplicity is the best fashion.

Wa se~ now she looks more like a regular city gal than a village pumpkin.

Fu An (acted by Chen Qiao En) has changed since episode one. Appearance wise. Her inner character is still pretty much the same. She's still the same caring herbalist who can't be moved by money. Money is important but it's not a necessity.

Nai Nai said, "Even with more money, you can't buy happiness and health."

Yang Yang said, "To you [Da Feng/Blue], 8 billion is the most important thing. But to Xie Fu An, 8 billion is worth nothing."

July 12, 2009

I Miss Arron~


Ya Lun~ 

OH~ 007!

Oh~so gangsterly handsome~

Oh~ you handsome rich dork~

I like this picture the most!

Picture Credit: Arron AF Gallery

Chen Qiao En becomes the Best-Seller Queen of Books with the sales of Paris book accomplishing 2.4 million

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Little Idol Drama Queen, Chen Qiao En travelled to Paris to snap beautiful photographs for her new book, ‘Qiao Jian Ba Li’ and roaming round the streets alone cost 500,000 dollars. The end results was that the sales of the new book for less than a few days sold more than 50 thousands and she earned near to 2.4 million dollars royalty fees.

A person who loved cats, yesterday she made an introductory on animals and donated 50 thousands to the Stray Animals Home and she plans to help young kids from remote areas to embark on schooling.

200 euros and exclaimed it is cheap, shop for LV bags

Chen Qiao En wore an attire[戰利品] she bought from Paris at the autograph session and smilingly said that when she purchased that time, she does not know when she will wear it, and in the end she could wear it immediately at the autograph session. She revealed that during the trip, she bought many clothings and she does not have numeric in mind and when she sees that it costs only one, two hundred euros, she will think that it is cheap, and as and when she feels like it, she will purchase it. She spent the most in buying bags.

Gave Ming Dao a passport holder and but not to boyfriend

She said that on LV products alone, she has spent a few hundred thousands including gifts to be given away where she bought over 10 items and this includes Ming Dao’s passport holder. And her boyfriend does not have one. Because the one which Ming Dao is using is torn and even the Manager could not stand it. And the gift is given to Ming Dao as a belated birthday gift and she hopes he will not give it away.

Yesterday, the autograph session was held outdoor and it was very hot. Chen Qiao En is concerned for her fans who are waiting in the long queue and there are over 10 fans from as far as Singapore and Hong Kong. Actually she wanted to hold a charity bazaar for her clothes, however eventually she bought them herself for 50 thousands dollars and gave the clothes away to her fans. She hopes to challenge to write short essays stories the next time round. 

I so wish I was in Taiwan right now! I would not mind queuing up to get her autograph and to see her in person and to shake her hand! Her book is selling so well! Congrats!

Sticky Note Girl's Lullaby


July 11, 2009

Memory of the Past

Original Picture and Article from AF News

Chen Qiao En & Blue Lan turns to behind the screens work, stop being idol dramas leads?

Source: Fashion Queen
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net

Television has never lacked new screen pairings. The time the new screen pairing of Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan turns a new page for idol drama screen pairings. They love acting and like their dramas, they are pursuing their dreams with passion.

In their new drama “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, idol drama queen Chen Qiao En and top actor Blue Lan cooperated for the first time. Chen Qiao En acts as the ordinary kind girl role that she excels in and Blue Lan challenges a villainous role for the first time, acting as a selfish and mercenary person. In the drama they are completely different but in real life they share the same passions for acting and hope to continue to touch more people with their performances.

Challenging behind the screen work in future

Loving acting and interested in related work, Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan both hopes to work behind the screen in future. Chen Qiao En said: “Wish to participate in script writing. Of course, now I don’t know anything about script writing, but I have many ideas and this is something I’ve always wanted to try.” As for the title of “idol drama queen”, she said: “I don’t want to be idol drama queen, because I don’t just want to act in idol dramas. I love acting and actors shouldn’t be confined by a certain role or a certain method of acting.” Chen Qiao En will start participating in a movie in September and from next year will branch towards the big screen, focusing on movies in future. Blue Lan currently focuses on acting. “Because I don’t know how long I can continue acting. But I am interested in both directing and script writing work. The process of creation makes me happy. I am happy being an actor and I feel that being able to share a feeling with people using moving pictures is a very good thing.”

Any actor they like? Blue Lan said: “Brad Pitt. In the past I think that he is very handsome but later on in the movie “Snatch” I realized that he is also a very good actor. One scene has the feel of black comedy. Brad Pitt acts as a deceiving gypsy in the movie which results in the triad burning his house down. In the scene where he tried to save his home, his whole body was tensed up and his eyes are bloodshot with tears. This scene left a deep impression on me and I feel that he acted really well!” In the future, Blue Lan also wants to try black comedy. “Very dark and very funny but there is cruelty in the laughter. I want to try this kind of thing.” Triad roles are also something he wants to try in future. Chen Qiao En said: “I admire many actors but in future I want to be like Maggie Cheung. I like her attitude towards life and the way she lives. She left Hong Kong for France to live. She is serious towards life and she is true to herself. More ever she is very talented. Maybe she had been invited to participate in many big movie productions and can enjoy even more frame and fortune, but she chooses to remain herself. I still can’t live like this now, but I hope that one day I can be as carefree as she is.” If she can choose a role she wants to act in, Chen Qiao En said: “I want to act as a murderous fiend, or a role like Ying Ru in Nine Knife’s “The Guest Downstairs”. People will only show their dark sides when they are alone by themselves. Humans are just bodies with souls. Actors too inject souls in bodies to present different types of roles.” To Blue Lan and Chen Qiao En, acting is not just a performance or a job, it’s also a way to understand and experience life.

A simple love

Having acted for so long, Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan are used to portraying love on screen. In private what is their views on love? Blue Lan said: “I feel that my best lover is also my best friend. We can chat endlessly and feels interested every time we chat! I value everyday interactions.” Chen Qiao En feels that she can make a long list of the qualities she looks for in her ideal lover but in the end “suitable” is the best condition for ideal lover. “I like simple men who, like a child, is innocent and can be happy over simple things. Because I will feel happy too and people who knows how to be happy lives a blessed life.” They often portrayed love onscreen but for real life loves, they only hope reality can last forever.

Chen Qiao En x Blue Lan Q&A

What style of dressing do you like?

Chen Qiao En: I am quite changeable. I like tight fitting clothes. Comparing clothes that are revealing or clothes that are tight fitting, I feel that dressing in tight fitting clothes is more feminine. Tight fitting but comfortable, with lines what show the curves in the body, I feel that our bodies are beautiful. Exposing too much feels strange. As long it fits our bodies and our postures are beautiful is enough.

Blue Lan: Now I feel that being clean and neat in very important. Accessories are simpler. Wear a watch that can represent our character. Getting a watch that suits us is very important for men. I like mechanical watches. Watches with steel materials and a huge face are elements that I like.

Beauty secrets?

Chen Qiao En: Makeup removal is very important. Having enough sleep makes a lot of difference, can tell from your facial tone and skin condition.

Blue Lan: Drink enough water. Other than putting on makeup for photo taking today, I seldom put on makeup even during filming.

If you didn’t become an artiste, what do you want to be?

Chen Qiao En: Become a veterinarian! Because I love cats and dogs and I treats animals better than people (laughs). Or become a social worker and helps to reform wayward youths etc, but the salary has to be better because it is too low, ha ha.

Blue Lan: Cook. Normally I cook at home and I feel that cooking helps me to forget other matters. Preparing the ingredients and thinking of how to cook them, an afternoon passes away just like that. I will cook my own pizza, curry rice and salad. If I open a restaurant, I won’t offer any kind of cuisine. I will just cook the things I like to eat. Whatever I cook, the customers eat. No menu and simple tastes.

How do you pass your private times?

Chen Qiao En: Watch movies (big laughter). If you put me in a cinema, I can really stay there for 2 days and 2 nights. Watching movies, watching DVDs, watching series. Sometimes I will write and draw. I feel that people thinking changes. At different times we will have different thoughts. When we experience more things, the way we looks at things will also changes.

Blue Lan: Riding bicycle, reading, go to the sea and swim. I also like travelling and plans to go to Tibet in September. After reading “The Tibet Book Of Living And Dying”, I have been thinking about this for many years. I am still planning the times and way to travel. My deepest impression when travelling is at Venice. The men there are too handsome, so handsome that I will think “Why is it like this?” But it is too touristy and too commercial over there. Maybe because Venice is sinking, so we feels that things that are about to disappear are more beautiful.

If you can realize a dream now, it will be…?

Chen Qiao En: I wish for 10 scripts and let me choose a very good one. Let me have enough time to get into the character, and then we film it with the best script and the best crew. I wish to know what the result will be like? (Does not forget about acting during wish making, she is really someone who loves acting!)

Blue Lan: Gives me 10 more wishes. Ha ha. But seriously, I hope not to face the question of death. I feel that dying is a painful matter, so I kind of don’t want to face it.

WAH~ so happy to see Qiao En branch out into her acting career! This move just might change my attitude towards movies! Hahahaa~ Remember to watch episode 6 of EFHL tomo!